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Space Gifts: 20 Best Ideas

Space gifts

Space: the final frontier! 

Everyone who has ever lived has looked up to the sky and wondered: are we alone? What is the meaning of all of this? Why are we here? 

Have you ever wondered why sometimes we may tend to face a sudden existential crisis when glaring up to the night sky? It’s either that or just complete awe. Well, that’s space for you! It’s just one of the big mysteries of our collective universe. 

This is why space captures so many people’s imagination and is like Mary Poppin’s purse when it comes to sci-fi plots. To that end, let’s celebrate this mystery and marvel at its majestic beauty! Our experts have compiled a few gift items that will surely make anyone who is a fan of space love it even more! 

Here are our best space gifts! 

1. Heat Changing Solar System Magic Coffee Mug

This coffee mug perfectly captures what space is all about. It’s a mug that is more than what meets the eye! If you are looking for a gift item that would amaze your loved one, then this is it. It’s a coffee mug that will change its design when you add a hot beverage to it. The mug looks like an ordinary coffee mug with a black background, but as soon as you pour in warm water, it turns into something extraordinary! The mug reveals our solar system in all its glory! It’s unlike anything you will see on any coffee mug, and we highly recommend this gift item for all space lovers. 

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2. Space Themed Gift Wrap Paper

The only way to truly provide an awesome space gift is with a space-themed wrapping paper. This wrapping paper shows the expanse of the universe, complete with rockets, stars, planets, and more! If you are going to give a relevant gift item, then we urge you to use this amazing wrapping paper. It’s made from high-quality paper that has a very nice gloss! The wrapping paper is available in different colors as well, so we think your loved one will appreciate this extra touch! Great strategy, right? Amaze them from the get-go! 

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3. LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle

While humanity is gearing up for visiting Mars in the near future, you can now experience partly what it would be like to be on Mars with this amazing LEGO set. LEGO brings yet another great put-together playset, but this time with a twist! Take the shuttle to Mars, complete with an astronaut, some hi-tech machinery, and a customized rover! If your loved one is a fan of space exploration, then they will love this set! LEGO is known to provide amazing quality and detail in one package, and you get nothing less than brilliance here!

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4. Rocket Ship Play Tent Playhouse

Get ready to launch! If rocket ships are the passion of your loved one, then you will score a lot of points with this playhouse! A departure from general and bland playhouse designs, this one aims for the stars! The rocket ship playhouse is designed in the shape of an awesome rocket! The tent is already shaped to look like a rocket with its sharp top. We think this playhouse will be an excellent way to enjoy a good time at home. Fire up the imagination engines and get ready to be amazed! This is truly going to be an epic playhouse for all young children! 

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5. Whiskey Glasses – Northern Summer Sky & Constellations

Toast to the future and raise a glass under the night sky with this amazing set of whiskey glasses! What makes this a great gift for people who love astronomy and space is the fact that this glass features a pattern of the northern summer sky and constellations! It truly is a great way for space addicts to enjoy a good glass of their favorite whiskey while discussing the origins of the universe our ultimately, our place in this great expanse! The whiskey glass set comes with a pair of 2 high-quality and durable glasses that will surely impress anyone – not just space lovers! 

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6. Moon Lamp

We mean it; this lamp is in the shape of the moon! Get ready to make your loved one feel over-the-moon (pun intended) with this amazing lamp. The moon lamp is designed to be versatile. It can be used by either plugging in via USB or with batteries. The lamp is perfect for people who require ambient light in their room. You get a pale white or a warm yellow light setting. Use it with the included lamp holder for added charm! The lamp has been revamped with a new design that makes it even more appealing and better. We are sure that anyone who enjoys space will come to love this item as well!

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7. Space Force Tumbler 

Space force comes to life with this amazing tumbler! Whether you are a fan of the TV show or the real-life Space Force, there is no doubt that space fans will love this as a gift item. The tumbler is made from high-quality materials. It features a laser-engraved logo of Space Force, a spill-proof lid on top, a double-walled insulated body, and a powdered surface that would help in keeping the outside of the bottle “moisture-free” the tumbler is a great way to showcase your love for astronomy and space in general! Fill it up and take it anywhere in this ergonomic and portable tumbler! 

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8. Glow in The Dark Stars and Planets

Bring the solar system home with this amazing glow in the dark stars and planet set. The set contains a bunch of stars and planets from our very own solar system. If you have been looking for the perfect set to decorate your room with then, this is going to be an amazing item for your loved one. Not only do you get big-sized planets, but you also get better illumination compared to other glow in the dark posters and cut-outs. The set comes with easy-to-peel stickers that can come off fairly easily without any effort, which is a huge improvement over the previous design of this set! 

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9. Glass Blown Planet Ornament

Christmas is here, and what better way to celebrate it than by decorating your Christmas tree the way you want it! Use this amazing glass blown planet ornament and take your Christmas out of this world this year! With all the crappy things happening in 2020, you can only try to salvage it with family, friends, and small knick-knacks like this! It’s a gift that will surely make your space-lover love space even more! The ornament is made using advanced glass blowing techniques, which leaves it with a smooth texture all over. The ornament can be hanged with ease and comes with a convenient hook at the top as well. 

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10. Space Coloring Book for Kids

Bring space to life from the comfort of your kid’s study table! This coloring book is an excellent way for your kid to practice the art and paint the universe as they see fit! The universe is full of colors. There are so many things out there that we have yet to discover, but we know one thing for sure: color and beauty are abundant up there. This book is a great way for children to enjoy their time at home. Sit down with your children and bring out this book! Discuss space, the planets, and more. Instill curiosity and spark their interest in what may be out there! 

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11. LEGO Ideas International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) is a wonder in every way! The station was built as a joint effort by various nations to advance science and space exploration. Astronauts from various countries get to go on this amazing craft, which is a noticeably awe-inspiring feat of engineering. The space station has garnered a lot of media attention over the years and is also a symbol of human ingenuity and progress as a whole. LEGO, bring the space station back on earth in the best possible way! Create and assemble your very own space station with this amazing LEGO set. The set contains all the intricate and detailed bits and pieces that you would need to make your station from the comfort of your room! 

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12. Space Blanket Glow in The Dark

Encourage your child’s imagination with this amazing space blanket! But this isn’t just any ordinary blanket! This special throw-on can glow in the dark! That’s right. The blanket is lined up with planetary designs and stars that light up when in the dark, which makes for a great way for your child to cultivate their curiosity and imagination. Start them off young and instill an interest in the great expanse above! We are sure that every kid who uses this blanket is going to love it! It’s super soft, cozy, and a great way to spend nap time! 

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13. 3D Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System

This special glow in the dark set contains decals of our solar system and are designed to look like they are in 3D! That’s right. This amazing set can elevate your bedroom decoration by lightyears! The cut-outs comprise all the elements of our solar system, so you will find planets, stars, and more! Put them up the way you like it, and then watch as they subtly illuminate your surroundings and add depth to your room! The solar system set has everything that you need to get started and is the best way for you to marvel at the beauty of our universe from your bedroom. 

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Build 2 solar-powered wooden cars with this amazing kit by National Geographic! The kit can be built right out of the box. You get all the necessary instructions and pieces to make NASA’s rovers! Take some time off from work and sit down with your loved ones and help them make their very own rovers! The kit is a great way to encourage imagination, improve problem-solving skills, and help you learn a lot more about how these amazing rovers work in space! Oh, and you also get to learn a thing or two about solar power and how it is used to operate almost everything that we send to space! 

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15. LEGO Ideas Women of NASA

This space gift is extra special because it celebrates not just astronauts but the women of NASA as a whole! If your loved one is all about empowerment and equality, then you’d do great with this wonderful gift item. The LEGO gift set contains various figurines, models, and most importantly, it highlights the important contributions of different women at NASA over the decades! We think LEGO has done a great service by highlighting these individuals, without whom science and space exploration wouldn’t have been the same. The set is easy to assemble and comes with multiple models for display use. This is one LEGO set that you’d want to show with pride! 

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16. 50 pcs Cute Space Explorer Vinyl Stickers

Decorate everything that you own with this 50-piece sticker set. Not only do you get dozens of stickers, but you also get different vinyl quality stickers that you can put up on various items. The set is ideal for space lovers or people who admire NASA. Put them up on your notebook, your laptop, your desk, and even your car! The stickers are easy to peel off and come with a soft adhesive that will not stain or damage the surface they are put on. From robots, rockets to funky astronauts. You get one of everything with this amazing set! 

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17. 3D Crystal Ball with Solar System model

This one is a keeper! The 3D crystal ball with a model of our solar system inside is perhaps the best present that you can buy for any space lover. There is just something about this gift that makes it very appealing. It’s a crystal ball that floats on a base that emits a bright LED light. The globe lights up and reveals the solar system model inside, which is perfectly suspended within glass. It’s a gateway to the heavens above and would make for a great ambient light for your side table! With a simple switch operation, you can power this via USB and can also take it along with you on trips as well! 

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18. Heat Changing Planet Mug

We love this mug for its heat changing properties. On the surface, it’s an unassuming mug, but as soon as you add hot water or any warm beverage, it changes its look! The outer body of the mug will reveal the planets of our solar system! It truly is a mug that will make you want to reach for it and drink coffee from it! The mug is made from high-quality materials and is powdered on the outside, meaning that you won’t have to worry about condensation or wet hands with this amazing coffee mug! 

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19. 3D Rocket Night Light

We have to lift off! The 3D Rocket Night Light is an item that will appeal to a large audience. From rocket enthusiasts to space lovers and people who just enjoy novelty items, this will truly be a great present for your room. The night light features an outline of a rocket that is ready to go into outer space! As soon as you light up the lamp, you will be greeted with a 3D illusion of the rocket! Of course, the rocket is designed to be in two-dimensions but with the help of some light trickery and optical illusions, the lamp makes itself appear as though it is in 3D.

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20. Space Educational Stem Toy 

Got curious children at home? Then this STEM toy is going to knock their socks off, especially if they love space! This educational toy is a mix of everything, from arts and crafts to science experiments and more! The toy has massive appeal to children who love rockets, stars and are drawn to our solar system and its wonderful quirks! We are confident that this will be a great gift for your children and will help them in encouraging their creativity and curiosity as well! 

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