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Britax B Free Review

Britax B Free Review
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Bottom Line

Britax b free stroller is designed to make parents’ lives comfortable while giving flexibility and convenience. If you do not want a stroller, which slows you down and limits you, this one is a good choice.

Britax B Free will give you the best strolling experience regardless of the terrain. The high-quality materials used in making this travel system assures you of its durability. Get this Britax stroller with fast maneuverability and smoothly.

What We Like

  • Front access to the storage basket
  • Infinite recline seat positions
  • Has adjustable handlebar
  • High weight limit of 65 pounds
  • Front-wheel swivel
  • Large canopy

What We Don't Like

  • It does not have cup holders
  • It is not versatile as compared to another travel system within the same price range
  • Relatively expensive

The market is saturated with many types of strollers from numerous brands. It is hard for a parent to decide or even understand the best travel system in the market. The different styles and colors available in the market are confusing, especially to new parents. We can agree that not all those fancy classy strollers match the quality and safety standards, that is why we encourage parents to carry out thorough research before settling on any stroller type.

However, if you know precisely which products specs to take into account, then finding the right stroller should be easy. For instance, if you like a stroller of a certain weight, this will help you narrow the list to a few strollers in the market indoors within that weight bracket. We understand that parents above average height often have their choice inclined towards the strollers with an adjustable handlebar.

Fortunately, our product experts have made heavy lifting for you. We analyzed and tested the Britax B-Free, and we realized it’s the ideal travel system for your family. It is suitable for families traveling for holidays since it can fit into the plane while folded.

Its sturdy frame will ensure its durability, which also enhances high weight accommodation.


Britax b Free stroller is a combination of all the excellent features of the previous models from Britax. This three-wheeled stroller will blow up your mind with its outstanding features and convenience. Most of the full-size strollers have a maximum weight limit of 50 to 55 lbs. However, the Britax free has a maximum weight limit of up to 65lbs, which gives it the ability to last longer.

The seat features a complete recline, although it does not go all the way down. The storage basket is the biggest in the market, with many small pockets to keep you organized.

Factors to consider before buying the Britax B Free stroller

When shopping for a stroller, there are many factors you should consider to ensure that the stroller you buy suits your needs. Terrains, parent’s height, infant car seat compatibility, ease of use, child safety, stroller portability, and daily demand are among the main factors you should consider.

This stroller is ideal for several parents including;

The busy parent:

Britax b free is easy to push. If you are running to work, you definitely would not like a stroller slowing you down. For a working parent, you would also require an easy-to-fold stroller. Thanks to the B-Free one-hand fold system, and you can fold your travel system using only one hand, the other hand can hold your little one.

Those who are living in hot regions:

The large canopy will be protecting your child from direct sun, and since its UPF 50 added, it will also protect your child from harsh rays. It is also breathable with a large peek-a-boo window, which allows air circulation to prevent overheating.

Parents who walk a lot:

If you like walking long distances with your little one, this Britax b free stroller is ideal. The rubber tires are strong enough, so you do not have to worry about flat tires on the way. The adjustable car seat allows you to change your child’s position to enable them to nap or view the world from different angles. The adjustable handlebar will allow you to choose your best strolling height to avoid bending your back, which could be exhausting.

Key Features

The setup process: Less than 10 minutes

The Britax b free stroller has an easy setup process, and it will take you less than ten minutes to set up your Britax stroller. There are tools required to put together the parts. Following the manufacturer’s manual should be easy for you since the explanation is in words and pictorial with their email address also available. Here is the step by step procedure that should help you put together your stroller;

  • Open the Britax b stroller frame by lifting the handle until the frame locks in an upright position.
  • Install the front access wheels by mounting the pin into the housing, which is on the frame until they click, pulling both wheels to ensure they have completely locked.
  • Install the mudguard by sliding them onto the mounting bracket, which is situated above each rear wheel housing and pull down to ensure it locks in place(the mudguards are labeled L for left and R for left).
  • Mount the rear wheels by holding in the release button in the center of the wheel then slide the mounting pin into the housing axle.
  • Attach the Britax stroller’s seat, insert the click and GO connector on the seat into the click & Go receiver on the frame. Push down the car seat until you hear a click, which indicates that the connector has locked well into the receiver.
  • Attach the canopy by pushing it clips onto the frame’s sides until they interlock with the canopy lock on the frame.
  • Install the shoulder strap, start by releasing the harness buckle and slide the harness pad into the shoulder strap harness.
  • Install the child armbar by aligning the pins on each side of the armbar with the mounts on the seat, slide the pin into the housing on the seat, and pull until you hear a click.
  • Attach the under-seat the storage basket in a few steps;
  1. Fold the storage carrier and turn it inside out for proper orientation.
  2. Slide the hooks on the storage basket into the slots on the frame, which are located near the rear wheel.
  3. Ensure that the hooks are completely retained.

Age range. From child to toddler

You can use Britax b free stroller from birth, although Britax recommends using it as a travel system. Ensure you use it with a Britax infant car seat until your child can control their head and neck.

The Britax b free stroller is compatible with all infant car seats. However, if you do not want to have a Britax infant car seat, you can buy an infant car seat adapter for Britax B. The adapter will allow you to use a wide range of car seats from different brands.

The travel system can accommodate a maximum of 65 pounds. The Britax b free stroller seat is large to an extent; it can accommodate an eight-year-old; this makes bee free ideal for families with a special needs child.

The maximum height for a child using this stroller is 45 inches, approximately the height of 5-6 years of the child. This makes it possible for you to use the Britax stroller from birth to preschool.

Most of the standard Strollers offer a weight limit of 55 pounds, which makes B –Free to stand out since it gives a weight limit of up to 65 pounds. B Free gives the freedom to use your stroller for a more extended period while allowing your little one to grow in it.

Design: Simple and elegant

The B-Free comes with the three-wheel design, which makes it extremely easy to push and turn. The wheels are made using solid rubber tires; hence, no worries of having flat tires in the middle of your journey. These solid wheels also make B-Free suitable for all-terrain, giving you and your child a smooth ride. It also features all-wheel suspension, which ensures smooth maneuverability in all terrains. You can easily maneuver with this Britax b stroller through tight spaces as well as crowded places.

With a single front wheel, the b-free performs better in terms of maneuverability than the dual-wheeled strollers. The low footprint helps this stroller to navigate crowded and small places easily. The foam-filled tires make strolling convenient and smooth.

The most compelling feature on the b free stroller is the storage carrier. It has seven storage pockets that can accommodate all your essential requirements while keeping you organized. Bee free also features a huge storage carrier that is accessible from the back and front of your stroller. The storage space can accommodate a travel bag, a big diaper bag, and other necessities such as toys and snacks. You can access the front access part of the basket by flipping up the rest of the seats. This feature lets you stuff your stroller with all your requirements without worrying about being unable to access your stuff.

Britax b free has an infinite recline, which will allow you to tilt back the seat and calf rest into any position from a seated position to laying your child almost flat. Seat inclination is achieved using a drawstring mechanism. Using this technique, you can bring the back of the car seat to a different level by loosening or tightening the drawstring, bringing it to a position of your choice, and appropriate for your baby’s calf rest.

This mechanism works smoothly. Hence it does not disturb the little one when they take a nap while you want to adjust the position of the seat. The Britax b free stroller has a front-wheel swivel, which enhances maneuverability. To lock the axis, push the swivel lock up, then press the swivel lock fully down.

The stroller is very easy to clean and maintain. The fabric and the harness are easy to wash; you can clean them using cold water and mild soap. You can tidy the frame by wiping with a damp cloth and soap. To ensure that your stroller lasts long as intended, do not expose the plastic parts under extreme temperatures.

It has an adjustable harness that can be adjusted to three positions. To change the harness, pull the strap retainer from the seat and turn it at an angle of 90 degrees. Push the harness retainer into the appropriate harness slot to the back of the stroller seat. Once you have adjusted the harness to your preferred position, turn the harness retainer to its original position.

Are you above average height? If your answer is yes, b- free is the ideal stroller for you. Pushing a stroller from an uncomfortable height can be a bad experience. The b-free adjustable handlebar is the solution for tall parents since they can change the height of the adjustable handlebar to their required height. However, it is the same case to parents of short stature since they can adjust handlebars either upward for tall parents or downwards for shorter parents. To change the adjustable handlebar, press the release buttons inside the handle assembly, hold while raising or lowering the handle to your preferred height.

There is a pocket like a parent organizer on the adjustable handlebar with a zippered pocket that can hold your wallet. There are two other open pockets where you can keep a water bottle or your phone. There are also two pockets on each side of the seat where you can keep your baby’s toy or snacks within your reach. The fabric used in making the pockets and the first storage carrier can stretch slightly to accommodate more items.

The Britax stroller has a massive canopy with an added SPF protection to ensure that your little one is fully covered from the sun and rains. It is extendable in that you can unzip to enlarge it and offer your child full protection. Zipping the canopy makes it smaller to cover your baby partially when you need to do so. It has a large peek-a-boo window, which allows you to check on your little one and allow proper air circulation in the canopy.

Portability: Compact when folded

Britax B Free weighs 22 pounds, although it is not the lightest stroller in the market, its weight explains why it has a sturdier frame than other standard strollers and high carrying capacity. Nonetheless, with 22 pounds, it is easy to lift your Britax stroller or carry it up the stairs and offload it from your car.

Britax b free has a pull handle at the bottom of the seat that allows the stroller to fold in half using one hand. The push-button on the frame release is an automatic lock feature. When folded, the b-free is self stand and compact; hence it occupies a small space in your apartment or your car truck.

B-Free has a quick folding option being a one-hand fold. To wrap your strollers, ensure that you apply the brakes and follow the following steps.

  • Press the release button on the frame.
  • Remove your hands from the frame and hinge the area.
  • Lift the frame to release the strap in the middle of the seat.
  • Engage the chassis by pushing the stroller; you will hear a click when fully engaged.

Safety: Safe for children from birth

The B-Free combines great child’s safety, fashion, and functionality that all parents want in a single stroller. The stroller and the Britax infant car seat are equipped with many features to ensure the safety of your child;

  • To protect your child, safe cell impact protection is integrated into the safety system.
  • The anti-rebound steel bar reduces rotation by 30% in case of a crash.
  • The steel frame provides extra strength at the connecting point to the vehicle.

The linked parking brakes are easy to engage and disengage even when you are in flip flop. The brakes are easy to reach from both the front access and the rear direction.

  • Press the brake pedal downwards to engage.
  • Lift the brake pedal to release it.

Price: Slightly pricey

The stroller is reasonably priced according to what it is. The stroller is better than some of the previous strollers. It has a sturdy frame, excellent canvas material, and secure elastic on the joints. The seat is more padded as compared to the previous b-agile.

We assure you that B-Free is worthy of investing in, especially for those parents who value quality and convenience. This stroller retails between $350 and $400.


Product name: Britax B Free

Product brand: Britax

Dimensions: 44.02×24.02×42.01 inches

Weight: 22 pounds

Color: Black

Material: Polyester

The set includes: The car seat adapter, the canopy, and chassis

Dimensions: folded 32 L×24W×15H

Warranty: 2 years


Maxi-Cosi Lara

This is an ultra-light and compact stroller, ready to travel with you everywhere with ease. Maxi Lara weighs 14 pounds, which is approximately 8 pounds less than the Britax B Free. However, this explains why the b-free has a durable frame and a high carrying capacity.

This stroller is designed for children up to 50 pounds, while the b-free can accommodate up to 65 pounds. Both the B-Free and Maxi Clara have extendable canopies with added UPF 50 protection; the only difference is that the canopy in b free is more extensive and covers the child from head to toe.

The Clara maxi has multiple recline positions, while the recline system in the b- free is infinite, which allows your child to lie almost flat and sit up at any location you choose. The Maxi-Cosi retails between $160 and $200, nearly half the price of B-Free Stroller.

BOBO Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Strollers

The BOBO Gear and the B Free are three-wheeled strollers; the difference is that BOBO Gear tires are air-filled while those of B Free are made of durable rubber not air-filled. This feature helps both strollers to provide you with a smooth ride while withstanding different terrains.

They both have large storage space in the basket to fit a big diaper bag with different smaller pockets to keep you organized. The Bobo revolution flex has six storage pockets while the Britax free has seven pockets, which allows you to keep your small items such as phones and keys safe as you stroll.

These two strollers are compatible with major infant car seat brands used with the car seat adapter. Both B-Free and the Revolution Flex have a large extendable canopy with magnetic peek-a-boo windows and UPF 50 protection.

Both the B-Free and BOBO Flex have padded seats made of breathable fabric to stop overheating. The only difference is that BOBO’s place is designed in an upright position. In contrast, that of free b is designed to recline in almost all locations.

The maximum weight limit in the revolution is 75 pounds, while that of b-free is 65 pounds. BOBO Flex retails between $450 and $500, which is more expensive than B-Free.

JOOVY Qool Grey Mélange

This is a multipurpose stroller that changes and grows with your family. Unlike Britax Free, this stroller can be turned into a double stroller by adding a few accessories.

Both strollers have ample storage. The only difference is Britax free has seven extra pockets to store your smaller types of equipment. Both JOOVY and B-Free strollers have reclining seat positions for the nap-on-go baby.

The maximum weight limit for JOOVY Qool is 55 pounds, which is 10 pounds less than that of b-free. JOOVY Qool stroller weighs 30.6 pounds, which is 8 pounds more than B -free, which weighs approximately 22 pounds. This stroller retails between $400 and $450.

Our Final Verdict: Britax B Free Review

Britax usually puts out quality products, and Britax B strollers are not different. From our Britax b free review, it’s clear that this stroller is equipped with all the features that make all the parents fall in love with. With the principal features addressing the safety, maneuverability, and comfort of both the child and the parent, this stroller is worth investing in.

We understand that most parents need a stroller they can walk with anywhere, may it be grassy parks or road gravel, if you are one of them B-Free is the best choice for you.

Compared to the previous B- agile, we can affirm from Britax b free review that the B-Free is the best stroller from the Britax brand.

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