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Gifts for Book Lovers: 20 Best Ideas

Book lovers

Book lovers are usually people that you’d have a lovely conversation with since they are full of tidbits and wisdom. 

Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, books are truly a gateway to one’s imagination. Not only do you get to experience the world from the author’s point-of-view, but you also get to expand your own! Books have been an escape for people for generations. Although paperback is still the king, books have also been revolutionized by services such as Audible and products like the Kindle. 

The passion for reading is the same on all platforms! Celebrate avid readers everywhere with this exclusive list made just for people who love books! Our list will cover all the basics and a few surprise items as well! We are confident that your loved one will adore whatever you pick from below. 

Check out our top gifts for book lovers

1.    Novelty Socks 

Start the right way with these novelty socks. The red pair of socks come with a witty message at the bottom of each foot. One foot has a print that says “Do not disturb” and the second one says “I’m reading.” If this isn’t the most app gift for a reader, then we don’t know what is! The socks are made from soft fabric that is easily washable and won’t deteriorate after every wash. These socks are super comfortable to wear and come in a very appealing design as well. We are confident that any book lover would adore wearing these during their lengthy reading sessions. 

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2.    Just One More Chapter Throw Pillow Case

This pillowcase is what every reader needs during their grueling sessions near the bookshelf. We think this pillowcase is a must item for any book reader, especially when they have their hands on a page-turner! The pillowcase is perfect for any décor as it comes in a mellow ash-white color that can mend well wherever you put it! The pillowcase is designed to be long-lasting and won’t fade over time after several washes. The pillowcase comes in a standard size that can fit any normal pillow. It’s a great decoration item and can also be used for its practical benefits as well! 

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3.    100 Books Scratch Off Poster

Ever wondered what a bucket list for books would look like? This poster is meant for veteran readers who would just devour whatever book they get their hands on. The scratch-off poster contains the top 100 best books ever written by a man. Mark off each book from this list and challenge yourself to complete the poster. With such amazing titles, we think that you’d end up a changed person at the end of the 100th book. The poster contains many classic and iconic reads from over decades, so we are confident that you’ll find something relevant and classic in this list! 

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4. eGift Card

If you think you can just simply shop for books and can get all of them right then, you’d be sorely mistaken. Books are a personal matter that needs to be dealt with in person. You can’t simply buy any book and expect the recipient to read it gleefully. Sure, they’d read it just for the heck of it, but they wouldn’t engross themselves in it because they might have something else on their reading list. We recommend going for the gift card route, which would allow your loved ones to shop for themselves. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong book unless, of course, they have stated what title they want.

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5.    Book Light

This item is a must for all casual and veteran book lovers. The humble book light has been around for some time now. At first, people used to read under whatever light source they’d find, but thanks to advances in LED technology, we now have portable lights with internal batteries that you can clamp on any book and read away without obstruction. The great thing about this book light is that it’s designed to be non-intrusive, meaning that you can just put it in place once and then forget about it and stay focused on whatever you’re reading – turn pages with ease and even adjust the light according to your needs! 

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6. I’m Reading – Box Sign 

Sometimes you ought to make things extra clear. For times where you do not want to be disturbed during your intense reading sessions, we recommend that you get this box sign that reads “GO AWAY – I’m reading” it sends the message loud and clear and can be a fun decorative item as well the box sign can either be set up horizontally on its own or can be installed on any wall as well. The box is made from premium and durable wood, which means that it will last a very long time without losing any detail. It’s a great item for any avid book reader and would make for a great indicator for times when you wouldn’t want to be disturbed. 

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7. Reading Log

If you are considering taking on the 100 book challenge for the Scratch Off Poster we listed above, then you will need a reading log to keep track of your progress and to take notes. This reading log is more than just a diary or a journal to keep track of what titles you have finished. It’s a comprehensive log that will help you pen down your thoughts and ideas while reading several chapters or books. It’s a great way to not only keep track of what you learn but also to write down your interpretations and ideas so that you can refer back to them later when you want to find inspiration. 

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8.    Stack Of Books Christmas Ornament

Christmas is right around the corner, and what better way of showing your admiration of a book lover than with this amazing ornament? This cute little ornament is designed to be a stack of books and can be put up on a Christmas tree. The hangable ornament is well designed and looks adorable! You can either use this on your Christmas tree or even put it on your keychain holder as well! The detailing on this item is also brilliant, which makes it the perfect gift to impress any book lover! 

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9.    Book Theme – Round Pendant Necklace

This pendant necklace is many things. It’s a beautiful jewelry item that can be shown off with pride and also a homage for all book lovers! The necklace contains a printed clock and a message that reads “so many books, so little time” which we think is very apt given the situation of any true book lover. They always seem to think that they will never get to read all the books that they want to read. This pendant will quickly resonate with any book lover and will make for a great gift item for any occasion! 

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10. Decorative Bookends for Shelf

Items like this are a must for any book lover. This decorative bookend is designed to add style and character to any shelf. Why settle with a boring bookshelf when you can show your love for books by injecting a bit of character and style? This eye-catching bookend is designed to look like the books are being held together on the shelf by a flying superhero. This item is something that will catch the eye of anyone who looks at it! It’s easy to install and can be adjusted according to your needs as well! 

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11. The Literate Cat Charles Wysocksai Blanket Throw

If you are a fan of novelty blankets, then we have the king of novelty blankets made just for book lovers! This blanket comes with a massive print of a cat on a bookshelf, which is an image taken from pop culture. The blanket is designed and made in the USA and is of high quality. Big enough to cover two people, this blanket makes for a very comfortable reading area. Just make a cup of coffee, get your reading light and glasses on and snug up in this wonderful cozy blanket. It’s perfect for the cold, breezy winter seasons when you’d rather just stay at home with a good book than go outside! 

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12. The Book Seat

Traveling is great, which makes it even better is when you have a good book to read as well. This book seat is more than meets the eye. Not only will it hold your book in place while you’re traveling, but it also doubles as a light and soft travel pillow as well! The pillow is designed with an indent that can easily and securely hold a book in place. The book seat is made for book lovers who just can’t leave the house without a book at their disposal. We recommend this to anyone who values convenience and comfort! 

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13. Funny Coffee Mug

Not just a funny coffee mug, this is a funny coffee mug made for book lovers! The mug features an all-white design with a hilarious print on the front that reads, “a day without reading is like… I’m kidding. I have no idea” We believe this message will resonate with any book lover! The mug is made from durable ceramic and can hold your average quantity of any beverage, mainly coffee! The mug is a cool style statement that can convey your personality through the humor on this cup! We are confident that this would make for a great conversation starter as well! 

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14. Vintage Style Bookmarks 

Fan of novelty bookmarks? Then we have the perfect set for you. These bookmarks are designed to be vintage-looking and feature a map! If you are prone to losing your bookmarks, then don’t worry. This set comes with 30 of them! the bookmarks are large enough to cover even the tallest books, and with its rigid design, these bookmarks won’t lose their shape and form over time either. The bookmarks have an intricate map drawn on them as well, which captures the imagination! If you know someone who is in dire need of new bookmarks, then this item would make for a great gift for any occasion! 

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15. Canvas Tote Bag 

If your loved one is a fan of shopping for books, then this tote bag was designed just for them! The bag features a durable design with strong fabric handles on top that won’t tear off from the seams with added weight. The bag can hold multiple books at a time and also has a great message printed on the outside that reads “between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be” Any book lover would resonate with this bag, and we think it would also grab a lot of attention when you’re at the bookstore! 

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16. ‘Shhh, I’m Reading’ Funny Ankle Socks

Here’s another pair of wonderful ankle socks but with a different stern message that reads, “shh… I’m reading” if you hold your book reading sessions very close to your heart, then we think this gift idea is just for you. The socks are designed to be super comfortable. You’ll barely notice them on your feet, which is how they are designed, so that you keep your focus where it belongs, on the page! The socks come in a one-size-fits-all size, so you don’t have to worry about it not fitting your big or small feet! 

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17. Decorative Throw Pillow

This decorative throw pillow will add more flair to your already growing novelty pillow collection. This one has another fun message on it that reads, “I have too many books” – but if that isn’t up to your level, then you have the option to choose from a lot of fun messages! That’s right, don’t settle with what you get. Choose from multiple options. Each pillow cover has a different message and color! We are sure that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for to decorate your room or reading space! 

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18. Energizer Clip-on Book Light

Booklights have come a long way. Take this one as an example. It’s a futuristic-looking modern LED book light that can be clamped on any book. The light is designed to be adjustable, where you can move it either closer or away from the page with just a simple adjustment. The book light is designed to be super portable and can be put away in your bag without the fear of damaging it as well. With over 25 hours of operating time, we think this will be the perfect travel companion for book lovers as well! 

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19. Book infinity scarf 

If you frequent the library, then we highly recommend that you add this beautiful book scarf to your wardrobe as well. Every book lover has a clothing item that is closely linked to their passion for reading. This scarf personifies your passion and does it in a way that adds a lot of flair and style as well. We think the infinity scarf would look great on any clothing item. The scarf is made from high-quality material that is made to last. The scarf is easily machine washable and can be worn for extended periods without it getting in the way of your reading session. It’s available in multiple colors so you can choose the best one as a gift as well! 

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20. Book Lovers Christmas/Everyday Ornament

Being a book lover or a nerd is a badge of honor! Never forget that and never let anyone make you think otherwise! This book lovers’ ornament is designed to be the most adorable hangable decoration piece ever! It comes with a snowman reading a book with a pile of unread books on the side! We think this perfectly encapsulates the condition of every book lover. They are always reading no matter what the occasion, and they always have a pile of books on their side that they would start on as soon as they are done with their current book! If you know someone who fits this description, then this cute little ornament would make for a perfect gift for the holiday season. 

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