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Baby Gifts for First-Time Parents: 20 Best Ideas

New parents

Someone, you know, is expecting to have their first child very soon? Congratulations! 

This is the perfect opportunity for you to show your love and support to your friends. Take this time to search for the right gifts and surprise the new parents! Whether you are stuck at work or don’t have time to find something wonderful to equate your happiness towards the birth of your friend’s first child, you count on us to provide you with a few great gift ideas that you can buy and present within days! 

This list is designed by our team to cater to different people. Since this is a very special occasion, our experts have spent extra time researching and presenting the best gifts available online in 2020!

Check out our top baby gifts for first-time parents: 

1. Smart Sleep Soother

Starting with something basic! This smart sleep soother will be the perfect sleep-inducing toy for the newborn! While yes, all baby’s do is sleep at first, this device will make sure that the baby always has a comfortable and soothing nap! The device comes in a “newly hatched” super adorable duck theme. We recommend this option for parents who like novelty items and would want a cute night light for their kids as well! The night has multiple light modes and can also play simple and sleep-inducing melodies! 

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2. Mug Heart Set with Romper

This one is a classic. This simple yet extremely cute mug heart set includes a romper as well! The mugs are made from high-quality ceramic and have been laser engraved with a cute sentimental that celebrates the new parents! The mugs are large enough to hold a lot of coffee too – which is something that the parents are going to need every day! Oh, and you also get a romper with this set! While it is very cute on its own, the place where the romper actually shines is on the front! The front of the romper reads, “Let the adventure begin!” which we think is apt for the parent’s new chapter in life! 

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3. Sonogram Keepsake Photo Frame

This one is a very personal and heartfelt gift. This Sonogram Keepsake Photo Frame is the perfect nostalgia-inducing gift you will ever find in this category. It’s a keepsake that will last a lifetime and will remind the new parents of how they started. Looking back at this keepsake will remind the parents of what they have accomplished together and all the wonderful memories that they made in between! It’s a beautiful time in any new parent’s life. They say that time flies when you have your first kid. What better way to “freeze” the moment than with this photo frame? it really will be like the famous song lyric “Started from the bottom, now we here” 

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4. DadWare Bondaroo Bonding Tee Shirt

Allow your friend to bond with his newborn baby using this amazing bonding T-shirt! These types of clothing items can be considered a novelty, but they are super useful! While other items may be gimmicky, this shirt is an extremely effective way of bonding with any child. The shirt allows for skin-on-skin contact. This will encourage the baby to familiarize themself with the parents. While you may think that babies have a very rudimentary sense of their environment, they are, actually, very good at identifying patterns, smells, and other sensory cues. So it’s best to present gifts like this to encourage parent-and-child bonding. 

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5. Little Baby Handprint & Footprint Kit

Solidify the birth of your friends firstborn with this amazing kit. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could somehow freeze time and save things for later? We aren’t just talking about pictures or retrieving moments from your memory! With this kit, the parents will be able to store the hand and footprints of their firstborn forever! They will, quite literally, set it in stone! The kit comes with all the necessary items. You just need to press against the child’s feet and hands very lightly to get the prints. The kit is super easy to use, and with its high-quality, it will last a lifetime. You can also pass the prints down to grandchildren! 

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6. My Pregnancy Journal

The new parents are going to love this one. Write down all your thoughts, emotions, fears, laughs, tears, ups, downs, and more in this convenient journal! It’s an important documentation tool that will allow the new parents to be reminiscent and relive the joyous moments as a family! This journal is also important for medical purposes as you can list down various symptoms with the help of a calendar! The journal can also, eventually, be passed down and can be shared as a memory as well. Think of this as a photo album that tells a story, but without pictures. – of course, you can also add pictures if you’d like! 

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7. Baby Bonding Bracelet

This Baby Bonding Bracelet is a lot of different things. If the new parents believe in the power of gemstones, then this rose-quartz bracelet is going to keep them protected throughout the pregnancy – and even later! If the parents are more inclined towards practical use, then this bracelet can also aid as a marker. Switch hands so that you know where the baby nursed last or wear it only when it’s nursing time! The bracelet can also be an attention-grabbing object for babies who keep themselves occupied in one place while the fiddle with the jewelry. If anything, this makes for an excellent bracelet as well! It’s stylish and elegant and has a very nice finish to it too! 

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8. Johnson’s Bath Discovery Gift Set

If there is one thing that the parents-to-be will need, it is this gift set! The Johnson’s Bath Discovery set is designed to cater to new parents and their firstborn! The gift set contains all the necessary items that the new parents will need, plus a few more welcome additions as well! From baby bath to baby lotion and more! The new parents will thank you for this gift basket! Johnson’s has been known to be a very big name in the world of baby grooming and baby care. With a plethora of items on its portfolio, the company has consistently pushed products that are safe and nourishing for babies! 

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9. The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a book that could guide parents about the ups and (mostly) downs of parenting? Well, this book is made to prepare parents for the worst and more! The guide is specially designed to teach parents about things that aren’t very common or talked about in society, which makes this a great read for inquisitive parents who want to learn as much as they can for their firstborn! The book discusses motherhood, things to avoid, things to look out for, and more. It’s a page-turner at best and an excellent guide at worst. We recommend this for all parents, new and old! 

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10. Hikig Pregnancy Seat Belt

This pregnancy belt is the most appropriate gift to give to soon-to-be-mothers! The belt provides extra safety and comfort for the mother and the baby. It protects from sudden jerks and more. This belt can be quickly installed on any car seat and can be adjusted within seconds. The belt securely holds everything in place and may also provide cushioning during emergencies. Made from soft fabric and high-quality materials, this belt is perfect for mothers who are expecting! Unlike normal belts, this belt will avoid the belly area and bypass it using the thighs as support!  

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11. Pregnancy Journal and Baby Memory Book with Stickers

From one journey to the next! This pregnancy journal will help the mommy-to-be jot down all her emotions and thoughts while pregnant. It’s an important tool that will help the mother express whatever she is feeling. They say some people get the most far-out ideas when they are pregnant due to swaying hormones. We think it is extremely important to document everything as part of the 9-month journey! Also, you get a baby memory book with this journal as well! Continue documenting the journey after giving birth! Attach photos, make memories, write down thoughts all in one book! 

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12. Little Growers Baby Memory Book with Keepsake Box

This one is for parents who are very particular about how they preserve memories and moments! This baby memory book is a great item that will help the new parents to physically store bits and pieces of memory – forever! The book is divided into different sections. Each section has a specific purpose! For example, one section might be for the baby’s first tooth; the other can be for pictures! There is also a section for a lock of hair and other specific and surprising stuff! We think that new parents will appreciate this gift the most as it will allow them to store and cherish these memories for a very long time! 

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13. Cute Infant Creeper Jumpsuit

Babies don’t have small hands! They have small paws! If you agree, then this jumpsuit is going to be a very adorable gift! This cute jumpsuit is for parents who like a bit of humor in their life. Even if they don’t like a good chuckle, this jumpsuit will make any baby look like a delicious cupcake! The jumpsuit is made from high-quality and soft fabric. It will not irritate the baby’s skin and is tag-less, meaning that you will have less time trying to get the baby to stop crying because of this jumpsuit and more time ogling at your kid! 

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14. Aveeno Baby Bath Time Solutions Gift Set

Keep your baby’s skin fresh and clean with this Bath Time Solutions gift set by Aveeno. This brand has been known to put out great products. Its line of baby-products is proof that Aveeno is wholeheartedly invested in this sector, which means that it will always push out great products that can be used by the entire family and especially, babies as well! This gift set contains a set of body lotions and bath shampoos! The products are safe to use on babies, and the shampoo will not irritate the eyes either. It’s a great gift set! It comes in a ready-to-gift basket – just wrap it up, attach a note, and you’re done! 

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15. The Baby Owner’s Manual

The Baby Owner’s Manual, or as we like to call it “An Idiot’s Guide to Babies,” is a great and hilariously written guide book for new parents. We would like to think that this book was made with fathers in mind. This book illustrates the dos and don’ts of how to handle babies. The guide does an excellent job of balancing humor and information. If the new parents have a funny bone, then they will greatly appreciate this gift! The book is well written and illustrated. It covers many different topics that come in use with practical matters as well! 

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16. Pearhead Triple Sonogram Keepsake Frame

This keepsake frame is for parents who like to have a little more than just one photo! The Pearhead Triple Sonogram Keepsake is made for new parents who want to celebrate the birth of their child in a novel way! Why just keep pictures of your kid after they are born? Why not start from the beginning? Attach up to 2 sonograms in this frame, and an updated photo after your kid has arrived! It will help showcase step by step progress! The first sonogram can be of the first trimester, and the second one can be from the last! Leave it to the imagination of the new parents to fill this amazing keepsake frame! 

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17. Mommy’s First Milestone Wine Labels and Stickers

Help the mommy-to-be pass time and make her pregnancy worthwhile by gifting her this hilarious present. The First Milestone Wine Labels and Stickers are a great way to add a bit of humor to the new-mom’s already-stressed life! The set comes with 6 stickers. Each sticker is a milestone for the mommy! From First Meltdown to Temper Tantrums! There is a wine bottle for every mood! Just make sure the mommy doesn’t achieve all her milestones in 6 months! We recommend just keeping these bottles as a decorative piece to show off after the baby has been born! It’ll be a hilarious reminder of the grueling 9 months! 

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18. Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter

This is an essential item for any new mom! The shea butter nourishing cream is the perfect counter for pregnancy skin. This product is made from high-quality ingredients and has been tested to provide a nourishing experience that will keep the belly skin hydrated and healthy! The butter can be used before and after pregnancy and is also designed to cause a soothing feeling. The butter is safe to use on all types of skins, and we recommend that you add in any moisturizing lotion and create a mini gift basket of your own! 

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19. My Belly Book

There is a belly journal for everyone! This amazing ocean blue journal is designed for mommies who want to keep track of their 9-month journey in style! While most other journals are geared towards formal entries, this one encourages imagination and wit with its fun design! The journal is purposefully designed to be alluring so that even people who don’t like to write down their thoughts can partake in this wonderful and useful activity! Attach photos and more with the included memory book as well! This is truly an all-encompassing set that will come in multiple-use, before and even after pregnancy! 

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20. Inflatable Tummy Time Water Mat

This water mat is designed to provide a good time for all babies! The mat is designed to develop multiple skills for babies. It has a cute and colorful design, it’s large enough for any baby and can be set up and stored very easily. The mat is made from non-toxic materials and is durable enough to withstand any baby weight. This product also has a high-quality valve that will not let any water out of the mat, even when pressure is applied to it. The mat also has a lot of activities printed on top of it. Let your baby jiggle and waddle in joy with this amazing water mat! It will instantly become any baby’s happy place! 

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