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Cybex Mios Review

Cybex Mios
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This aesthetic model is the Cybex MIOS stroller; it is a lightweight stroller that is very easy to set up and use. Suppose you are looking for a fashionable option for your walks with your baby. In that case, this stroller is the right fit for you, thanks to its versatility as a travel system, the stroller can keep your baby safe and comfy in any environment.

What We Like

  • It is very lightweight and portable.
  • It has a wide range of travel system options.
  • The all-wheel suspension assures a smooth drive.
  • It is very easy to setup.
  • You can fold it with just one hand.

What We Don't Like

  • The storage basket is very limited.
  • Accessories are sold separately.
  • Its age range only allows passengers up to 4 years old.

In our team, we know that many of you are not only looking for a safe and comfortable way to transport your baby but also look good while you go on walks, and that why we decided to make the Cybex MIOS review, for you to see for yourself if the features of this stroller are a good fit for your everyday needs. However, this is only one of many features that the Cybex MIOS has, like the many options to use as a travel system to keep your baby cozy in all situations.

Overview of the Cybex MIOS:

Cybex is a Germany-based company that opened for business in 2005; their designs were inspired by parents’ needs to transport their baby during their first years while maintaining a simple set up. Currently, Cybex has grown to be a leader company in safety and innovation with aesthetically pleasing designs. Their catalog of products is divided into three parts:

  • Silver, which is their most affordable line products, includes five different models of car seats (Aton, Pallas M-Fix SL, Solution M-Fix SL, and Solution X-Fix) and just one stroller (Agis M-Air 4).
  • Gold, this one is their mid-end line of products, it includes three models of baby carriers (MAIRA.tie,, and BEYLA twist), three different strollers (Eezy S Twist, Eezy S+, Eezy S), and six different infant car seats (Aton M i-Size, Aton 5, Sirona S i-Size, Sirona M2 i-Size, Pallas S-Fix, and Solution S-Fix ).
  • Platinum, this line is the most awarded of them, those are high-end products with higher quality and more versatility, and also more comfortable for you and your baby. This line includes four models of infant car seats(Cloud Z i-Size, Cloud Q, Sirona Z i-Size, and Solution Z-Fix ), two strollers (PRIAM and MIOS), and one baby carrier (YEMA). It also includes a catalog of special editions, which are made by different artists or agreement with another brand, among this list you can find the Cybex MIOS birds of paradise, Cybex by Karolina Kurkova, Cybex Rebellious, the Cybex for Scuderia Ferrari, the KOI Crisstalized, Cybex Cherubs by Jeremy Scott, Cybex Marcel Wanders, and the Cybex Wings by Jeremy Scott.

As we saw, the Cybex MIOS is among their platinum line of products; it’s designed and tested to be both comfortable and safe for your baby while its designs make the stroller stand out in any situation. Also, this stroller is very easy to use, simple to set up, it’s built with a lightweight and resistant frame, and comes with a one-handed folding system that makes the stroller portable and easy to store in small spaces.

Things to consider before buying a Cybex MIOS:

As parents, we know that strollers can be extra weight when we have to transport them without our passenger, and many of the lightweight strollers in the market don’t have many safety features to take some weight away from the design, however, with the Cybex MIOS they managed to achieve that balance.

When the budget is not a problem, some parents look for the best option money can buy and consider every aspect of the stroller. The Cybex MIOS is part of the Platinum catalog, which are their premium products, this means that this option can be out of range for parents who are looking or a budget-friendly stroller.

Another great feature of the Cybex MIOS is its versatility to keep your baby comfy if you use it as a travel system. The stroller gives you 4 options to choose from depending on the weather or environment: the MIOS LUX carrycot, the MIOS seat pack and carrycot, the Cloud Z, and the MIOS seat pack.

Key Features:

Setup Process: Super easy

The ease of its setup is one of the most attractive features the Cybex products have to offer because that’s what the original designers of the strollers were seeking to create with the whole brand, easy to set up and easy to use. The instructions manual is not very clear because each step is explained only with pictures. However, the stroller is very user friendly to assemble, and it takes less than 5 minutes to get it ready for use. In the instructions manual, you can also find how to use each different feature of the stroller or the travel system and a checklist for you to confirm you’ve assembled everything properly before using it. The only part of the stroller that was a little complicated to set up was the mesh leg rest because you have to apply strength without causing any damages.

Another great option if you have any problems following the setup instructions of the manual you can use the stroller assembly tutorial on the Cybex website that will show you how to adjust each feature of the stroller and travel system.

Age Range: Until the age of 4

This is one of the downsides of using a lightweight stroller, most of them are made to carry your baby during his or her first years, unlike the full-sized models that allow you to use the stroller up to 10-12 years. On the other hand, if you get it as a travel system, you can use the stroller from birth, and taking on consideration the weight and height limit, you can carry your passenger until early toddlerhood. The manufacturers’ recommendation is to use the Cybex MIOS until the passenger is around 4 years old.

Design: Many eye-catching options

As part of the Platinum line of Cybex stroller, MIOS has a wide range of designs and combinations for the choosing, a variety of solid colors that go from neutrals to brights, a more traditional set of options for the sophisticated customer (Soho Grey, Deep Black, Autumn Gold, Nautical Blue, Mountain Blue, Khaki Green, Mustard Yellow, Manhattan Grey, Midnight Blue, and Stardust Black), a fashion category for parents who want their baby gear to express unique personality (Springblossom light, Springblossom night, Rebellious, and Koi Crystallized), an option designed by Czech supermodel Karolina Kurkova, and two options designed in collaboration with Ferrari.

The Cybex MIOS stroller has plenty of features for the passenger’s comfort. First, the main seat pack works as a reversible seat for the passenger to look forward or towards you, and it also includes a comfort inlay to keep your baby cozy during cold days. For hot days the MIOS has an extra-large canopy made with UPF 50 material and a mesh seat cover to keep your baby both safe and fresh.

For the parent, the stroller is very easy to push. The tires of the Cybex MIOS are made with non-flat rubber, making it easier to push on smooth surfaces. Also, the design includes all-wheel suspension, swivel front wheels, and an adjustable handlebar for easy maneuverability of the stroller.

Portability: One-handed folding system

The Cybex MIOS weighs around 19 lbs, which is a little above the average weight of most lightweight options, but it makes it up with other features that make the stroller very portable. The first one is the one-hand fold with ease to use in mind, you can fold it in two steps with just one hand, which is an essential feature if you are carrying your baby on your other arm and you are in a hurry, like changing flights on the airport, which is a very common problem these days.

The other excellent portability feature is the compact size that the Cybex MIOS has when folded, many of us don’t have much space to store the stroller in the trunk of our car, this won’t be a problem with this stroller, as its dimensions when folded allows it to be kept in any small space.

Safety: Safe and stable

Most of the lightweight strollers don’t have many safety features, but the team of Cybex engineers have achieved a way to keep the MIOS stroller portable and light without taking away any safety feature. At first, the 5-point harness on the seat unit is very resistant and easy to use, the straps are covered with a soft-textured fabric for the baby’s skin, and the clasp is easy to put on and take off, this is complemented by the bumper bar, that is directly attached to the frame, so it’s secure.

Unlike many other options in the market, the Cybex MIOS has separate front wheels and a sturdy frame to keep the stroller sturdy and stable in case of any stumble that can cause an accident. The brake system is also very reliable; it works with a single pedal between the rear wheels that is easy to activate, the pedal is also sandal-friendly and barefoot-friendly because it’s not stiff at all.

The aesthetic design of the canopy is not its only good feature, as the canopy is also made with UPF 50 material and it has a peek-a-boo window for you to be aware of the passenger all the time, and even if the mesh ventilation doesn’t look secure, the material of it is very resistant and reliable.

If you’re going to use the stroller with a newborn baby, the safest option is the Cloud Z infant car seat, which will not only make your newborn cozy and safe but is easier to change from the frame to your car seat.

Price: On the higher-end

Cybex has worried about covering as many options in the market with its wide range of products; the Cybex MIOS is part of their most exclusive line of products, which is called “Cybex Platinum.” For parents who are looking for not just a practical way to transport their babies but aesthetically pleasing products with exclusive designs, the MIOS is a great option. On the other hand, with the quality of the manufacturing and the materials, the Cybex seal has become a synonym of high performance and long-lasting products. The price of the Cybex MIOS by itself is around 450-550 USD, all of the accessories (platinum footmuff, platinum snack tray, insect net for lux seat, insect net for lux carrycot, cup holder, changing bag, and parasol) and travel system options (MIOS Lux Carry Cot, MIOS Lite Cot, and Cloud Z car seat) are sold separately.


  • Product Name: Cybex MIOS
  • Product Brand: Cybex
  • Dimensions: L:37.2 in /W:19.6 in /H: 42.1 in
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Color: Soho Grey/ Deep Black/ Autumn Gold/ Nautical Blue/ Mountain Blue/ Khaki Green/ Mustard Yellow/ Manhattan Grey/ Midnight Blue/ Stardust Black/ Springblossom Light/ Springblossom Night/ Rebellious/ Koi Crystalized/ Birds of Paradise/ Cybex by Karolina Kurkova/ Silver Grey(Scuderia Ferrari)/ Victory Black(Scuderia Ferrari)
  • Material: Frame: Aluminum and plastic/ Seat Unit: Plastic, machine washable fabric, and mesh/ Wheels: Non-flat rubber tires/ Harness: Plastic, metal, and resistant fabric for the straps/
  • The set includes: None
  • Dimensions folded: L: 25.5 in/W: 19.6 in /H: 11.4 in
  • Warranty: The warranty for all Cybex products covers any manufacturing or material defect for the first two years of purchase. To use the warranty you have to register the product for the first 30 days after purchase. To use the warranty, you would have to send proof of the defects on the stroller and the registration of the product through e-mail, and the Cybex company would send the spare piece to replace the defective part. Cybex offers free shipping only in Europe.



The ZOE company was founded by a family in 2015 in the US, and since then, their designs have been well received because of their good quality and affordable prices. Currently, ZOE has a very long waiting list for its products. In ZOE’s catalog, they include single, double, and triple strollers and both lightweight and full-sized options for each. The ZOE XL1 BEST v2 is one of their lightweight single models, which includes most of the accessories that are sold separately for most brands (the rain cover, cup holder, organizer, among others).

The age range of this stroller is almost the same as the Cybex MIOS; the ZOE BEST can carry up to 40 lbs, which means that it can be used until the baby is a toddler, around 4 years old. However, it can’t be used as a travel system, which means that it is not recommendable to use with newborns. On the other hand, the ZOE BEST is even more portable than the Cybex MIOS, as it only weighs 11.8 lbs. This means that the stroller is very easy to transport, it also includes a one-handed folding system, automatic lock, and self-stand capability.

For security features, the ZOE BEST has a sandal-friendly brake pedal that is located behind each rear wheel. On the seat unit, the stroller has a 5-point harness that is very user-friendly. Also, the straps on the harness are very resistant and adjustable to the passenger’s shoulders. The canopy is made with UPF 50 material and has a mesh peek-a-boo window to keep the baby fresh during hot days. The storage of the ZOE BEST is decent for a lightweight stroller; it can carry up to 10 lbs in the under-seat basket. The price is also one of the features that make this stroller so attractive for the market, and this is because the stroller is very complete for its price and is budget-friendly, the price of the ZOE XL1 BEST v2 is around 230-180 USD.

UPPABaby Minu:

UPPABaby is one of the main baby gear companies in the US, with its concept of innovative products without sacrificing any feature that quickly took them to the top of the baby gear market. Their most awarded stroller is the UPPABaby Vista, which is one of the most complete full-sized strollers in the whole market. The UPPABaby Minu is one of their lightweight models; it weighs 11.8 lbs, way lighter than the Cybex MIOS. This stroller stands out because of the extra-compact folding size that makes this stroller ideal for traveling.

The brake system of the UPPABaby Minu is very reliable and works with two colored-coded pedals to set and release, both are sandal-friendly and barefoot-friendly and are located behind each rear wheel. Like most of the strollers and infant car seats, the UPPABaby Minu’s seat unit has a 5-point harness, it is one of the easiest to use in the market and is also very easy to adjust to the passenger’s shoulders, but a downside of this stroller is that it doesn’t have a bumper bar. The canopy is extra-large, and it also has a mesh peek-a-boo window for you to be able to look at the baby during walks and keep him or her fresh during hot days.

A downside of the UPPABaby Minu is the material of the wheels because they are made with foam-filled plastic, which is only easy to drive on smooth surfaces. This stroller is not adaptable to be used as a travel system, which is another flaw because it only gives you one option to transport your baby, and you can’t use the stroller safely with your newborn. The price of the UPPABaby Minu is around 380-410 USD, which is expensive for the limited features of this stroller.

BabyZen Yoyo+:

BabyZen is a Chinese brand that works along with French designers to get high-performance and stylish products. The Yoyo+ is their main stroller, it’s made with high-quality materials and manufacturing, and it also has a good number of features that make the stroller both practical and portable. The Yoyo+ has a reliable frame made with aluminum and some parts of plastic, and it only weighs 13.5 lbs, which is important for the stroller to be easy to lift and transport.

The first thing our team could notice is that to assemble the stroller; you don’t need any tool, which is good. On the other hand, it can be hard to set up because of the number of pieces that it has. The seat unit is made with plastic and soft fabric for the baby’s skin, and the main safety feature is the 5-point harness that is very easy to set, but it can be a little stiff to take off. The brake system of the Yoyo+ works with a single big pedal behind the right-back wheel, which is not sandal-friendly because it can be stiff to use. The canopy is made with UPF 50 material, but it has an important flaw, which is that the peek-a-boo window is made of vinyl, and it doesn’t have a cover, so the baby’s head is exposed to the sunlight.

This stroller is not really the best option at the moment to choose a transport system for your baby, even if it has many good features, the price of the stroller is around 600-620 USD, which is huge for a stroller that, in our opinion, has a few flaws that some cheaper options don’t have.

Final Verdict of Cybex MIOS review:

Thanks to their experience, Cybex is one of the best options in the market, thanks to the high quality and variety of products, you have many options to choose among the different catalogs that they offer, and you will know that the stroller, the infant car seat or any product that you get with their seal is going to perform how you expect it to. Each line of Cybex products is made for a different target, which helps the company reach more parents and cover a wide range of different needs.

During the review of the Cybex MIOS, we could detail each of its features, and we see this stroller as a great option for parents who are looking for a uniquely designed product, and the best option money can buy. The features of the MIOS make it also very comfortable and safe for the baby, as you have different options to use in different weathers and environments, this stroller will keep your baby cozy during winter and fresh during hot days. The stroller is complete, and its unique designs make the stroller stand out in any situation not only as a tool but as an accessory.

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