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How to Dress For a Baby Shower?

How to dress for a baby shower

Dressing up for a baby shower can be tricky sometimes as you don’t want to be either overdressed or underdressed. The easiest baby showers are the themed ones, which will give some idea on how to dress. If you are still confused about what to wear for a baby shower, hopefully, this article will give an idea of what to do. We will present you few ideas each for a different type of woman and different type of taste.

Basic tips about what to wear and what to stay away from:

The safest bet for any baby shower would be a simple print or floral dress. Wearing comfortable shoes is a good idea because you won’t have to worry about the pain in your feet. You would want to wear something appropriate with the setting and the time of the baby shower. Avoid blunt and dark colors. It is a baby shower, not a night out with your friends. Nice and feminine outfits are a good choice accompanied by nice accessories. Don’t go overboard with the accessories, which will make you stand out in the crowd. You don’t want to overshadow the mom.

What is the dress code for the baby shower guests?

Don’t let all the excitement about the baby shower distract you from asking about the dress code of the baby shower you are about to attend. If this is your first time attending this kind of event, your best option would be to ask the mother-to-be about the dress code or consult with other people who are about to attend the same shower. In many cases, the color scheme is planned, which should give you some sort of an idea about what to wear. The usual colors are pink when it is a shower for a girl and shades of green or blue when it is a shower for a boy.

Ideas for a fall baby shower

In this situation, you would want to wear something warm but also trendy at the same time. One nice combo would be a black lacy shirt with a light brown cardigan to watch with autumnal colors. On the bottom half, a nice idea would be to wear black jeans and maybe add a matching scarf with some cool print. Black and brown are the first colors people associate with autumn, and these colors are perfect for a baby shower in fall.

Ideas for a spring baby shower

For spring events, you would want to go with beautiful and bright, vibrant prints. You could pair a skirt with floral print and a simple white or beige shirt or blouse. For accessories, you can throw in some bright colored purse and neckless and earrings that go with this combo.

Ideas what should an older woman wear to a baby shower

If we are talking about the grandma-to-be, we know that she is one of the most excited people about the shower, and we want her excitement to match with the outfit. Your color choices, firstly, will depend on the baby’s gender. For a baby boy shower, one option would be wearing a turquoise or blue flora print maxi dress paired with black accessories. And for the baby girl shower, one option would be a floral print blouse or shirt paired with white tailored pants. You can also add a pink coat to that combo.

Thoughts on animal print outfits

The only way you will go wrong with an animal print is by overdoing the print with accessories and shoes. This choice will make you look classy, and it is on the safe side. If you choose to wear an animal print dress, make sure the accessories and the shoes are matching with the base color of the dress.

Ideas what should aunt wear to a baby shower

If you want to look trendy and be one of those cool aunts, we suggest wearing a custom-made shirt with the gender of the baby. You can pair this shirt with blue jeans and a black coat or cardigan. Choose some classy shoes to finish this look.

How to wear a floral blazer

A floral blazer can go well with many clothing pieces, and as such, you can use it on many occasions, not just once. One good combination would be the floral blazer with light pink pants, a white shirt, and black or white heels.

Ideas what should teenager wear to a baby shower

Teenagers don’t have to be so strict when choosing what to wear on a baby shower, which allows them to wear some trendy outfit. One option is a long maxi dress paired with a cool bracelet. To this look, you can add heels that go with the color of the dress and some funky bags, also color appropriate with the whole look.

Should you choose a short dress?

Choosing a simple short dress can result in a stunning and bold look if you do a good job of building the look around it. Pair the dress with a structured blazer, or if you want a more formal look, you can wear a crochet cropped top over the dress. You can add a small purse and ballet heels, and you are good to go!

The classic black and white outfit

The black and white combination can be very classy and unique if you choose the right pieces. One combination that will make you stand out is sleek white pants and a men’s style blazer with classy white heels. This outfit is appropriate for an evening baby shower.

Can I wear denim shorts and a striped shirt?

If you are the kind of girl that doesn’t want to bother with dresses and classy pants, you can choose to wear something simpler yet trendy combination. For your top half, you can go with a sleeveless black and white striped shirt and some cool denim shorts. You can finish this look with an off-white or khaki trench coat, some minimal jewelry, and comfortable shoes—trendy and comfortable combination.

Outfit ideas for baby boy shower

We mentioned above that the usual color choices for baby boy showers are green and blue. You can go with a ruffled shoulder top with long sleeves and dark blue paper bag shorts. You can add a bow belt to this combination, long earrings, and comfortable flat bronze gladiators. Classy and comfortable combination.

Maxi dress options

Maxi dress is probably one of the first options that run in your head when you need to attend a baby shower. A floral maxi dress is a good option for night and day events if you love to wear modest combinations. You can add brown accessories to finish this look. If you have long hair, you can try putting it in soft curls.

There are a few more other combinations you can try, but we choose these as the best and most comfortable choices you can pick from. Stay true to your style, and don’t go overboard. The end goal is to have fun and celebrate the coming of new life into this world.

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