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Eagle Scout Gifts: 20 Best Ideas

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Being an Eagle Scout is an honor on many levels.

For most young people, being an Eagle Scout is all that they dream of. It’s not just a badge of honor; it’s a way of life. This achievement is so elusive and so rare that only a select few (in terms of %) have been able to attain this position. 

It has long been considered that being an Eagle Scout is correlated with leadership potential and future success. Many famous personalities over the years, who have changed the course of history, have been Eagle Scouts in their youth. So, being in the ranks of such cultural giants is a huge achievement for such young people. 

Celebrate this auspicious occasion the right way with gifts! We have just the gift ideas you need to make this an even more memorable occasion for your young Eagle Scout! Our experts have compiled this list after thorough research, and we have come up with the best top 20 gift items for all young achievers! 

Check out our picks for Eagle Scout gift ideas!  

1. Timex Expedition Scout Watch

This watch is made just for Eagle Scouts. The watch symbolizes maturity and class. With a sober and professional design, this watch looks like it’s made for both tactical and casual use. You can take this watch wherever without worrying about environmental damage. This 36mm watch is perfect for any Eagle Scout because it looks cool and can also aid them in their adventures outdoors! The watch is made from premium materials and is designed to be used not only outdoors but near water as well. Being water-resistant up to 50m, this watch can easily meet and exceed the expectations of any ambitious scout! 

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2. Kurt Adler Eagle Scout Shadow Ornament

This item is perhaps the most beautiful looking ornament for Eagles scouts. The ornament celebrates the scouts and displays all the badges in one frame. The ornament also features an inspiring message that reads, “On my honor, I will do my best!” – A promise that every scout has to uphold no matter what. Being an Eagle Scout is an achievement of a lifetime, and if your loved one has been bestowed this title, then we recommend that you celebrate the occasion with this heartfelt ornament. We are confident that any true scout will love this! 

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3. Engraved Compass

A compass is to an Eagle Scout like water is to fish. It’s a necessity that has to be carried by scouts everywhere they go! If you are looking to surprise your little scout on their achievement, then we recommend that you give this premium-looking engraved compass as a present. The compass comes in brass and also features a leather case! This is truly an item that every Eagle Scout will appreciate. The leather case makes this an even better gift option for young scouts as the compass will remain protected during whatever adventure your loved one takes in the wild! 

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4. Halloween 3D Photo-Realistic Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Be an Eagle Scout on Halloween as well with this amazing and eye-catching T-shirt with a 3D Photo-Realistic design. The shirt comes in a plain off-white color and features a sash on the front with all the scout badges! What makes this shirt great, though, is the fact that the print on the front tricks the eyes into thinking that it is in 3D. This shirt makes for a great laugh. We are confident that young people who want to dress up as scouts for Halloween will love this shirt – even if it is just for a few laughs! The shirt is made from premium quality fabric that is non-irritant and easy to wash as per the given instructions. 

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5. Boy Scouts of America Shirt with Sash Ornament

The BSA program (Boys Scouts of America) has churned out a lot of gems over the years. These scouts have gone on to become successful leaders in society. From astronauts to filmmakers and scientists. Eagle Scouts are a rare breed – even though there have been many Eagles Scouts over the decades, if you were to quantify them, they would hardly make up a single-digit percentage out of the many scouts that join the program. If your young one has made it through the program and is set to become an honorary scout, then we recommend celebrating the occasion with this amazing shirt with a sash ornament. The shirt is the same iconic design for scouts, and the sash has all the required badges on it. This is truly a very special gift item for any scout!  

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6. Pocket Survival Kits

Perhaps, the aptest gift for any Eagle Scout, this survival kit is a necessary item for not just scouts but everyone in general. The pocket survival kit contains all the necessary items that one would need in the wilderness. These items also happen to be the ones for which most scouts are trained for. All equipment in this pocket-friendly survival kit is of high-quality and will not fail you in your time of need! The kit comes in a secure pouch that can withstand exterior damage, and the size of this kit makes it perfect for all outdoor activities. 

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7. Scout Keepsake Box for Eagle

The ultimate keepsake box for all Eagle Scouts and collectors. This box contains everything that a scout would need. From a badge to a patch, Eagle pledges, and more. If you are looking for a gift box that has it all, then we recommend going with this package. The box comes in a ready-to-gift condition and can be customized by adding a handwritten note on top as well. The items in the box are of high quality, and they feel authentic. Eagle Scouts will quickly point out the accuracy and authenticity of these items, and we are confident that your young scout will love this as a present! 

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8. Eagle Totem Leather Wallet

Scouts deserve the best, and what better way to celebrate your loved one becoming an Eagle Scout than with this super cool wallet. This wallet not only looks great, but it also symbolizes the transition that your loved one will take from becoming a leader as the wallet has an emblem of an eagle imprinted on it. With a wallet this cool, we are sure your eagle scout will look even more dapper! The wallet is large enough to hold cash, coins, and cards. Made from premium cowhide leather, this wallet will last a long time and can also be easily maintained or serviced by anyone at home, especially if they are an Eagle Scout!  

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9. 2020 American Silver Eagle $1 Uncirculated US Mint 

This gift is not just for scouts but for keen collectors as well! This uncirculated $1 coin comes straight from the US mint in a special box. The Silver Eagle coin is the perfect symbol for Eagle Scouts. We are confident that your loved one will adore this present for its relevance and its rarity. The fact that this coin has remained uncirculated makes it an even more special gift item. The box that this coin comes with is also premium. The blue box has a message written inside it as well that reads “United States Mint”

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10. Woven Skinny Neckties

Fit for the occasion, this premium woven skinny necktie is perfect for the occasion. The tie features a great design and comes in blue color. You also get a pattern of eagles on the tie, which makes them the perfect complimentary gift item for Eagle Scouts. The tie is made from durable fabric that won’t wear or tear over time. You can adjust this tie any way you want it without causing apparent creases. The neutral and minimalistic design of this tie guarantees that it can mix well with all types of formal clothes. On top of everything, this necktie is just too adorable to wear! 

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11. Eagle Scout Leader’s Mug

Coffee mugs like this are great for several reasons. One, they provide a daily dose of motivation, two, they look good as a decorative piece, and three, they are fun to drink out of since they are aesthetically pleasing and can easily become great conversation starters. If your Eagle Scout is a fan of coffee or other beverages, then this is the item to buy! The mug has a motivational message, or a speech, if you will, that highlights the characteristics and importance of leaders. We are sure that your young Eagle Scout will love this present regardless of whether they use it as a decorative item or their daily coffee mug.  

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12. Mighty Eagle Crew Socks

We don’t think any Eagle Scouts attire is complete without these amazing crew socks. The Might Eagle crew sock pair have the faithful eagle design that your scout would’ve come to love and respect by now. The socks are made from high-quality materials that won’t fade with multiple washes and extended use. The fabric is soft and breathable, which means that it can be used for longer and can also be taken to the wilderness. Since the socks wick moisture away, they make for perfect trailing socks as well! 

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13. Grandson Card for a new Eagle Scout

Is your grandson now a proud Eagle Scout? Then celebrate it the right way with this amazing gift card! The card features the iconic Eagle Scout emblem and comes with a high-quality and fine-printed design that is just fit for the occasion. The card comes with the words “Congratulations on earning Eagle Scout, Grandson” you can also add in a customized and personalized note at the back of the card to turn this into a very personal present for your grandson. 

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14. Eagle Compass Vintage Style Compass Gift

This compass gift is not only a functional item, but it is also a very special and vintage-looking present that every Eagle Scout will admire. The handcrafted compass is made with extreme precision and attention to detail. While most other compasses in this style come off as cheap and unauthentic, this one feels premium, and it looks like a vintage compass! But it’s not just for show! This compass can be used to navigate through the wilderness as well! The compass comes with a case, which makes this a great gift choice for new Eagle Scouts!

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15. Eagle Sculpture on Wood Base

Eagle sculptures are an easy purchase for Eagle Scouts because they make for meaningful presents. The eagle represents freedom, integrity, and leadership – qualities that all Eagle Scouts share! This amazing looking sculpture features an eagle that is about to land. The entire thing comes with a wooden base that can sit on top of any desk or regular/flat surface. Made from premium materials, this sculpture is perfect for the occasion and will make for a great present for your new scout! The base also has the words “American pride” engraved on it on a gold plate! 

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16. Kurt Adler Wooden Boy Scout Nutcracker

You can’t go wrong with these cute looking knick-knacks! This nutcracker comes in the form of an adorable Eagle Scout, complete with a flag in its hand! The nutcracker is designed to withstand some serious shells, so feel free to test it out with any nut of your choice. Its small and compact size makes it ideal for decorative purposes and practical use as well. Made from premium materials, this nutcracker will stay around for a long time without fading colors or becoming less effective. 

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17. Flag Display Case with Certificate & Document Holder Frame

Display your honor with pride and forever cherish your loved one’s achievement through this document holder frame. The frame can hold any size of document or certificate with ease. It’s super easy to install, and you can set it up within seconds. With its easy design, you can also adjust the certificate or document in any way you like! the frame is made from high-quality materials and can also be stood upright without having to nail it to the wall. The design features the American flag on top of it as well, which adds a lot to the quality of this gift item! 

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18. Personalized Boy Scout Compass Gift

Now, this is truly a personalized gift! This laser-engraved compass gift set comes with a gold-plated compass and a plate as well. The items can be engraved according to your preference. Send in your kid’s name and troop number, and the manufacturer will engrave it using precision laser technology. Get your personalized gift item within days! You can also choose to get multiple styles with or without engravings. We recommend going for the personalized option, which would allow for a memorable gift item that your kids can look back to with admiration! 

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19. Scout Christmas Ornament

Countdown to Christmas has begun, and what better way to celebrate Christmas this year than with a themed scout ornament? This cute little ornament resembles an eagle with all its badges (thus being an Eagle Scout) it’s a hilariously adorable gift item that any Eagle Scout will admire and appreciate. Celebrate Christmas and your kid’s achievement the right way and put up this ornament! The ornament can also be used as a decorative piece afterward, especially since it can stand upright on its thanks to its flat base. Oh and, you can also take this opportunity to give any of the above items a shot as well! It’ll make for a memorable Christmas for your Eagle Scout! 

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20. Decorative Throw Pillow Cover

THIS is what it is all about. Not the pillow cover, but with what this cover represents. Most people think that scout training is a good activity, but it has no practical use for children or young adults. On the contrary! Scout training is perhaps the most important activity that you can enroll your children in. it teaches them important life skills. It’s not considered as a hobby but as a lifestyle, and if you are good at it, then you too can become an Eagle Scout one day! This pillow cover conveys the message brilliantly as it reads, “Being an Eagle Scout is not a hobby; it’s a post-apocalyptic survival skill”. Indeed, when the chips are down, you are most likely to depend on Eagle Scouts than regular folks to survive! 

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