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Britax Pathway Review

Britax Pathway
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Folded Size
Ease of Use

Bottom Line

This stroller is a great option, as long as you’re going to use it for easy-to-ride surface types, as its wheels are not made to go through rough terrain, however, the design and the materials make this stroller very easy to drive even with one hand. Its portability is a great advantage, as it works with a one-hand fold system, and when folded, it’s very compact, so if your car is small, it can be easy to fit in the trunk. This stroller is also sold as a travel system, including the B-Safe infant car seat, it will help you get both products for a lower price.

What We Like

  • The frame is made with aluminum, which makes the stroller resistant and lightweight.
  • It has a large storage basket that carries up to 10 lbs.
  • The wheel suspension assures you a smooth ride.
  • You can also buy it as a travel system.
  • The Britax Pathway has a very affordable price.

What We Don't Like

  • It’s not very comfortable to use on rough terrain.
  • Even if the harness is easy to put on, it can be hard to take off.

The Britax Römer is a pioneer of the baby gear and travel systems. They were founded in 1966. Like most German companies, the quality of the manufacturing and the materials quickly gave them a great reputation. Their wide range of products and high quality gave them a place in most of the different markets of strollers and travel systems. The most remarkable feature of its products is safety, and this is reflected in the long list of clients that are loyal to the brand. The Britax Pathway is a mid-size stroller, very lightweight; its frame is made with very resistant aluminum, easy to fold and very cozy and safe for the baby, even if it is not made for all kind of grounds, it’s very smooth to drive thanks to the 4 wheel suspension system. It works with a 5-point harness, and the single pedal brake system that locks both back wheels are features that increase the safety of your child during the ride.


Things to consider before buying a Britax Pathway :

If you are looking for a stroller that can comfortably carry a lot of your things while remaining lightweight, the Britax Pathway is a great option. For a mid-size stroller, the storage basket is extra-large, so it’s easy to use and organize during the ride.

It’s designed for parents who need a stroller to walk on easy-to-drive grounds, like a paved floor, so it doesn’t work smoothly if you need a stroller to jog or long walks on the park. If you are looking for something made for rough terrain, this may not be a good option for you.

Its affordable price and high quality make this stroller an excellent option for parents looking for a long-term investment, as the Britax Pathway has a wide age range. If you get the whole Britax Travel System that includes the B-safe infant car seat, you can even use it with your newborn.


Key features:

Set up process: simple and easy

Thanks to the simplicity of the Britax Pathway features and the smart design of its instruction manual, this stroller takes between 6-8 minutes to assemble. The instruction manual comes in three languages, which are English, French, and Spanish, but if you didn’t get the one that you needed, you could get any of the other options on their website. The instructions are very clear, and as each one has a picture on the side, it makes it easier to build. After you finish with the assembling, the instruction manual also has a checklist for you to inspect if every feature of the stroller is, in fact, ready to be used safely by your baby.

Setting up the travel system is also very simple, as the only thing that you have to do is pull back the canopy, and the car seat adapters are included on the frame, so you just click it, and it will be secured.

Age range: 4 to 55 lbs

The Britax Pathway stroller is very flexible on this, as it is made with high-quality materials; its frame is very resistant and reliable. The stroller can hold from 4 lbs to 55 lbs, which means that the stroller can carry your children from birth until toddlerhood.

The option of getting the whole travel system could be taken into consideration to extend the portability and the use range of your stroller. Even if you can use it ever since the baby is a newborn, it’s more comfortable for the baby to be on the infant car seat, as it can be warmer, cozier, and softer to touch. It can also be placed on your car seat, you only have to fold the stroller and transport your baby without changing from the car seat to the stroller.

Design: aesthetic design

As most of the Britax products, this stroller has an aesthetic design. The bold, colorful pattern is the main focus of the Britax Pathway stroller, the color palette used is eye-catching so you can stand out in any environment you go to. The UV 50 canopy has an inside color pattern that, even if is different from the outside, matches the colors of the stroller and highlights them, it also has a very efficient ventilation system, the peek a boo window, and the ventilation panel behind the back of the baby allows for good airflow during hot days.

Most lightweight strollers carry 7-8 lbs on average for the storage basket, but the Britax Pathway can carry up to 10lbs! This gives it in comparison, a large storage basket, as you will be able to take with you an extra-large diaper bag comfortably.

The wheels’ design helps with the smoothness of the drive, as it works with a 4-wheel suspension system, and the wheels are made with EVA-foam to make the stroller easy to push even with one hand.

Portability: compact and lightweight

This feature is one of the most remarkable on this stroller, as even for a mid-size stroller, and the large storage basket, the Britax Pathway is lightweight. The whole stroller weighs around 20lbs, and when folded, it’s very compact. The folding system works with a single lever located under the seat of the stroller; this is design to be one-hand quick fold, which is very useful if you’re in a hurry and you are carrying your baby with your other hand. As the Pathway is very compact when folded, it is very easy to put away in your car, even if you don-t have a lot of space in the trunk.

If you can also get the Britax travel systems, you can take even more advantage of your stroller. During the first year of the baby, you can use the infant car seat and take it off the car and use the click-go system to put it on the stroller and keep your baby comfortably and safely.

Safety: comfortable and secure

Even if this stroller is very lightweight, the 4 wheel design helps with the stability. The lack of bumper bar is compensated with the strength of the 5 point harness included on the sit. The straps of the harness can be adjusted to the passenger’s shoulders, so it’s comfortable and secure at the same time.

The brake system is very secure, as it consists of only one pedal, easy to set on and off, so it is barefoot and sandal friendly. The pedal is located in the right wheel, and when you activate it, it locks both back wheels, the quality of the brakes is very good, and if it weren’t for the lightweight of the stroller, it might be harder to push with the brakes on.

Price: On the lower-end

As Britax has a very wide line of products, in their catalog, you can find high-end products like the B-Free Premium, which is between their luxury catalog of products. The Britax Pathway is one of their best products focusing on the price-quality, and with the proper maintenance, this stroller gets to be a long-term investment. You can use it for many years thanks to the resistance of the materials and the wide age range adaptability.

The price of the Britax Pathway is located on the low-end market, as it is around 150 USD, the stroller is affordable, and you can get a better deal buying the whole Travel System. You get both the B-Safe 35 and the Britax Pathway stroller for even a lower price.


  • Product name: Britax Pathway Stroller
  • Product brand: Britax Römer
  • Dimensions Unfolded: 29″L x 23″W x 11″H
  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Color: Crew/Cabana/Connect/Sketch
  • Material: Frame: Reinforced Aluminum/ Wheels: Rubber and EVA foam/ Passenger’s seat: Soft to touch Fabric/ Canopy: UV 50+ Fabric
  • The set includes: None
  • Dimensions folded: 29″L x 18.5″W x 11″H
  • Dimensions wheels: Front wheels: 6 in/ Back wheels: 9 in
  • Warranty: The warranty for all the Britax products covers any defect on the materials or manufacture from the moment of purchase up to a year, and consists of the change of the product or replacement of the damaged product. To make use of the warranty is necessary the proof of the purchase and register your owner card within 30 days after the acquisition. This warranty does not cover any damage inflicted by the owner for the wrong use of the product or other brand accessories.


UPPABaby Minu:

UPPABaby is one of the best manufacturers of baby gear and travel systems for the past years. Their aesthetically pleasing designs, high-quality materials, resistant frames, and high-quality manufacturing have made their options one of the first at the moment of choosing, whenever the money is not a problem.

The UPPABaby Minu model is part of their lightweight designed strollers, it only weighs 11.8 lbs, and it can carry children up to 50 lbs, which is a decent weight limit. To fold this stroller only takes one hand, and it automatically locks folded in a very compact size, the unfolding is a little more difficult as you need both hands to do it, but it is still easy.

This stroller is made for people who travel a lot, as it’s very comfortable to use in flat areas like the airport floor. The problem that this stroller has is that because of its compact size when your child reaches 40″height; the stroller won’t be comfortable for the passenger. The wheel suspension of the UPPABaby Minu is not very good, but the foam-filled rubber of the wheels helps with the smoothness of the drive. Also, it has a 5-point harness that keeps your baby safe and cozy in the baby seat, and it’s easy to put on and take off.

The assembling of this stroller is very easy, the instructions manual is very clear and specific, and each instruction has a picture to provide visual direction. Also, as this is a lightweight stroller, it doesn’t have a great number of features, so there’s no much to set up differently from the Britax Pathway.

Mountain Buggy Nano:

Mountain Buggy is a company that makes strollers that are easy to drive on the streets of the city or the trails of the mountain, or that is what they announce as the main goal for their products. This company born in New Zealand is a great option for parents looking for a very easy to maneuver stroller no matter the ground, with a decent storage basket weight limit and size to carry whatever you need during the ride.

The Mountain Buggy Nano is their lightweight version of a stroller, but the thing is that in comparison, this stroller can be heavy for the average. As most lightweight strollers weight from 8-10 lbs, this stroller weighs 16.3 lbs, which is almost reaching the mid-size weight of the Britax Pathway. The brake system of the Buggy Nano is a little harder to set in comparison to the Pathway, as it works with just one pedal, but you have to push it up to take it off, so it is not sandal friendly. Like the Britax Pathway, the Mountain Buggy Nano has a 5-point harness that is a little hard to take off, but it can also be adjusted to the passenger’s shoulders, so it’s comfortable.

Even if we are comparing the weight of a small stroller to the mid-size of the Pathway, the number of features is not that different. Still, the Pathway is more secure and stable for your baby, and you can use the frame as an infant car seat carrier, so the baby is more cozy and safe.

BabyZen Yoyo+:

This stroller, designed in France but manufactured in China, is made to be very easy to drive, easy to set up, and very lightweight. Being only 13.5 lbs, this stroller has a very good reception from China to Europe. It was designed by one of the french designers from Bugaboo, and now its only models sold in the U.S. seem to be an excellent option for parents who need a stroller that’s light and easy to use for constant traveling.

The Yoyo+ is a high-end stroller, but its price is given to the high quality of the materials, performance, and portability. Folding this stroller may be a little complicated, as you have to follow a few steps, but in the end, you get a very compact size that can be fit into its included travel bag.

The brake system of this stroller consists of just one pedal that is located near the right back wheel, the pedal is easy to set but a little hard for barefoot or sandal use. Also, this stroller includes a 5-point harness that can be adjusted to the passenger’s shoulders.

The storage basket of this stroller is also very good in size and weight limit, as you can access it from behind or the sides of the stroller and holds up to 11lbs, which is very decent for a lightweight stroller. Reading all of these features you could say that it’s a great option to travel comfortably but, as we already said, the price of this stroller is double the price of the Britax Pathway, which is a lot considering it’s a lightweight stroller. You could find a different option with more features at a lower price.

Final verdict of the Britax Pathway Review:

As we already know, Britax is a company that wants to be on most of the different baby gear markets, as you can notice while checking their webpage. The portability, versatility, and variety of their products made them one of the best options at the moment to choose a transportation option for you and your baby. The option of using it as a travel system will cover the need to transport your newborn while making sure they’re safe and comfortable.

To use the stroller as a travel system is a good option to take into consideration at the moment to choose a transportation option for your baby, in that way you can use the product’s full potential to transport your child.

The Britax Pathway is a great option, not only because of its number of features but its price, which is budget-friendly for a stroller that will give you great performance as long as you give it the right maintenance. The wide age range and the resistance of its frame will assure you that the stroller will last as a long term investment for you and your baby.

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