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Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 14-Year-Old Boys: 20 Best Ideas

Trying to find the right gift for your 14-year-old? Whether it’s drones, action figures, RC cars, or consoles. Picking one gift out of so many can be frustrating! Especially when you know that your kid will like most of them.

With so many options available which one should you go for? Our panel of experts has simplified the gift-hunting process and made it much easier for you to not only browse gifts but to choose just the perfect one for your boy as well. Our gift ideas are handpicked and are bound to excite even the toughest of 14-year-old boys!

Top Gift Ideas for 14-Year-Old Boys

1. ATTOP Drone for Kids

Whether it’s flying for fun or for taking great pictures or capturing epic videos. This drone will be sufficient for any 14-year-old boy who wants their high-performance drone. The Attop drone is designed for kids and takes into consideration many factors that make this drone a huge seller! First of all, this design of the drone is quite appealing, it features a sporty and futuristic look that’s very hard to ignore. Secondly, the drone is equipped with performance rotors that can propel the drone in any direction without aerial drag. The drone is also equipped with a high-quality camera that can take brilliant daylight photos and also record HD videos!

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2. Marvel Supagoo Thanos

Now kids can exact their very own brand of justice and avenge the fallen heroes from Marvel at the hands of Thanos! This amazing toy is meant to be abused. It’s made from “supagoo” and can stretch and contort in any direction without breaking! The beauty of this toy is that it can be roughed up and still live to tell tales! Of course, you wouldn’t want to go easy on Thanos! Go crazy and let your kid beat up this officially licensed Marvel Supervillain. The toy is made from high-quality material and can also be collectible if your boy just likes to collect Marvel-themed merch!

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3. Iron Man Electronic Helmet

Be Iron Man! Well, from the neck up at least! This epic Iron Man electronic helmet puts you in the head of one of Marvel’s most iconic superheroes – figuratively! The helmet has extremely high-quality finishing which makes it great for Halloween or comic-con. The helmet has 2 LED lights that can glow just like Iron Man, the helmet also has sound effects for more realistic use and the faceplate is held with strong magnets that can also be removed! This helmet is great for cosplay or as a souvenir as well. We bet that your 14-year-old will love this toy! It can open up a whole new dimension of pretend-play and heroism!

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4. Arcade Game Console

The old arcade comes home! This amazing console brings to life the old school arcade experience – at home! The entire panel contains everything that you need to run all your favorite retro games. The console comes with VGA, HDMI, and even 4k support and you can play almost all the old arcade games using this one panel. With two-player support, you can easily pair up and go 1 v 1. Join in on the fun and have a friendly match of Street Fighter with your kid. Show them what it was like back in the day and let them experience the OG games as well!

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5. Maisto RC Vehicle

The name of the game is Speed and this RC car excels at it. The Maisto RC car is made for children who want the best of the best when it comes to acceleration and control. This RC car has an innovative suspension system that provides better stability and grip while the toy vehicle is at its top speed. With an easy-grip trigger remote, this RC car can easily outperform other cars in its speed-bracket. The Maisto car can go a long while before giving up on you as it boasts an impressive battery time on the car and the remote as well.

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6. Death Stranding: Trike Model Kit

Any kid who is familiar with the Death Stranding game series will surely appreciate and love this model kit! The Reverse Trike is an iconic part of the game series and if your kid has had a lot of fun playing this game then we bet that he is already a fan of this amazing trike. The model kit offers high-quality material that is extremely well-detailed. Any kid with a keen eye will come to respect this model. Even though you can’t ride it, it still makes for an amazing tabletop piece with its attractive design and great color detail. It’s a must-have for any gaming fanatic!

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7. 2 in 1 Recliner & Tanner Pool Lounger

Got a pool at home? Then not gifting this 2 in 1 Recliner and Tanner would be a serious crime! Your boy deserves all the rest he can get! Especially during these tough times. Let him unwind with this amazing pool lounger. Don’t let the design or cover fool you though, this is meant to be a gender-neutral product. Girls don’t get to have all the fun! The recliner is made from high-quality material that is comfortable and soft on the skin. Thanks to its thick design, the lounger also boasts high-durability! Want more? The kit also comes with a removable accessory caddy where your boy can keep his drinks and snacks!

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8. LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron

LEGO is known for making extremely detailed products. The Technic series of this beloved building toy brings the Bugatti Chiron to life! With awe-inspiring details and complex “engine parts” you’d be amazed by how much effort LEGO has put into this amazing car design. The Bugatti Chiron is an already iconic car and for any motorhead who loves cars, this will be the perfect gift. The car also has a lot of different and fun quirks that can keep your boy engaged for a while! It’s a type of toy that you would want to reassemble again and again – while discovering new things each time you rebuild it!  

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9. RC Racing Boat

Take a break from 4 wheels and take this sweet RC racing boat for a spin! This RC boat is unlike any you have ever seen. The boat has a very sporty design that looks and feels premium. It comes in an attractive red color as well which makes it perfect for racing! Just kidding, while the color does make it race-ready, you need a high-performance motor to make it all happen and this RC boat just happens to have a 30kmph engine that can leave all the competition behind! With superior range, a high quality remote, and extreme speed; your kid will thank you for this for months or years to come – hopefully!

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10. Universe Jigsaw Puzzle

With 1000 pieces, this jigsaw puzzle can only be best described as a painting of a “cosmic soup” where you will have all the essential planets of our solar system in one gigantic jigsaw puzzle. This one is made for children who want a bit of a challenge. The puzzle is meant to be completed over days and it’s best used by adults as well! Enjoy a cozy family night with your son and this jigsaw puzzle. Commit to solving it bit by bit each day. We are sure that this way, you will be able to bond with your children as well!

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11. LEGO Central Perk Building Kit

This LEGO kit brings the iconic Central Perk coffee house from the even more iconic F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV show. This one is for children who have watched this ground-breaking sitcom or for parents who know that their children will love this kit. The TV show is regarded as being one of the best TV shows of all time. With such a pop culture influence and the fact that Netflix has brought the series over to their platform as well, we can say with surety that your kid is well-versed with this sitcom and will appreciate this present as well.

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12. Galaga with Riser

Galaga is regarded as one of the first arcade games to hit the stores a few decades ago and it is still regarded as a highly respected and reviewed game. This Galaga Riser arcade system brings back the beloved game with portability like never before. The 3/4th scale arcade console is perfect for children who want to develop their very own man cave. Arcade gaming is a dying activity that has been replaced by technologically advanced consoles but these games still retain their charm, even with adults! If anything, this would make for a great decorative piece for your child’s man-cave.

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13. Contixo F30 Drone

If your son wants to ditch the lame kid drones then we highly recommend that you upgrade to this amazing F30 Drone by Contixo. This drone has everything that you would need or find in a top-end machine. It has a 4k UHD camera, long-range, great stability, GPS functionality, brushless high-performance motors, state-of-the-art design, and more! The drone is fit for adults but with its price tag, we think your son will greatly appreciate this upgrade as well! The drone can be used to capture professional-level footage and high-quality photography and with its foldable design, you can take this drone almost anywhere with you!

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14. Spektrum RC Radio Transmitter Only

Continuing with the high-tech drone demand in the market, there is also a growing need for a high-performance RC controller as well. The Spektrum Radio Transmitter is built for drone operators who want more from their drone than the manufacturer intended! If your kid already has a high-end drone then we recommend that you invest in their passion with this RC controller as well. What makes this a great controller is the fact that it offers programmable functions, better controls, and a whole lot of options in one neat package. The remote also offers a greater range than other stock remotes so you can do more with the drone that you already have.

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15. Doctor Strange Infinity War Edition

Doctor Strange is an immensely popular superhero from the Marvel universe but this iteration of the character takes inspiration from the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). To be even more precise, this character is taken from the blockbuster movie “Infinity War” where Doctor Strange visits Titan, the home-world of Thanos, and takes on the Mad Titan himself! The battle on Titan scene was a defining fight scene from the movie which is why it has made its way to the realm of action figures as well! We are sure that your 14-year-old boy will love this as a present!

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16. DJI Goggles Racing Edition 

Does your son have a DJI drone? If yes, then this VR-like goggle will completely change their perception about drone flying altogether. The goggles allow the operator to fly the drone in the First-Person View (FPV) which opens up an entirely new and immersive drone flying experience. This is one of the things that you need to experience for yourself. No amount of fancy words would do justice! Grab one of these goggles and amaze your son! We are confident that he will have a hard time switching back to the remote control after flying through these goggles.

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17. LEGO Art Star Wars The Sith

LEGO does it again! but this time the company introduces mindfulness art into their already amazing mix of building toys. Download the included soundtrack on your phone and enjoy this amazing experience at home with your loved ones. This is especially great for children who love Star Wars and art. The entire LEGO set acts as a puzzle game as well where you can build up to 3 different designs in one LEGO photo frame. Hang it up or display your art on a shelf! We are sure that it will enhance the ambiance of your room and will also add character to your décor! Whenever you’re bored, just take down the old photo and start from scratch!

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18. ARRMA 4WD RC Stunt Truck

Finally, an RC stunt truck that delivers high performance and durability! This truck is meant to be roughed up. If your kid has broken his old RC cars because he wants performance and build-quality then this RC truck might just withstand his vigorous operation. The RC truck is loaded with durable parts that make it one of the most forgiving toy vehicles around – even if they fall off the table and land straight on the ground, they are likely to survive! The RC truck comes with an advanced suspension system as well that ensures the safety of the car and improves its performance over uneven or rough terrain. Now you can take your car to uncharted land and even compete where no RC car has gone before!

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19. Avengers: Endgame – Thanos Final Battle

Thanos is inevitable. This toy character brings the Mad Titan to life. This has got to be the most precise and detailed version of Thanos available in the market. The sheer amount of thought and details that the manufacturer has put into this toy is amazing. The figure comes with accessories as well and the entire toy honestly feels like it was taken straight out of the movie. With cool accessories like the Infinity Gauntlet and Thano’s famous sword, this character is truly a great toy to buy for your Marvel-Loving 14-year-old boy!

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20. Iron Man Mk. 85 -Final Battle

Similar to Thanos, this Iron Man figurine is no joke as well and with a super-villain present on our toys list, we think it would only be best to have the OG face the Mad Titan! This toy brings the Mk 85 suit front-and-center. This suit is iconic for many reasons, the primary being that this was Tony Stark’s last suit of armor before he…well, you’ll have to watch the movie to find out what happened. The toy is made from high-quality material and is incredibly detailed. You also get a lot of accessories with this toy that you’d see in the movie. All the accessories can be equipped very easily on to Iron Man and you also get to see Tony Stark under the helmet as well! We think this would make for a great birthday present, especially if your kid has been a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe from the get-go!

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