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Gifts for Mom Under 50: 20 Best Ideas

Mom under 50

Getting ready to celebrate your mother’s golden jubilee? Is she a few years out from her grand 50th?

Reaching the age of 50 brings with it a lot of wisdom, love, good fortune, and of course, memories! Celebrate this important time in your mother’s life with gifts!

We get it. Some people might experience the opposite. Some might think that reaching the 50th mark would be the “end of an era” or that they are getting old and are going to get less important. While this feeling is common, it is also very treatable. 

Just give your mom a reason to look forward to growing wiser! Provide her with gifts and spread the love! Tell her how important she is and present her with meaningful and thoughtful gift items so that she knows that she still has A LOT to look forward to and if your mom is from the lot that is already excited, then boy, do we have some gifts for you! 

Here are our best gifts for moms under 50. 

1. Stemless Wine Glass

Celebrate family the right way! Being 50 is a serious event for everyone, not just your mother! It’s an achievement of sorts where one should recognize the feat involved in putting up with children for so many decades! This stemless wine glass is the perfect way for you to celebrate your mom. A bottle of good wine and the perfect glass to go along with it! Not just any glass though, this wine glass has the words “My Favorite Child gave me this glass” written on the front of it. Make sure your siblings know what’s up! Let them know who the favorite child is! It’s a simple, funny, and thoughtful gift that every mother would love to have and also use! 

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2. Mirror Scented Candles

This one is a classic. Scented candles are the GO-TO gifts when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries, and more! If you want to give your mom a classy gift for her 50th birthday, then you simply can’t go wrong with this amazing set of candles. They smell great, look beautiful, and you get a great value with all of these candles in one convenient set. The candles have an assorted smell, and each candle comes with its hand-crafted container, which adds to the beauty of this amazing candle set. Not only is this a great way to celebrate your mom’s special day, but it’s also a fitting gift for anyone approaching their golden jubilee!

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3. Back Neck Shoulder Massager

The best way to surprise and take care of your mom on her birthday would be to give her this amazing back and neck massager. This massager is for people who want to experience the finer things in life! COVID-19 may have everyone locked at home, but that doesn’t mean that you cant bring the spa at home! This amazing massager has a built-in heating system that enables deep muscle massages. You can’t go wrong with something this good. If your mom loves getting back rubs, then she is going to enjoy this shoulder massager a lot! 

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4. Fruit Water Bottle Infuser 

Water infusion is a great way to get all the health benefits without having to consume anything! Infusion is an excellent method for people who can’t have a certain type of food but can still enjoy its benefits. If your mom is big on infusion, then this bottle infuser is going to be a great way for you to mix and match different fruit, vegetables, herbs, and more! The infuser comes with a handy top seal that guarantees zero spillage. The infuser bottle is also made to be taken on the go! Its ergonomic design is the perfect way for your young mom to pursue a healthy lifestyle where ever they go! 

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5. Fleece Wearable Throw Poncho

Say hello to style! This fleece wearable throw poncho is the perfect gift for 50-under moms! The poncho is a versatile clothing accessory that can be used for multiple purposes. With its interior fleece design, you can use it for all weather conditions as well. The poncho is made with high-quality fabric and can either be used to complement your look or to just add a bit of charisma to your wardrobe as well. The poncho comes in a simple design but can also be bought in different colors! Let your mom be the highlight of the party with this simple yet amazing accessory!

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6. Aveeno Body Lotion 

This body lotion has got to be the best set for moms under 50! Take care of your mom this Christmas by providing her with this amazing lotion set! Aveeno brings yet another great skincare solution. Allow your mom to nurture her skin and bring the TLC home during the lockdown! The body lotion set is made from high-quality ingredients and is the perfect way to spend any evening. You get one of each: a body lotion, a stress relief moisturizing lotion, and two trial packs! Share the love and let your mom know that she is special and is loved! We believe this would make for a great gift for all moms! 

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7. Wine Tumbler / Coffee Mug 

A classy woman deserves a classy and fun coffee mug! This wine tumbler and coffee mug is the perfect gift for all moms. The mug is designed to be travel-proof where it would never spill thanks to its tight top seal. Also, this mug will come as a surprise for every mom who loves Jurrasic park as well because this tumbler features a fun quote that says, “Don’t mess with mammasaurus, or you will be jurrasikicked!” A very fitting one line for all moms out there! The mug features double insulation on the inside, which provides for better temperature control than other mainstream mugs. 

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8. Chevron Trimmed Box Sign

This is one gift box that you will not want to throw away! The box sign is designed to be a great storage item that will come in multiple uses. Store away memorabilia or small knick-knacks – or just fill it up with snacks or anything that your mom would like! The box contains a sweet message on the outside that expresses your love for your mom! The great thing about this box is that you can keep it up in different positions and can also reuse it as you please! Made from high-quality wood, these types of box signs make for a great decoration piece which can also be used for various everyday purposes as well! 

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9. Burts Bees Mama Bee Gift Set

A gift set that is fit for all moms! The Burts Bees Mama Bee gift set is made for anyone who is looking for a natural way to nurture their skin. Add these amazing items to your mom’s beauty routine and make her happy! The product is made from all-natural and premium beeswax, which is enriched with all the health benefits that you would come to expect from nature’s best moisturizer. The beeswax is minimally treated so that it retains its natural properties. The result? A product that is superior and safer than other skincare items in the market! 

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10. Full-Zip Fleece Jacket

This fleece jacket is another great example of a fundamental gift item. This jacket must be counted as an essential item for all moms. If your mom has been looking for a comfortable jacket that she can wear outside, then this is it! Featuring a full zip design, this clothing item is made for the fashionable woman, regardless of age. The jacket looks super chic in blue but is also available in multiple colors as well. With a fleece jacket this good, it would be very hard for your mother to not rack up flattering compliments! 

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11. Heart Cubic Zirconia Pendant Necklace

A beautiful necklace for a beautiful mom! This necklace is made from premium Zirconia and comes in a heart-shaped pendant. The necklace is extremely adjustable and will not cause an allergic reaction, unlike other cheap knock-offs. The chain is polished to perfection and can be tightened to your preference as well. If you are in the market for a good present for your mom, then this is going to make for an excellent present for any under-50 mom – or someone even older. Hey, we don’t make up the rules! 

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12. Garden Tool Set 

Provide your mom with the opportunity to pick up a new hobby! Gardening is a fulfilling activity that can help you stay busy for hours. Not only will you be able to help your mom develop a new skill, but she will also be able to learn a lot about plants in general, their biology, and a bit of science as well. This kit contains everything that you need to get started. Available with all essential items, the garden toolset is the perfect way to keep your mom engaged! Jump in on the fun and spend some quality family time with her during the tense gardening sessions as well! 

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13. Love Heart Necklace

This necklace is for all special occasions. If you want a traditional gift item for your mother this Christmas, then we highly recommend that you look into this amazing pendant necklace. Made from high-quality materials, this adjustable necklace would look great on any attire, regardless if it’s used for formal or party wear! The necklace has a great design and an overall shine that makes it stand out! If you truly want to surprise your mother, then this is the way to go. Wrap up the box and send it over for a genuine and heart-warming smile! 

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14. Leather Cell Phone Case

A leather cell phone case holder that has everything that you need! Forget about keeping separate wallets, purses, and more to store your physical information, credit cards, etc., and opt for a more elegant and encompassing solution that allows you to do everything in one convenient package. This cell phone case has a slot for all your cards, currency and your mom would also be able to keep her phone in the discrete zipper pouch behind! It’s all that your mom will ever need in her pocket! If this isn’t an all-in-one gift package, then we don’t know what it is! 

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15. Little Baby Handprint Frame

If your mom also happens to be a grandmom for your children, then this is going to be a great gift item for her! This frame has two different sides where you can display your children’s baby handprint and a picture of them on the other side. Gifts like this make a lot of impact because of their sentimental value. It’s also a great way to let your mom know that she has a lot to look forward to in the coming years with her grandchildren. We think it would make for an excellent item to display on a side table or shelf as well. 

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16. Sculpted Hand-Painted Memory Box

Mother and daughters would find this gift to be very personal and heartwarming. The hand-sculpted figure of a mother and her daughter embracing is the perfect gift for any occasion for your mom. The gift symbolizes the relationship you have with your mom and captures the love between the two in a very personal way. This gift is a memory-box, meaning that you can store memorabilia, old photos, pendants, rings, and more in it! The box is sturdy, spacious, and features a wonderful design that just makes this gift item super emotional! 

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17. Women’s Mama Bear Slipper

Get your mama bear this wonderful pair of bear slippers, which is perfect for everyday use. Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, these slippers would make for a great addition to your mom’s footwear collection. The best way to have your mom relax is by providing her with comfortable things that she can use to relax and chill. This is where these slippers come in! Made with soft materials, these slippers will never irritate your moms’ foot or cause friction rashes, unlike other inferior shoes. The front of the slippers has a message on each foot. One foot reads “Mama” while the other says “Bear” the slippers are a great gift item, and you can also get one for your dad that says Papa Bear as well! 

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18. Ceramic Ring Dish Holder

Keep your mom’s jewelry on a super stylish and premium ring holder! This dish can house not just rings but pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and more! Due to its stylish and spacious design, this ring dish is the perfect way for your mom to have all her jewelry in one place – instead of it being unorganized. This item will also make for a great gift if your mom is forgetful of where she keeps her stuff! The dish contains a cute sentiment in the middle that highlights how much you love your mom as well! 

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19. Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clog

Crocs are a sure-fire way of getting compliments from your mom. These stylish and multi-purposed shoes have been making waves in the market for their superior design, quality, and versatility. These shoes can be worn for multiple occasions but are best suited for everyday use. You get to choose from different colors, and the crocs are also available in multiple sizes as well. We think this is going to be a great present for your mom, especially if she needs to renew her footwear closet. 

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20. Family Tree Picture Frame Display

This family tree picture frame is perhaps the best gift on our list because it encapsulates everything important to your mom: her family. The family tree is also a great decoration item because it will add a lot of charm to any wall or room it is put upon. The picture frame has room for 10 pictures, and this item comes in the shape of a tree! Customize this frame any way you like, and add in more frames as needed! We are sure your mom is going to love this item for any occasion! 

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