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Flower Girl Gifts: 20 Best Ideas

Flower girl

We hear wedding bells! 

We’d like to take the opportunity to highlight a few unsung heroes who serve a pivotal role at weddings apart from the bride and groom. 

Flower girls are part of the backbone that makes up weddings. You can’t have a proper wedding without having a flower girl who decorates and beautifies the floor behind the lucky couple with flowers! It is an age-old tradition that is extremely cute and signifies love, prosperity, peace, and goodness!

Flower girls are more than just extras at a wedding. We would say that they are the people who make it even more magical! Without them, something would always feel just a bit off. If you are having a proper wedding, then take this time to thank everyone, especially the flower girls! 

Our experts have come up with a few suggestions that we think you would love! 

Here are our best flower girl gifts! 

1. 2PCS Burlap Flower Girl Basket

You can’t have a flower girl without a matching flower basket! This 2-piece flower basket is exactly what you need to complete your wedding! Don’t just hand your special girls a bulky container with flowers in it. Invest in this gift item and provide the flower girls with something that will benefit them and the wedding as well! These baskets are made from high-quality materials and are sturdy! They can contain your average quantity of flowers and are a great way to complement the entire wedding look as well! You can also choose to buy this basket in pairs for an even better experience as well! 

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2. Bow Hair Clips

These bow hair clips will look the cutest on flower girls! The hair clips are designed to look like flower heads. They come in a set of 24 pieces, so there will be plenty for every flower girl at the wedding! You can also pair these clips with other accessories from our list. The bows are vibrant in color and come in many different designs. We think it is going to turn out to be extremely cute! The bow clips are made from plastic but are durable enough to last a very long time! The clips also come in multiple size variants as well, so you are bound to find something for everyone! 

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3. Flower Earrings

A flower girl has to look the part as well. Nothing completes a look for a flower girl than this amazing flower earring set! You get two beautifully crafted flower-like earnings that are fitted with moonstones. It truly is a very pretty earring set that would look great on any cute flower girl! These earrings offer a comfortable wearing experience as well since they are also free from allergens. Wear them throughout the day without getting uncomfortable! They come in a white body, which just lifts the moonstones and highlights them in a way that will surely make them stand out on the wedding day! 

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4. Artificial Flowers in Hanging Basket

If you ask us or any sane individual about what would be the best way to decorate any wedding, the answer that you will almost invariably get is flowers. Why not start with something magical and classy? Like this artificial flower basket! This basket is for people who are looking for a bit of value and style in one package. Well, now you don’t have to go overboard with spending on dozens of flowers! Here is a cheaper and more beautiful alternative! These artificial flowers look and feel like the real deal. While other flowers may die off after just one day, these can still be used to decorate your new home! Give these to your flower girls and complete the fairytale look! 

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5. Willow Handwoven Easter Basket

This Easter basket is for people who would want to go the traditional route when it comes to dispensing flowers! Handwoven to perfection, this basket looks like it has come straight out of the Disney universe! Fill her up with flowers and hand them to your cute flower girls! This one subtle item will add a lot of charm to your wedding. The basket can also be used later to fit in gifts. Turn it into a gift basket and wrap it up with transparent wrapping paper. It’s a gift that will keep on giving! 

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6. Michael Kors Crossbody Bag

Flower girls deserve the best! After all, they are the ones who will add a lot of magic during the wedding! Fancy-out your flower girls with this amazing Michael Kors crossbody bag that just screams class and elegance. This bag is perfect for party and event use. The bag is made from high-quality materials and is designed to be the perfect bag for everyday use as well. Created by Michael Kors, this bag will surely elevate any scene it’s in! So, if you want to equip your flower girls with the right kind of pizazz, then this is where you should start! 

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7. The Flower Girl – Movie

Going after flower girl themed gift items? Then you just can’t complete the set without including this amazing movie in the mix! The Flower Girl is a feel-good hit movie about a flower girl who goes from being lonely to dating not one but two great guys! This movie is about love, acceptance, change and is filled to the brim with romance and cheesy dialogues. If this kind of movie is your thing, then The Flower Girl will be the best movie for any soon-to-be flower girl! Watch it in HD and invite all the flower girls together for a good laugh and, of course, a lot of wedding planning. 

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8. Flower Girl Dress

You simply can’t top this essential gift item. What better way to celebrate the wedding than with these super adorable flower girl dresses! The dresses are designed with precision and just look too cute for any young flower girl! The dress comes in white but is also available in a different color so that you can mix and match with your wedding theme. Made with high-quality materials, this wedding dress will never irritate the skin and can also be adjusted to fit all body sizes! We recommend pairing this item with any of the above baskets to complete the look! 

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9. Flower Girl: Coloring Book

Every flower girl needs to have this amazing coloring book. The book contains pages upon pages with images of a flower girl doing what she does best! The book is made to attract all types of children, so even children who do not enjoy art will want to give this book a try. Turn this into an activity for the young ones before the wedding. Send out a starter-kit to all the flower girls and provide them with this amazing coloring book and a basket from our list above. We are sure that you will get your flower girls pumped for the big wedding! 

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10. Rose Flower Pendant

This pendant is a great way to make your flower girls stand out. If you think about it, it makes sense! Why not give your flower girls this beautiful rose flower pendant as a gift! Make sure they look the part for the wedding day as well! This necklace is made from premium materials and is super adjustable. You also have the option of choosing between different pendants. The rose flower form of the pendant makes it the perfect gift for all young girls! Have them all wear this beautiful necklace so that everyone knows who’s in team Flower Girl at the wedding! 

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11. Flower Girl Halo Floral Headband

Here’s another essential item. This headband is made specifically for flower girls! The headband will remind you of angels and how we perceive them to have flower halos on their heads. This headband is made to convey the same message. Flower girls are truly very special. They are part of the reason why weddings are so wonderful. If you are getting your flower girl a few of the items listed above, then you simply can’t end the list without adding this amazing headband! Made from premium materials, the headband is designed to fit every head size and will not irritate the skin either! 

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12. Flower Girl: Cute Floral Notebook 

Flower girls have a lot of responsibilities! Apart from being the people who bring beauty to weddings, they are also responsible for the planning of it as well! Give them this notebook as a keepsake or for fully planning out everything! We are confident that it will make for a great present for all the flower girls! The notebook is made with high-quality paper and can be used for multiple purposes. You can put up photos, add marker notes, and more with this amazing notebook. The book is captivating from the get-go with a fantastic front cover as well! 

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13. Make Your Flower Crown

This DIY toy is going to make flower girls very happy. The set enables you to create your flower crowns from scratch! Perhaps the best way to spend an evening is to make your very own flower crowns. Bring along all the flower girls and have them engage in this wonderful activity. Talk design, catering, and more details of the wedding while making the headbands! It’s a fun family activity that will surely keep everyone interested, and in the end, you’ll get a pair of amazing headbands that you can flaunt on the wedding day! 

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14. Flower Wire Wrapped Heart Stone Pendant

Here’s another pendant that will surely get your flower girls noticed! This necklace comes with a flower wire wrapped heart stone pendant that looks gorgeous! The stone comes in pink color and would look great on a white dress (you can check out the pretty white dress for flower girls we have listed above as well). The pendant is adjustable and can also be bought in various sizes and colors too! Customize your experience and allow your flower girls to look top-notch for your wedding day! 

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15. Mud Pie Flower Girl Tote Bag

 This tote bag is perfect for all wedding planners and flower girls. The bag is made from durable cotton canvas that can withstand a lot of weight. The entire bag is made for regular use, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it over time. The bag features an excellent design print on the front that says “Flower Girl” in a very pretty font. We think all flower girls would love to have this bag on the big day! You also have the option to fill up the bag with goodies and memorabilia before gifting it to your flower girls!   

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16. Happy Kisses Flower Girl Necklace

 A necklace that is fit for all flower girls! Happy Kisses brings a great necklace set that would complement the look of any flower girl regardless of her attire. The necklace is adjustable and comes with a flower pendant. You get a row of 3 flowers in a subtle pink color. These types of gifts are excellent for not just the occasion but can also come in use later on. Since they don’t cost that much as well, you can also buy them in bulk for all your flower girls! They can also keep these items as memorabilia of your wedding day!    

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17. Creativity for Kids Flower Crowns Craft Kit

 Make your flower crowns at home! Here’s a great wedding activity that will be loved by all participants and not just flower girls. This crown kit comes with everything that you need to make your very own beautiful flower crowns for the big day. You can make several crowns, and the best part is that this kit encourages people to use their creativity to come up with novel flower designs. Mix and match with beads, real flower petals, and more to make a crown that will stand out on the wedding day!     

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18. Yoga Lotus Flower

 This set is for girls who love yoga and flowers. If your wedding theme is grounded with a lot of earthy elements, then this necklace is going to fit perfectly with everything! Your flower girls will freak out with this beautiful necklace. The pendant features a Sanskrit symbol inside a flower outline. It’s a great gift for all flower girls and is going to be a great addition to your party as well. The necklace stands for peace, love, growth, and harmony – something that will reverberate with the theme of the wedding as well! The necklace is non-allergic, unlike other necklaces in the market that start to either hurt or become uncomfortable after just a few hours. The materials used to make this necklace are also hypoallergenic and will never leave a scratch or rash on your flower girls’ necks. 

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19. White Ivory Wedding Flower Girl Basket

 No wedding would be complete without a set of cute flower baskets! This small-sized white ivory basket is perfect for flower girls who want a cute container to go along with their dress. The basket is made from high-quality materials and is durable enough to withstand a few dings as well, unlike other cheap baskets, which are prone to either denting or breaking from the side of the handle. The small size of this basket would fit perfectly with the smaller and cuter flower girls at the wedding. You can also pair this item with the white flower girl dress that we have listed above. The dress would perfectly complete the entire look and will also make your favorite flower girls stand out even more. You can also choose to add an assortment of different colored flowers to this basket to make it pop out over the carpet! 

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20. Flower Dogs – Dog Collar with Flower

 Why leave your pets behind during the big day? Have the flower girls dress up your dog to walk the aisle as well! This dog collar comes with a flower attached to it, which would make your canine friend look chic during the big day! The collar is super comfortable and is, of course, adjustable from the get-go. You don’t have to worry about the collar being too tight to begin with, as the manufacturer has updated the design to accommodate all types of dogs. Just tighten or loosen as necessary!  

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