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Nuna Tavo Review

Nuna Tavo
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Bottom Line

Nuna Tavo 2019 is a classy and sturdy stroller made to ease your life. It is made of a solid aluminum chassis covered with a durable fabric. From our Nuna Tavo review, this baby unit is designed to serve your family needs for years. It is easy to steer on different terrains, suitable for bumpy roads, grassy paths, and sandy beaches. Its super spacious car seat makes it ideal for bigger kids, even those attending pre-school. However, it is heavier than many other strollers of the same category.

What We Like

  • Spacious seat
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Front-wheel swivel
  • Huge UPF 50 protected canopy
  • Four-position recline seat
  • One-hand fold system

What We Don't Like

  • Very heavy
  • Bulky when folded
  • The seat is non-reversible

New babies bring joy to the family, but we should never forget the struggle that comes with shopping for newborns. What kind of stroller are you looking for? We understand getting the right baby stroller in the already flooded market may be a tall order. Window shopping and an internet search can be exhausting and even frustrating.

However, if you know what you like and what you are looking for, it should be easy. Before settling on any stroller, we’d like to advise you to conduct thorough research on the product and the brand reputation. You should also consider some main features in a baby stroller that satisfy your taste. Consider your comfort and that of your child, size of the car seat, basket, maneuverability, durability, cost, and anything else that concerns you.

To make your work easy, our team of experts has tested different strollers to help you make the right decision when shopping for your little one. From the Nuna Tavo review, it is the best stroller for your family’s needs. If you are looking for a classy and elegant stroller at a pocket-friendly price, this would be your best choice.


This stroller is designed to provide a large room for your little one to grow in; this is one of the best features in this baby stroller, according to the Nuna Tavo review. It is a one-click travel system that is compatible with many leading infant car seats. However, it connects directly with the Nuna Pipa car seat without using any adapters. It features a leatherette and height-adjustable handlebar and an all-season baby cozy for cold seasons.

The Nuna is designed to cater for your daily requirements. One may easily steer through supermarket doors since it is made to fit in many public places. It gives a classy modern touch at a low price. Its adjustable shoulder straps and easy to operate brakes makes Nuna the best stroller for long distances.

Things to Consider When Buying Nuna Tavo Stroller

Nuna Tavo is the best stroller for families looking for a cost-effective, durable stroller to use from infant to toddlerhood. This baby stroller is equipped with many features that will cater to all your family desires. It is easy to steer, which makes it possible for every adult to use it. Who is Nuna Tavo suitable for?

Nuna Tavo is suitable for on the go families. With summer close at hand or a family vacation, this buggy will be of great importance. It is easy to connect to car seats of different brands making traveling easy even when your little one is less than a year old.

Parents who walk long distances: If you like taking a long-distance walk, the Nuna is ideal for you. The front-wheel features allow you to tighten the wheels to provide a smooth ride. The adjustable handlebar will enable you to steer for long distances without getting tired. We can confirm that this city select buggy is superior to other strollers in the market. If you are looking forward to taking your evening or morning walks, this buggy will give you a fantastic experience.

Key Features

The Setup Process: Simple to Put Together 

The setup process is pretty easy, following the manufacturer’s manual. You do not need any tools to put the parts together. We have outlined a step by step procedure to set up your stroller.

  1. Open the stroller latch, rotate the handles backward until it clicks into place, and ensure that the stroller is wholly latched before attaching other parts.
  2. Attach the front wheels by inserting the motor into the front leg, push until you hear a click sound to indicate that the is well attached.
  3. Attach the rear wheels into the back leg; push the bike until a click sound is heard.
  4. Attach the brake, ensure that the brake lever is up before attaching the curb to the frame; push the brake assembly into the back leg tube until it produces a click sound.
  5. Attach the storage basket by wrapping it around the rear frame and fasten the three snaps on the frame.
  6. Attach the canopy; slide the mount onto the Tavo stroller, then zip the canopy fabric to the back of the stroller seat.
  7. Install the armbar, align the armbar ends with the mounts, and insert it until it completely locks in place.

Age Range: From Birth to Toddler

Nuna Tavo is ideal for your little one from birth to toddlerhood, according to our review. However, to incorporate the unit on an infant car seat, you will need to use the bassinet. The bassinet allows your little one to lie flat, supporting their neck and spine since they can support their neck freely. The Tavo is designed to accommodate your child from birth until they attain 50-pound weight, which could be up to three years. However, you have to fold the stroller seat to provide your baby with a bassinet-like environment.

One can turn it into a traveling unit for infants since it is compatible with the Nuna Pipa car seat and other best car seats. The Tavo is technically compatible with only Nuna pipa car seats; however, with infant car seat adapter Maxi Cosi and Cybex car seats will work well with the stroller. With the Nuna pipa car seat, you can click your car seat in position using the provided bumper bar. There is a small lock at the stroller frame that helps secure your car seat in place all the time.

Design: Strong and Elegant

The seat has four recline positions, including an almost flat area, which is ideal for your little one to nap at any time. When the car seat is maximally reclined, the footrest will fold up and snap at the bottom to make a bassinet like enclosure for infants. The adjustable footrest has three positions straight, up and down, which you may adjust according to your child’s height. The seat also features a removable and washable insert for extra comfort of young babies.

As per our Nuna Tavo review, the handlebar has a telescoping handlebar, which one can adjust from 38″ up to 42″ from the ground; these features make it ideal for couples. The handlebar is also covered with a leatherette fabric to ensure that you are comfortable when pushing. The height adjustment feature also helps you quickly advance your stroller, especially for the tall parents, since you do not want to bend your back as you push your buggy around.

Nuna Tavo storage basket is huge to accommodate a large diaper bag and other essentials. The storage basket has a spring edge to allow you to access your things easily at any time; once you are done, the storage basket pops back into shape. It has small zippered compartments to secure your small items like keys, money, or phone. The storage basket is easily accessible from both the front and the rear side, making it easy for parents to throw stuff inside the storage basket, whether it is shopping or your child’s toys and snacks.

It has a large canopy with a pop-out sun visor that you can tuck away when you do not need it. It also has a zippered dream drape to provide your child with full coverage even when the seat is completely reclined. The dream drape is made of a knight fabric that offers proper air circulation while blocking the sun. When you don’t, the dream drape can zip it back.

It also has a significant magnetic peek a boo window and a zipped in mesh panel at the back for optimum air circulation, which helps prevent overheating. The canopy fabric is UP50 to protect your child from harmful rays. For extra strength and durability, the canopy fabric is double stitched. One can also unzip the canopy at the back to expose the dark mesh window for proper air circulation on a hot day. You may choose to undo the canopy entirely. This is if you like to disclose your child completely inside the canopy.

The Tavo has large wheels that are 7.5″ front wheels and 10″ rear wheels. The wheels are foam filled, so you do not have to worry about flat tires when riding on harsh terrains. The front wheels are also swivel enforced so you can lock them at a straight point for a smooth ride even on rough terrains.

This stroller has an all-wheel suspension, which helps in absorbing pressure when you hit the bumps at any time. These giant wheels and the front wheel swivel provide you with a perfect turning radius to maneuver in the busy streets and through the side paths. Tavo gives a very smooth ride, a factor that makes it suitable for jogging and long walk trips; it works well in almost any place at any time.

The Tavo has a sturdy frame that ensures that it serves for years. The frame is one feature you will not easily recognize since it is covered with a polyester fabric that protects it from exposure to harsh conditions that can lead to rusting.

Maintaining Tavo is pretty straightforward. To clean the plastic parts and the frame, use a damp fabric and wipe without bleaching. Clean the wheels regularly with water and ensure you remove all the dirt. Ensure that your stroller is not exposed to the sun when not in use to give it a long life. Always check your stroller before use to ensure that nothing is torn or broken; however, in case some parts are damaged, you can always order for replacements. Proper care of your stroller will ensure it lasts longer and still gives your stroller a smart, neat look.

Portability: One-Hand Fold

Before buying your stroller, it is essential to check how easily one can move it from point A to point B. We assure you that this stroller is one of the most portable strollers in its category.

Weighing 24.3 pounds, Nuna Tavo is slightly lighter than other full-size strollers. It might be more substantial than many standard strollers in the market, but lifting it does not require bulky weight muscles. It is a weight that every adult in the family can raise, so you do not have to worry about lifting on stairs or carrying it into your truck. Tavo is 22 cm wide so it can fit at the back of your car efficiently while leaving enough space to pack other things. Remember, you should measure your truck before purchasing any stroller.

Nuna Tavo is also an easy one-hand fold in a few steps before you start folding your stroller, push the canopy to the back of the stroller.

  • Slide the top fold button and press it towards the fold button.
  • After engaging the fold buttons, rotate the stroller handle forward.
  • Rotate and attach the fold locks.

After folding, the stroller becomes pretty compact, and you can easily carry it up and down the staircase or other narrow spaces. Like the trolley, the super convenient folding lock in the pipa is functional when the stroller is folded. Its quick-release wheels ensure that you get a more compact one-hand fold for easy portability.

Safety: Very Safe

It has five slide height-adjustable harnesses, which features an easy click release button. To secure your child, push the center button on the buckle to release the latch. Remove the clips before placing your child on the stroller. Connect the hip buckle and the shoulder buckle. Ensure you secure the shoulder buckle and the hip buckle and repeat the procedure on the other side like before. Pull the lower adjustment buckle latch and repeat the same on the other side. For added safety, the upper shoulder harness buckle can move up and down for proper adjustment.

The pipa is equipped with easy to use and effective brakes. When shopping for a stroller, brakes are also a key factor to consider. You do not want brakes that can disengage without your consent, which can leave your child injured. You should also get a stroller that does not hurt your toes when engaging. To lock the stroller’s rear wheels, step down on the red area on the brake’s levers. To unlock the rear wheels you should step down on the green area of the gear. These brakes are really easy to engage and disengage even if you are in flip flop.

Following the Nuna Tavo review, it has side impact protection with incorporated crumble area in the leg rest for shock absorption and fire-resistant. It is also equipped with a removable armbar that fits children of all sizes.

Price: Relatively Cheap

The Nuna is budget-friendly and does not compromise on features. Following the fact that Tavo has almost similar features with the MIXX, we can conclude that it is worth investing in. The budget can suit many average earning families while giving you related services like any other standard stroller. This buggy goes for between $200 and $250. If you are looking for a high-quality stroller at a pocket-friendly price, then the Nuna is ideal for you.


Product name: Nuna Tavo stroller

Product brand: Tavo

Dimensions: 42.5× 22×35.6 inches

Weight: 24.3lbs

Color: black, grey

Material: polyester

Size folded: 18.5 ×22×36.8 inches

Dimensions: wheels 7.5-inch front wheels, 10 inch rear wheels

Warranty: 2 years manufacturer’s warranty

Competition: The Market Is Very Competitive 

Maxi – Cosi Zelia 5 in 1 

This buggy is designed to go wherever you want since you can quickly turn it into a travel system. Both the Nuna and maxi-Cosi have large seats. The only difference is that the place in Nuna stroller Tavo is not reversible, while that of Maxi-Cosi 5 is reversible for both front and rear-facing.

They are both one-hand fold systems, although Nuna Tavo is quite bulky when folded and does not stand on its own. They both have a large storage basket that can accommodate up to a large diaper bag and other essentials; the difference is that the Nuna basket has an elastic bud at the edge of the storage basket to allow you to pack your items quickly.

They are both four-wheel strollers that are easy to remove if you do not have enough space, although that of Tavo is bigger than maxi-Cosi. They are both all-terrain strollers, but the Tavo has a front-wheel swivel, which ensures you get an extra smooth ride in uneven terrains. The Nuna has adjustable handlebars that cater to parents of all heights, a feature that Maxi-Cosi Zelia lacks. This stroller retails between $350 and $400, which is $1000 above the cost of Tavo.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Single Strollers

City tour 2 is your ideal travel system; this lightweight buggy is ready to stroll from birth. How does it compare with the Nuna Tavo? Like the Nuna Tavo baby jogger, city tour 2 has a front-wheel swivel to offer a smooth, comfortable ride. It is a lightweight stroller; it could weigh the lightest in its category, weighing 10 pounds, less than half the weight of Tavo, which weighs more than 20 pounds.

The city jogger is a three-wheel buggy while Tavo is four wheels. The wheels in both strollers have a front-wheel swivel. The only difference is that those of city tours are air-filled while those of Tavo are foam filled; both are made of durable rubber material. Both strollers have roomy seats that are well padded; the difference is that Nuna Tavo seats can accommodate up to 50 pounds of your little one meat while baby jogger city tour two can hold a child weighing up to 65 pounds. They both have substantial storage baskets; however, unlike Tavo, city tours basket is not easily accessible. Baby jogger city tour 2 retails from $200 and $250.

GB All-City Pockit Stroller

This All-City Pockit stroller offers impressive features to make city life easier for you and your child. Its wheels are designed to support the ever-changing city life, all thanks to its all-wheel suspension, a feature similar to that of Tavo.

The GB all city Pockit is a single wheel front stroller while the Tavo is a two-front wheels’ pram, but both have a front-wheel swivel feature that gives you and your child a smooth ride even on rough terrains. The Tavo is ideal for children from birth to toddlerhood, while the GB city is suitable for babies from seven to approximately four years of age.

The GB city is lightweight, weighing 10.4 pounds while the Tavo is almost double its weight weighing 22.4 pounds. The GB all city Pockit retails between $ 200 and $ 250, and it’s available in most leading baby stores.

Our Verdict

What are you looking for in a stroller? What if you find a stroller with all you need and more? From our Nuna Tavo review, this stroller is the solution you have been looking for. Comparing the new Nuna Mixx vs. Tavo, it is equipped with extra features that make it better than its predecessor, the MIXX. It is made to suit different family settings. It is easy to push, easy one-hand fold, and compact when folded, so you do not have to worry about space.

The Tavo promises over five years of service to your child’s life and more. It has an adjustable handlebar, large storage basket, four-position recline seat, which is spacious and comfortable for your little one. Can quickly turn to a travel system to suit your family on the go. Nuna Tavo is elegant, chick, and well designed to make life easier for your daily excursions. This Tavo stroller is the best choice for all your family needs.

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