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Bugaboo Fox Review

Bugaboo Fox Review
Overall Score
Folded Size
Ease of Use

Bottom Line

Bugaboo fox stroller is one of the best strollers, equipped with various features to ensure efficiency. It is much lighter and user friendly as compared to many other strollers in the market. It is also highly versatile since you can turn it into a travel system with just a few adjustments.

What We Like

  • The seat is suitable for toddlers as well
  • A huge sun canopy that is extendable to offer extra protection against the sun
  • Reversible seat
  • Huge and comfortably accessible storage basket
  • Adjustable handlebar for effortless pushing in different terrains
  • Non-inflatable tires
  • Large wheels

What We Don't Like

  • It takes a lot of space when folded
  • The accessories are sold separately
  • It is costly to purchase.

Most mothers will spend hours on the internet trying to get the best strollers. Getting the right unit could be cumbersome because the market is already saturated. However, if you are exactly sure of the item you are looking for, it should not take much time to get the best stroller.

Thanks to our team of experts, we have analyzed and tested various strollers. With this review, we will help you settle on the best.

Bugaboo fox stroller is not just a stylish and classy unit but also lightweight and suitable for various terrain. If you are a new mother, there is the need to research intensively before settling for any pram for your baby. We recommend Bugaboo fox stroller because it will serve you from the birth of your child to preschool.

Bugaboo Fox Stroller Overview

This bugaboo fox stroller combines features from cameleon and bugaboo buffalo to bring a more sophisticated brand that stands out among other strollers. The company took all the fantastic features from cameleon and bugaboo buffalo, packed them together to bring you the most durable, comfortable, and classy unit.

The bugaboo fox stroller stands out because of its new features such as large wheels, one-piece fold, self-standing (standing fold), and its high weight limit capacity. Unlike other strollers’ Bugaboo Fox can stand on its own, and the seat can be adjusted to face any direction.
You will realize from our Bugaboo Fox review that in the baby carriage is where your baby spends most of their time. As you travel from one point to another, your child needs to be comfortable, that is, they should be able to take a nap, feed, and have the best experience.

A good stroller will withstand all the days’ stress, such as scorch sun, rough terrain, and busy streets, and keep your baby comfortable without feeling all these changes. With bugaboo fox, you are assured that your child is protected from direct sunlight by its huge canopy. Besides, its inflated tires ensure a smooth ride without noticing the bumps.

Things to Consider Before Buying Bugaboo Fox Stroller

Terrain – It is crucial to understand the ground around you before settling for a pram. If you are considering trolls on rough or snowy surfaces, bugaboo fox strollers should be your most considerable option because its large wheels allow it to withstand the uneven surfaces. If you live in a relatively small place with space issues, you may prefer something that is smaller when folded.

Maneuverability – The bugaboo fox has a wheel suspension at the central joint, which enhances maneuverability.

Bugaboo Fox Basket – This system has a mesh basket that is at the same height as the seat to ensure easy accessibility. The basket is also made of durable materials to allow it to hold up to 22 pounds’ weight capability.

The bugaboo fox stroller is most suitable for:
The eco-conscious parent. The bugaboo seat fabric is made from recycled bottles, which eventually turn into a soft and comfortable room that your baby loves.
The city dwellers. Bugaboo fox stroller has large tires, making it easy for you to maneuver in busy or congested city streets.
The suburban parents. This unit is easy to use, fold, and unfold. This feature makes it ideal for suburban parents who mostly have to combine the use of cars and to walk on the same journey.

The setup process

Following the manufacturers’ manual, which is simply straight-forward, you can assemble a Bugaboo Fox stroller in a few steps. It will take you less than ten minutes to unbox the unit and gather it from scratch.
• First, assemble the chassis.
• Put the wheel caps on for the front and rear tires.
• Put the tires on the chassis.
• Connect the basket through the frames.
• Stick the leather fabric into the handlebar grips.
• Assemble the seat.
• Place the chair on the chassis.
• Attach the canopy into your pram.
• Assemble the bassinet.
You will not repeat this procedure after putting it together for the first time. This is because you can fold the unit with the bassinet still attached.

Key Features – Many Remarkable Features to Love

Design: Efficient and Durable

Bugaboo fox stroller is designed to serve the needs of every parent efficiently. The unit is equipped with larger inflated tires, meaning Bugaboo Fox will serve your needs accordingly. With the adjustable handlebar, Bugaboo Fox is ideal for parents of different body heights. We realized that the Bugaboo Fox stroller is more cumbersome than some of the standard strollers, but it is still liftable without a struggle.

The frame is surprisingly lightweight, which incorporates comfort and performance to give the most incredible chassis ever.
The Bugaboo Fox is easier to pull than any unit we’ve ever dealt with, thanks to its central joint wheel suspension. The large inflated wheels bugaboo fox makes it more efficient and easy to pull regardless of the terrain. This unit gives your child a comfortable ride, something that makes a child fall asleep wherever you are pushing.

Age range – Infant to Toddler

Bugaboo Fox is all set from day one of your child’s life. The Fox stroller comes with a toddler seat, which is 14 inches wide and 10.2 inches deep. These dimensions are ideal for supporting the toddler’s neck and spine. This unit’s weight capacity is 48.5 lbs, which means it can accommodate up to a four-year-old child.
The toddler seat is reversible to allow your baby to ride facing any direction. You can choose to ride your baby facing your path for an interactive ride, or you can keep them facing the environment for a nature view. These are amazing features for curious toddlers who are interested in observing what’s around them.

The seat has three reclining positions to ensure the comfort of your baby. To change the position, you need to squeeze the lever at the back of the pram seat. This feature allows you to choose different positions at which your baby sits in the unit for various activities. You can select a deep position when your baby is taking a nap or an upright position when you want your baby to observe what’s around them. When you change the babies’ area, you do not recline only the backrest but the full bucket seat. The process of recline is one-handed.

The stroller comes with a bumper bar that can rotate and easily allow parents to take the baby in and out easily. The seat of Bugaboo fox stroller is positioned 24″ from the ground to bring the baby closer, especially for the tall parents and those with back problems.

Bassinet – Vast and Deep

The unit comes with a bassinet so that you can use it from birth. Attaching the bassinet is very easy since you have to remove the toddler’s seat and click the carrycot. The bassinet comes with a vast canopy to shield the child from sunlight and direct wind.
Its Bassinet is vast and deep to provide enough room for the child. The bassinet is also suitable for newborns because it can support its delicate spine.
Fox stroller apron is easy to remove from the Bassinet since a zip just attaches to it. For easier transportation, there is a handle that is covered by a leather fabric. The leather fabric on the handle helps to bring out a more sophisticated look.

If you want to save space in the room and do not want to detach your stroller, you can fold it while the Bassinet is attached. Recline the bassinet then fold the chassis to fold it without removing the Bassinet.
The bassinet frame can be converted into a seat for use when your child can sit. This is one of the reasons why we recommend this unit since it can be used for children at various stages of development.

Safety – Satisfactorily safe

The Bugaboo stroller has undergone 1500 safety tests, so you can stroll around while assured that your child is in a safe place. The bugaboo fabrics are made using recycled bottles with a durable, soft material that keeps your child comfortable. We recommend Bugaboo fox strollers for your family not because of its classy look but also for its durability and comfort.

For extra safety, Bugaboo Fox has parking breaks, which are color-coded to inform you when the brake is engaged or disengaged. Unlike many other strollers, engaging and disengaging the brakes in the bugaboo is easy regardless of the type of shoes you are in. To lock the rear wheels, you need to press the pedal, which is located on the left side of the rear wheel. To disengage the brakes, you will press the pedal again, and the unit will be ready to go.

Canopy – Huge and adjustable

This is one of the best features of the bugaboo fox. The Bugaboo fox stroller is equipped with a huge sun canopy. When the zip is entirely open, it extends to the bottom, ensuring that your baby is fully covered. The two-panel option provides a substantial amount of protection to the baby while the other panel will partially provide shade for your child.

Unfortunately, Bugaboo strollers do not have a peek-a-boo window. However, you can buy an extra hood that has ventilation on the side and a peek-a-boo window. When you do not need the canopy, you can choose to fold it to allow your child to enjoy some natural sunlight and breeze.

Wheel Suspension – Large and sturdy

Bugaboo fox stroller has inflated tires that are suitable for uneven and bumpy terrain to provide a smooth journey for both the parent and the baby. With these ever aired tires, you do not have to worry about punctures regardless of how rough the road is. It is equipped with sturdy wheels to ensure a stable and comfortable ride. The front wheels are 8.6’inch large, making it easy for you to maneuver around in busy streets. The rear wheels are 12’inch, which ensures that you enjoy a stable and comfortable ride.

With these gigantic wheels, you can stroll comfortably in grassy areas and cracked sidewalks in the streets without the baby feeling the bumps.
Its maneuverability makes it easy for you to stroll in malls, supermarkets, and groceries easily. With a Fox stroller, it is easy to turn and navigate around the streets.

The two-wheel suspension position enables you to pull the system behind you (this is recommended when the stroller is empty). When going through sandy or snowy areas, you can use the two-wheel position.
It is also important to note that wheels have shock absorbers that protect your child from uncomfortable bumps.

Handlebar – Easily Adjustable

The stroller comes with an adjustable handlebar to suit parents of all heights. The handle adjustment ranges from 34-42.5 inches from the ground. When you have the best height, strolling becomes easy and comfortable, unlike other prams where some parents have to bend their backs to push the stroller.
To adjust the handlebar, unlock the two buckles on the bar’s sides. Keep sliding until you get your desired height, and then lock them back. After achieving the right height, you can push the stroller by one hand and keep the correct distance between your feet and the unit.
The handlebar grip comes with a leather cover, which gives it a classier look.

Storage Basket – Spacious

Need to carry your daily essentials? The Bugaboo Fox is equipped with a big storage basket with a weight limit capacity of 22lbs, which can fit the big diaper pack. You can choose to carry a small diaper pack and other essentials required to keep your baby comfortable. You can carry the lunch box or the milk cup to feed your child.

The spacious storage basket saves you the burden of carrying extra bags when walking with your baby. Isn’t this convenient? You can access the storage bag from both directions. If you want to access it from the front, you will be required to incline the seat a little.

Portability – Easy to Fold and Lightweight

Folding the Bugaboo fox stroller is simple, although it will require some practice to be able to do it with ease. You can choose to fold your stroller with the seat and bassinet attached, or you can choose to detach them. Folding the stroller with the seat attached takes a lot of space, which is why we recommend removing it. To fold it you need to follow these steps;
• Set the handlebar at a low position.
• Lift the buttons on the side of the handlebar to lower the seat.
• Pull the handle behind the seat and allow the chassis to close halfway.

This one-piece fold stroller is easily portable and easy to store in your house or the car. For easy transportation, this unit is equipped with an automatic lock, and a self-standing feature.

This one-piece fold stroller remains compact while folded. We can also substantiate that the folding process is easy since it can be done using one hand. This technically means you can wrap your stroller while holding your child at the same time.
The stroller is relatively light as compared to other strollers since it weighs21.8lbs when attached to the toddler seat. A lightweight stroller is ideal for all families because an adult can lift it without a struggle.

It is only 23.6 inches wide, making it easy for parents to get through most doors elevators. You do not have to stop every time you go through the doorways to fold the unit, thanks to bugaboo fox slim nature.
To ensure smooth movement, you’ll require a flexible unit, which is easy to move around with either strolling or carrying it.

Car Seat Compatible – Variety of options

Bugaboo fox strollers can be turned into a travel system. It is compatible with the bugaboo turtle infant car seats, which does not require the use of adapters. Bugaboo fox is also compatible with other popular car seat brands such as Clek, Chico, Maxi Cosi, Peg Perego, Nuna, and Britax. The use of any separate brand car seats rather than a bugaboo turtle infant will require an extra adapter.

Price – On a higher-end

Bugaboo Fox retails between $1200 -$1500. Even though it’s priced slightly above other standard strollers, Bugaboo Fox will give you value for every penny you spend. Be ready to attract all the attention on the streets and in the park with this luxurious unit. We promise you will never regret spending on this little home. Bugaboo Fox will make it easy to maneuver on busy streets to stroll on sand beaches and bumpy roads.


Product name: Bugaboo fox complete full-size stroller
Product brand: Bugaboo
Dimensions: 25.98×21.25×7.48 inches
Weight: 21.8 pounds
Color: Blue mélange, grey melange, dark navy, black, fresh white, neon red/black
Material: Polyester
The set includes: Carrycots, seat frame, carry handle, rain cover, and the chassis.
Dimension folded: 26 l×21.3w×7.5h (without seat)
15.7×23.6w× 34.6h (with the seat)
Dimensions wheels: 8.5 inches (front wheels) 12 inch (rear wheels)
Warranty: Three years

Competition – Comparison with other similar products

Graco Breeze

Graco breeze click connect stroller focuses a lot on safety, comfort, and quality. The Graco breeze pram is lightweight and easy to fold on the one hand. Like a bugaboo fox, Graco breeze stroller is also suitable for babies as young as one day old and as old as 4 years old. The unit has a large canopy to protect your baby from sunlight. It is also compatible with different car seats. Graco stroller has lockable front wheels although, not as large as the bugaboo fox stroller. The product retails between 120 -150 dollars, which is slightly cheap as compared to bugaboo fox. It has large wheels to ensure a smooth ride.

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

This is a pram for both babies and toddlers. Like bugaboo fox, Chicco bravo has a large adjustable canopy to shield your child from direct sunlight and wind. This lightweight stroller can be detached and folded easily for easy portability. It has a parent tray and cup holder. It is compatible with various car seats. Chicco bravo retails at between 340- 370 dollars, which is almost double the price of bugaboo fox.

Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

This is one of the lightest strollers in the market weighing 13lbs. It is easily folded in three super easy steps. This unit is lightweight and made of durable aluminum to take you through years of your baby’s life. It is easy to fold and has a carry strap that you can hold as you run your errands. Its lockable rear wheels and anti-shock front wheels will give you and your child a smooth ride. Like the bugaboo fox stroller, the summer 3Dlite has a huge adjustable canopy to offer maximum protection. This stroller is relatively cheap, sold between $60 and $90.

The Final Verdict: Bugaboo Fox Review

You probably have heard other mums brag about their news stroller. Bugaboo is made for mum who loves style and doesn’t mind paying for tithe. From our bugaboo fox review, it’s evident that this unit is classy and luxurious yet strong to get you through the day. It is easy to push and can maneuver through streets, malls, and grocery stores. The Bugaboo stroller is made to fit any family set up because of its adjustable handlebars. It is suitable for use by any adult in the family.

Bugaboo fox stroller is a must-have for all the classy mums. Get yours now and move with the latest trend.

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