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21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Guys and Gals: 20 Best Ideas

21st birthday

Being 21 is a milestone in every way.

It’s a time to celebrate adulthood – A time to take charge and face even more responsibilities. This age is when people finally get to pursue their dreams and passions! Needless to say, people are “built” during this crucial time in their lives, and their actions and decisions set them up for the rest of their lives. 

But it’s not all work and no play! 21 is an age to party like there is no tomorrow! Celebrate the youthful years and remember the motto: party hard but work harder! 

If you are looking for the best birthday gifts for guys and gals, then you are in the right place. Our team has designed this list to cater to a large audience. You’ll find something for every 21-year-old! 

Check out our top 21 birthday gift ideas for guys and gals.  

1. DJI Mavic Air 2

DJI Mavic is known for its highly advanced consumer-friendly drones. The company is at the forefront of everything related to drones and has a worldwide reach, which is a testament to how cool the brand is. Trust us when we say that your 21-year-old will love you for getting them this drone. The Air 2 has been revamped with better internals and a new design, which allows for an even better flying experience. The drone is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that guarantees fly time and fun. The Air 2 is also equipped with a 4k camera that is more than capable of taking cinema-worthy shots from the sky! There are honestly too many features to list down here; we recommend checking it out in person for a better jaw-dropping experience. 

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2. 21 Years Pullover Hoodie

Celebrate being 21 with this amazing hoodie. Novelty items like this will never go out of style. They are simple and get the message across with ease. Use this hoodie as a “weekly wardrobe driver” or just throw it on for the 21st birthday party! It’s a fun homage for all the 1999 kids! The hoodie is made from high-quality materials and is designed to be warm and comfortable. Most hoodies only focus on being novel and leave out the crucial aspect of quality – not this one! It’s designed to be a long-term clothing item. If anything, this hoodie will eventually become memorabilia! 

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3. Google Pixel 4a

The Google Pixel 4a makes a huge splash this year with its revamped internals and a better software experience. Google has been making steady progress in the smartphone world. Since the launch of the original and first Google Pixel phone, it has consistently been making incremental upgrades to its user interface and experience. Armed with the same award-winning and exemplary camera as its predecessors, this phone offers the same great photo-taking experience but now with even better computational photography. If you are looking for a great budget phone for your 21-year-old, then this is going to be a great gift item.

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4. 21st Birthday Tiara and Sash

This one is for all the gals. If you are looking for a great birthday prop, then this tiara and sash combo is going to be perfect for the occasion. Themed parties are loved by every girl, and if you are planning a surprise party for a loved one, then you better surprise them the right way! This set has a beautiful tiara that has 21 written on top of it. You also get a sash that reads “it’s my 21st birthday” – everything comes in pink! We recommend going with a pink princess theme for this to work! Check below for some easy birthday decoration items as well! 

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5. 12-Inch Screen Makeup Mirror

Nothing beats the magic of a good makeup mirror – and when we say magic, boy, do we mean magic! This is not your ordinary makeup mirror. This 12-inch mirror features an LED light system that can perfectly illuminate your face while you apply makeup. What’s more, is that you also get a magnifying mirror on the top left corner for those precise threading sessions. The real magic of this mirror is the fact that it has a touch button on the bottom that can set the brightness of the mirror the way you prefer it! It’s portable, lightweight and with its superior design, it can stand fixed in any position on your desk. 

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6. Forever 21 Email Gift Card

We bet that your 21-year-old is a fan of this brand. Forever 21 has been founded upon an ideology that resonates with this age group. If your 21-year-old loves fashionable clothes at a reasonable price, then this brand is going to provide a lot of value. What’s even better is that you don’t have to shop for your loved one. Just get this gift card and load up any amount (up to $2000). You have the option to customize the card and even set a delivery date. This is exactly like digital currency where the card can be used anywhere on Forever 21’s website to purchase anything from their catalog. 

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7. 21st Birthday Decorations

Looking for a fail-safe way to score points? Then you have to look into this birthday decoration kit. The kit is designed especially for 21-year-olds. You can choose from multiple themes and can set these items up in no time! The kit comes packed with all the birthday necessities. You get balloons, ribbons, confetti, and more! the kit comes pre-packaged and is ready to be put up right out of the box. Bring in friends and family to the mix and turn this decoration kit into a DIY project. We are sure that your loved one will be thoroughly delighted to see this! 

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8. 18k White Gold Ring 

Can you even top this gift item? A ring is a perfect gift for literally any occasion. If your loved one is a fan of jewelry, then they are surely going to love this ring! Sporting a gorgeous 18k white gold diamond, this ring is designed with simplicity in mind. While yes, it isn’t a flashy ring; what it lacks in flamboyance, it surely makes up for in style and elegance. The ring is perfect for any 21-year-old. It’s a timeless piece that is pretty hard to beat! To top it off, you also get a very presentable and pretty box to boot! 

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9. OnePlus 8 Pro

The current poster-child for Android devices, OnePlus has made its name by manufacturing phones that are true to the Android platform and are jam-packed with features. The OnePlus 8 Pro has been hailed as the company’s first flagship-level phone. While it is priced as a flagship, something that the company is not known for since it makes excellent “phone of the year” budget phones, it delivers on the quality and performance of flagship devices and is at-par or greater than the top phones in the market. With its large screen and amazing features, we think any 21-year-old will love this phone. 

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10. Xbox One S 1TB Console

The Xbox One S is still a top-dog when it comes to gaming consoles. Even though its success has made its way to the market in 2020, this console is (and probably will remain) very relevant in the gaming landscape. The Xbox One S provides the same level of gaming experience, minus the new features of the next-gen consoles. If your 21-year-old is a casual gamer, then they will highly appreciate this console. Armed with a 1TB hard disk and optimized internals, it provides users with a jaw-dropping gaming experience that will keep casual gamers, and even enthusiasts thrilled for years! 

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11. Toilet Paper Prank Gag Gift

This one’s a classic. All you have to do is swap out the regular toilet paper with this one on the eve of your loved one’s birthday. Watch them scream in delight as soon as they wake up and go do their business in the bathroom. The toilet paper reads “Holy Sh*t You’re 21” but instead of saying sh*t, it has the cute poop emoji that pretty much says the same thing. It’s a funny gag and a great way to kick start the birthday! Start from the top so that your 21-year-old is thoroughly surprised from the get-go! 

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12. Greenline Goods Shot Glass

Celebrate adulthood with this Greenline Goods Shot Glass. The glass reads “1999 Happy 21st” and also features a birthday cake slice. We recommend pairing this gift with others on the list. Take these trinkets and form a wonderful gift basket! This shot glass is made with precision and doesn’t feel cheap at all! It’s a great decorative piece and can be used for shots as well! The best thing about this is that it’s themed for 21-year-olds, so we are sure it’s going to bring about a smile and some fun tequila moments at home or the bar! 

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13. Cheerwing W1PRO Drone

Ditch the expensive drones and start from the budget series with Cheerwing’s W1Pro. This drone does everything that the expensive drones do but in a budget-friendly way. Meaning that instead of 4k quality, you get them just as good 1080p camera on this drone. The W1PRO still offers amazing performance and flight stability. The drone can follow and execute complex instructions and has tons of features that your 21-year-old will love! This drone is for beginners and enthusiasts alike. It’s a great way to experience the best that drone-tech can offer right now. 

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14. Alesis Melody 61 MKII

A fan of Mozart? Or just love the top Billboard hits? The Alesis Melody MK2 offers beginners and intermediate players the opportunity to learn on one of the best budget keyboards in the market. The keyboard is completely digital and offers too many features to list down. From instrument recording to playing multiple instruments and more. You get all of the best features of top-end keyboards in a small package. This kit also comes with a stand, mic, headphones, sitting stool, and more! It’s the perfect way to introduce your loved one to the world of music and art. 

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15. Vintage 1999 Beer Can Glass

This beer glass is the perfect way to surprise any 21-year-old. The Vintage 1999 Beet Can Glass is designed with the youth in mind. It ditches the traditional beer glass form in favor of a more relevant “can” design. This design direction makes the glass compact, portable, and cool! The glass also has a print on the front that reads “Vintage 1999. Cheers to 21 Years” which we think is very fitting. The design of this glass is ironically sober, and we think anyone in this age bracket will appreciate this gift item. 

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16. Ulefone Note 9P 

From the looks of the specification sheet, this phone looks like every other budget phone in the market. It offers all the mid-line internal specs but with a wonderful twist. The phone features a beautiful and elegant design. With a teardrop front-facing camera, the Ulefone Note 9P is easily one of the best budget phone designs of 2020. The phone is packed with tons of useful features that will come in handy for any 21-year-old. More importantly, the phone features a triple camera setup that promises crisp, high-quality, and software optimized photos for all lighting conditions! If value and quality are what you are looking for, then this is going to be a wonderful gift item. 

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17. PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console

PlayStation 4 Pro is by far our favorite gaming console, even in 2020. Why? Well, because this beast still offers a lot of value and can stand against its successor, the PS5. Sure, the newer generation offers more features and a new gaming experience; this console has made our list because it is super-relevant. We estimate that the Ps4 Pro will still be good for a couple of years because of Sony’s decision to have backward compatibility on newer games. The 1TB console offers better internals than the original PS4 and also supports 4k gaming at 60FPS. If your 21-year-old is a gaming fanatic and would rather wait out till the company fixes all the bugs on the newer generation, then we highly recommend the PS4 Pro. 

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18. Nintendo Switch

Speaking of gaming, the Nintendo Switch is also a great gaming option for any 21-year-old. What sets this console apart from the others is the fact that this console focuses more on portability than any other platform in the market. The Switch is designed around the belief that gamers want to game wherever they are and shouldn’t be limited to a giant TV. Nintendo has designed this gaming console to be the go-to platform for people who are on the go. The Switch can be played within solo mode where you use the primary screen, or you can also plug it into your TV using a dock! You also get to experience the Joy-Cons and the new horizons that they unlock for gamers.  

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19. Sony WH-1000XM4

These headphones have been hailed as the KING of noise-cancellation technology. The Sony WH series has been designed not just for casual listeners but artists as well who would want to use these precise headphones to carefully assess sounds and make music. These headphones feature an over-head design and are built to last. With a super comfortable design and AMAZING quality speakers, these headphones have repeatedly topped the list of many reviewers. With advanced ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology, these are by far the most precise and the most performance-driven headphones on the market! Perfect for any 21-year-old who’s addicted to music! 

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20. Samsung Galaxy Buds+ 

Not a fan of Apple products? Looking for the default Android wireless earphones? Then the Galaxy Buds Plus will be your go-to! These earphones make a huge comeback and just about leap beyond their predecessors by offering better sound, mics, battery, and connectivity. Perfectly designed for 21-year olds, the Buds + are by far the best sounding wireless earphones in the market. Costing less than competitors, we recommend these earphones to anyone who is looking for the perfect Android earphones that aren’t AirPods. They are available in various colors, and we think your 21-year-old will love this as a gift! 

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