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How to Keep Baby Cool in Stroller

how to keep baby cool in stroller

It gets a little bit tricky when you want to take your baby out with the stroller, and the temperatures are a bit too high. Don’t worry, though. There are ways to get your vitamin D while keeping the baby cool in its stroller. We will show some ways to get the most out of the lovely sunny summer and spring days. There is a way around overheating or getting sunburns.

How to keep your kid cool in his/her stroller?

One of the most logical ways to keep your baby cool when you go out on summer days is to leave the house during the coolest times of the day, which is either early in the morning or later afternoon. From 10 am until 2 pm, the sun is the strongest, and you should avoid this period.

Usually, strollers come with a canopy, but they are not enough to provide full coverage from the sun. Make sure you buy a cover that can fit the stroller and protect the baby from the UV rays. Some covers are able to protect your child from up to 99% of the harmful UVB and UVA rays. This is very important because sunburn is thought to lead to a bigger risk of skin cancer.

Most of these covers are made out of lightweight materials and let the air get to the child. But there are extended coverage canopies that won’t let the sun get in no matter what time of the day it is. Usually, these canopies are suitable for most stroller brands and can be quickly and easily attached. These can also be used as rain cover because they are water repellent. Please do not use a blanket or a muslin to cover the stroller. Using these two options will only increase the temperature inside the stroller and put your child in danger.

Because your baby is still developing, it cannot regulate its body temperature as easily as adults can. Their bodies tend to conserve more heat, thus leading to overheating. If you overdress your baby it will increase the danger of overheating as well. On the other hand, underdressing may lead to heatstroke and sunburns. Your best option is loose cotton clothes that will cover the baby’s legs and arms. Cotton is a breathable material that is able to absorb moisture from its skin.

Bamboo is becoming a very popular fabric choice lately. This is because it is able to easily absorb sweat, but it won’t retain it, which the cotton does. The moisture is being released from the fabric, thus being able to evaporate.

By now, we all know that darker colors absorb heat while lighter colors can reflect light.

Adding a hat is a very smart move because it will cover the baby’s ears and neck as well if you choose the right one. The ones that tie under the baby’s chin are your best choice because they won’t fall off easily and will cover the baby’s neck and ears.

You cannot forget about the possibility of dehydration when the temperatures rise. The same goes for your baby, if you don’t provide him/her with enough fluids, it can get dehydrated. The baby will lose moisture due to sweating, and you must replace those fluids. Breastfed babies get their hydration from their mother’s milk. This means you need to breastfeed them more often when the temperatures are higher.

The same goes for formula-fed babies, you will need to make a little more, and babies older than 6 months will need some extra water intake, but no more than a 4 oz bottle. You can tell if your baby is well hydrated by the wet diapers he/she makes daily. When the urine gets darker and smellier, it can mean that your baby needs more fluids in the system.

Most of the strollers have seat liners, and you might think they are there to keep the baby warm on cooler days, but they actually have the purpose to absorb the moisture from the baby and keep him/her cool. Most of these liners are made from breathable material and also have absorbent cushioning. That will prevent sweating and overheating. They are very easy to install on the stroller. Some stroller liners on the market are filled with a gel designed to keep your baby cool. They take the heat away from the baby’s skin. To add more cooling effect, you can keep these liners in the fridge for few minutes, but you don’t have to do that.

The market also offers fans that can be attached to the stroller and that are operated by batteries. Look for one that has a strong clip and can be easily attached to your baby’s stroller. The noise and the movement of the fan will also have a calming effect on the baby. The stroller fan also can be used when indoor. You can set the fan in the nursery to keep your baby cool in the warm summer days or nights. Some of the strollers come with a removable back panel which, when removed, will increase the airflow around your baby thus keeping them cooler.

Some other homemade solution will be:

Some used water bottles, cooler packs, wet towels, water bottles. You will need to fill up the water bottles to about two-thirds with water. Wrap the bottles in a towel and put them on the side of the stroller. Make sure the cap is screwed well so that the baby won’t be able to open it. If you choose the cooler packs or pads, they should be placed under the cushion of the stroller. With the wet towels, you can wipe down your baby, and it will refresh and cool his/her skin.

Signs of baby overheating are the following:

  • Baby’s face might get red and flushed.
  • The baby’s skin will feel drier than usual.
  • Less wet diapers compared to other days.
  • The baby will be more irritable or will feel lethargic and floppy.
  • The baby will refuse to drink.
  • The soft spot that is on the top of the baby’s head will appear sunken.

If you notice any of these symptoms or you suspect that the baby is overheated, get medical help ASAP.

Like we said above, do not use a blanket as a shade on the stroller because it will trap the hot air in the stroller and cause your baby to overheat. By all means, avoid going out when the sun is at its peak. Instead, go early morning or later afternoon. If possible, walk in the shaded areas, and when you make a stop, do it on a shady spot. It can be some large branchy tree of a huge building that provides shade.

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