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How to Fold Baby Clothes?

How to fold baby clothes

Folding baby clothes can be very frustrating. Your drawers can look super organized in one minute, and the next one, they can be a total mess. Baby sleepers and onesies are tricky to fold due to the creases and zippers, and they require a real technique to fold them right.

You will want to learn few techniques to avoid frustration about messy clothes in the drawers. Once you learn these techniques, life as a mom will get easier, and you will be less upset. These techniques will make you never look back to the old way you used to fold the baby clothes.

1. The Marie Kondo folding method

If you don’t know any folding techniques, you will probably use the traditional technique of folding the baby clothes, the one we all know. Thank God Marie Kondo came up with her unique technique and enlightened us with the filing method for folding clothes. Seeing the drawers neat and organized is every mom’s dream, so here is the KonMari method:

Once you discover this method, you will never look back. This method is especially beneficial for people who live in smaller places, but everyone else can benefit from it as well. The goal of this method is to file the clothes so that you will be able to see each one of them. This way, you won’t need to sort through the clothes and end up leaving messy drawers.

Folding the clothes in the traditional way feels easier because it is a habit, and you do it without thinking. We can assure you that the KonMari method is easier. All it takes is little practice to get the hang of it. Below you will find how to fold the three most complicated baby clothing pieces by using the KonMari method. We have to mention that baby clothes are more complicated for folding than other clothes. But once you have mastered this method, you will find folding baby clothes super easy. It is all about having little practice.

1.1 Folding long-sleeved baby onesies

The most challenging baby clothing is the long-sleeved onesies. What you need to do is fold the onesies vertically in half, sleeve to sleeve. Then, fold the sleeves back in on top of the body of the onesie. Lastly, fold the onesies horizontally in half once and once again. The KonMari method suggests you fold the clothes in thirds, but folding the clothes in fourths will work better. Finally, you can file the onesies in the dresser drawers.

1.2 Folding baby sleepers

The same way you did with the onesies, fold the sleeper vertically in half. The sleeves should be folded on top of the body of the sleeper. Then, fold the legs up to the sleeper’s collar, and fold again in half. If the sleeper is fleece and bulky, use the method of thirds rather than fourths. With sleepers, you don’t even need to fold them, just roll them. Both folded or rolled can be filed into your drawers.

1.3 Folding baby shorts and pants

The pants should be folded in half, leg to leg. While shorts can be folded in half, the pants can fold in fourths. Whether you choose to fold in fourths or thirds depends on your preferences and what the clothing item allows you to do with it. Also, you need to bear in mind what dimensions will work best for the drawers you are using. The goal is for the clothes to be able to stand up on their own so that you can see them without any issue.

2. The no folding method for baby clothes

An ideal solution is a walk-in closet with many different levels and shelves, but let’s face the reality that there aren’t many who can afford this kind of luxury. The walk-in closet allows you to use the no fold method, and no matter how much you like to fold clothes this way, you will save hours. So, if you are one of the lucky ones to have a closet with many shelves, you can get 4-6 separate bins and use one for each of the following clothes:

  • Sleepers
  • Onesies
  • Rompers
  • Pants
  • Socks and shoes
  • Hair accessories (for girls)

After you have washed and dried the baby clothes, carry them in the laundry basket to the closet and sort them into the bins. Easy like that! Most of the baby clothes match easily, so you don’t have to waste time picking a matching outfit.

3. What about baby jackets and dresses?

If you happen to have space then it is better to hang the baby jackets, sweatshirts and dresses. There are hangers sized especially for baby clothes, so get those. There is no way to fit baby clothes onto the normal-sized hangers. Trust me, don’t even try it. It will be a nightmare.

If you still have a dilemma in your head about whether to hang or fold all the baby clothes, most people will tell you that it is better to fold them. People find it easier and faster to fold clothes rather than hang them. But if you don’t want to use bins and you simply dislike folding, you can go ahead and hang all the baby clothes. Bear in mind that the dresser will take space, thus why I recommend the folding option. For smaller sized nurseries folding is the best option out of all three.

If you are planning to keep baby shoes, socks, hats, and headbands in drawers, you will need to organize them as well. You will want to keep them separated with like items together. For that purpose, you should use shallow bins. One bin for each type of item. For this purpose, shoe boxes can work but usually, they are too tall for the traditional dresser drawer. Make sure you have room for the accessories as well.

By now, you should be able to figure out which method will work best for you.

I hope that we did the job properly and explained it well on how to use the KonMarie folding method. This method has the sole purpose of making your drawers look tidy and neat so that you won’t have trouble finding the exact piece of clothing you need at a given moment.

When you have all the baby clothes organized in a way where you can see all of them, it will be easy to grad the pieces that match together. This will save you so much time and nerves. Remember that owning fewer pieces of clothing is the real secret to having more organized drawers and closets in general. What you should do is keep only fewer baby clothes, the ones you really need and use. Rest of the clothes, especially the ones you don’t plan to use, give to someone who needs them.

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