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Gifts for College Students: 20 Best Ideas

College student

So, your little bird has finally decided to leave its nest and venture out? 

Good for them! College is a thrilling experience that is laced with knowledge, experience, friendships, romance, heartbreak, and everything in between. It’s known as a turning point for most people in their lives. 

You go to a naïve person and come out as a groomed professional. That’s college life for you! 

Congratulate and celebrate this huge win by gifting your loved ones these gift ideas. Our experts have come up with a list that includes most things that college students may need during their time at the university. We are confident that you’ll find most of what you’re looking for here. 

Check out our top gifts for college students: 

1. Travel Laptop Backpack

Start college the right way and with the most essentials! This travel laptop bag is made for college-going students who are looking for a versatile carry solution. This bag features a very ergonomic design, and its interior is lined with soft fabric that will protect your books and devices. There are individual slots and sections for each type of item. For example, the laptop goes neatly and securely in the back of the bag while the books can be kept at the front. The outside of the bag also features plenty of zips and pockets. You can rest assured that this weather-proof bag will help you out anywhere and anytime! The bag can also be taken along for non-curricular activities as well – it’s built for the classroom and the campsite! You also get USB and headphone wire slots so that you can easily keep your gadgets inside and listen to music or charge your phone on the go! 

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2. Laptop Lap Desk

Laptop desks are another essential item that one will need during one’s time at college. Your laptop is as important as your college degree. No kidding. Surviving without a laptop, especially in this digital era, AND being in college is near impossible. You need to have a device nearby at all times. With all this need and dependency on a computer, you would also need to have something that would allow you to use your computer for extended periods! This is where the LapDesk comes in. This portable table is ingenious. It comes with the same ergonomic design as any great study desk and also allows for proper heat dissipation so that you can safely use your laptop for hours on end without feeling uncomfortable. You also get plenty of space and a built-in desk lamp as well. If you have a habit of using your laptop on your lap, then we would strongly advise against doing so since continuous radiating heat can have detrimental effects near that area.  

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3. First Aid Kit 

First aid kits are a necessity, especially if your kids are heading off for college. An unknown environment always brings to it a certain level of ambiguity. It’s better to prepare for any health-related scenarios! This 299-piece First Aid Kit has everything that you need, from basic wound dressing to sterilizing. The kit is extremely useful and worth the buy. Even if you have insurance, having a first aid kit for emergencies will always be better than frantically going to a hospital. This kit is designed to be super portable as well. You can take it with you on trips, or you can just neatly store it away in your drawer. The kit comes stocked with all the essentials and has room for a bit of customization as well. If you are starting with a college gift basket, then this kit has to make a list! 

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4. Ultimate Snack Care Package

This “munchies” package is the perfect gift for any college student who likes their crisps and cookies! The package comes packed with all the usual suspects. You get loads of chips, cookies, biscuits, popcorn, and more! The kit comes ready to be gifted as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. This is an excellent “sending-away” present for college students. A little junk food won’t hurt anyone, and it would certainly help with coping with the new environment! The care package is available in different options as well. You can choose from salty and sweet varieties so that you buy the best package for your loved one. The best part about this present is that it contains all the best-sellers! This means that there will be nothing left of this package way before the end of the first semester! 

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5. Drive Safe Keychain

If there is ever a time when the need for reminding someone to be safe is important, it’s when your kids head off for college. It’s a new environment filled with uncertainty! Being away from home can also make things difficult for parents who like to micro-manage their children. Alas, this is a bittersweet transition where young adults are transformed into strong individuals who can make their own decisions. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t remind your children to make good decisions when they are away! This keychain does a brilliant job of reminding people of making good decisions. It’s an innocuous gift, but it is one that bears a lot of meaning.

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6. Electric Hot Pot

Kitchen resources may always be scarce when you are away from home! But you should always have the essentials on hand! This electric hot pot is the perfect answer for all kitchen worries for students. The hot pot is large enough to contain meat, vegetable, and more! it’s a portable wonder! You can take it with you anywhere, and with its easy and efficient thermal management design, you can easily plug it in and use it without needing to pull out a manual. This 1.5L cooker has a non-stick surface that can easily accommodate an average college-goers appetite! 

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7. Summit Water Bottle

Having a portable and high-quality water bottle is essential during your time at college. This trusty Summit Water Bottle is built with premium materials and is designed to outlast your academic program and then some! The water bottle is perfect for storing hot or cold liquids, and with its thermal shielding, you will always have your beverages at the right temperature. The bottle is also leak-proof, so you can easily carry it with you in a bag anywhere you want without the fear of spilling it. The bottle also features an ergonomic design that allows for easy gripping, especially when you are in a hurry to catch your lecture! 

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8. Folding Lap Desk

If you are looking for something that can offer a bit more than your regular lap-desk, then this item is going to be perfect for your needs. The Folding Lap Desk is designed to be ultra-portable and durable. It features a slim body that can easily contort into any angle you want to set it in. The main selling point of this lap desk, however, is the fact that it can store your accessories and stationery inside the storage area. The desk has a lid that can be lifted to reveal the storage area. You can store in your calculator, a few thin books, assignments, and more! With dedicated dividers, you will never have to worry about mixing your stationary and creating chaos! 

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9. Print at Home Gift Card

Let your college-going kids decide what they want and when they want during their time at the university. Pre-planning can be helpful, sure, but you still need to leave a bit of a gray area when it comes to students and their expenditures during their graduate programs. You can budget everything as much as you like, but you will still always face unforeseen circumstances. How best to take care of such situations? Keep an Amazon gift card with you! It works like cash, but it’s more of an allowance for things that you might happen to need during your semester. This gift card can be customized and printed at home. It’s great for college students who would rather have an allowance than cash that they can irresponsibly spend elsewhere. 

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10. Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Making waffles used to be a chore back in the day. Even though it’s a delicious breakfast treat, the humble waffle had been hard to perfect for many people, especially those who don’t have any experience in the kitchen. Now, with the Dash Mini Waffle Maker, you can make your waffles as you like with just a flick of the switch! Pick out a few easy recipes, mix in the ingredients, and pour your mixture into this machine. It will prepare crisp and tasty waffles just the way you like them within minutes! This product is great for college students as it offers portability and convenience! 

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11. Study LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging

It’s all about managing space, functionality, and utility when it comes to college students. Dorm rooms can be small, and most students have to make the best of what they have. This sometimes means that they have to balance between how big a piece of furniture is vs. how much utility it offers. For example, you can opt for a desk that can be put on a stand and be used with a chair, or you can just pull it out and use it as a lap-desk. The LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging also offers the same convenience and function. Not only do you get a bright LED lamp, but you also get a dedicated charging port to charge your phone at your desk instead of taking it to the other side of the room where the socket is.  

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12. Wrangler Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt Jacket

Looking for a casual shirt to wear in and around your dorm? Why not check out this Wrangler Long Sleeve Shirt! This clothing item is the college student’s quintessential shirt. The checkered shirt is made from high-quality fabric, and with its premium stitching, it can survive your average 3 to 4-year graduate program with ease. Wear it to parties, or just chill around! The jacket is fashionable and is very forgiving when it comes to combining it with random wardrobe items. If you are already packing for college, we recommend that you take this shirt along as well. 

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13. Smart Reusable Notebook

Not only is this notebook a great conversation starter, but it is also a very useful piece of tech for the modern college student! The notebook is essentially a digital book where you can physically write notes using specialized pens. The notebook will detect whatever you write or draw on it, and you can then download the Rocket Notebook app and scan your notes! What’s more, is that you can also set the notebook to send certain notes to various cloud services. What happens when you fill-up the entire notebook? Do you buy a new one? No! just save your notes and erase the ink using any lightly damp cloth! It’s that simple and smart to use! 

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14. Novelty Coffee Mug 

Whether you see them as memorabilia or just a novelty coffee mug, there is no denying that these types of mugs can lighten up your mood and your work desk! These mugs are designed to be funny and can also catch the eye of people, which can add a lot of points to your character as well! This mug defines what it is to study in 2020. The mug reads, “Study: the act of eating, texting, and watching TV with an open textbook nearby.” We think this is a very apt definition and one that will surely resonate with every student at any university. Period.   

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15. Pure Running Shoe

Laziness and a sedentary lifestyle are the mind-killer! Always remember that! College life can be tough and can pull you away from taking care of yourself. Your body needs as much attention as your mind does. While you may be busy soaking up knowledge and reading thick books, you ought to also pay a bit of attention to your body and exercise. A sedentary lifestyle is the number of reasons for numerous health concerns. Combat your laziness and overcome monotony by incorporating a healthy routine that includes an hour of exercise every day. Take up running as a daily activity with these Pure Running Shoes by Adidas. These shoes are designed to be comfortable and are made for the average runner. We guarantee that with this shoe, you’d want to exercise every day! 

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16. YOREPEK Backpack

This bag pack is made for students who need back support, style, and space in one package. The Yorepek Bag is designed to be ergonomic, soft, and spacious. The bag can hold multiple course books and even big journals. The bag pack comes in an all-black color with a few hints of dark red that make it super attractive. The bag is easy to carry and can be used outside the classroom, as well. If you are looking for a solution to your backaches caused by your college bag, then this item will come in a lot of use and will save you a lot of trouble! 

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17. C.C BeanieTail Beanie Hat

Looking for a stylish beanie that doesn’t let you compromise on your hairstyle? Then check out this beanie hat. This hat features dedicated slots on top where you can easily pull your hair through. The beanie hat is perfect for young women with long hair. Introduce this fresh style to your wardrobe and let your hair down, figuratively and literally. The beanie hat is made with soft fabric that is perfect for everyday use. It won’t cause excess static and is great for long hours of use as well – you can also pair it with any casual outfit with ease!  

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18. Infusion Water Bottle

A little herbal tea or fruit infused water is going to be very beneficial during your time at college! This bottle is the perfect companion for any stressed-out college student. You can infuse anything in this high-quality water bottle. Just put in your favorite herbs or fruits and leave it overnight. This bottle can store plenty of liquid. You can choose between either a 24 or 32oz water bottle. If you have problems carrying your water bottle everywhere, then this one is going to make things a lot easier for you with its ergonomic top handle! 

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19. Novelty Low Cut Socks

Novelty low cut socks are a must-buy for any college student. They look cute and are funny as well! You can wear them in your dorm room or even step out of your living quarters for a fun night at the campus! The socks are made from premium materials and will last you a long time as well! 

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20. Divider Sticky Notes Set

Let’s face it, college is 60% remembering stuff and 40% trying to survive Advanced Mathematics. If there is one thing that you will need during your time at college, it is these sticky notes! It’s a staple for any person in a professional setting or academia. This set comes in multiple shapes, sizes, and even colors! Write everything down and be productive with this divider sticky note set! 

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