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How to Put Car Seat in Stroller?

How to put car seat in stroller

The car seat adapters are these magical things that connect the car seat to the stroller for safe baby travel. When you leave the house with your baby with you, there will be situations when you need to stop to pick up supplies, and your baby needs to be ready for these situations as well. The car seat adapters will come in very handy in these situations.

What are the car seat adapters?

These gadgets connect the baby car seat to your stroller. There are strollers you can buy that are compatible with the car seat without adapters. Usually, these are called travel systems. But if you don’t own one of those you can eliminate the problem by using a car seat adapter, and you can make the car seat and the stroller work together perfectly.

With the adapters, you will be able to snap the baby car seat into your stroller even if they are not from the same brand. This means when your baby is asleep in the car seat, you will be able to move him/her into the stroller without waking the baby up.

How do these gadgets work?

Let’s assume you have a car seat and a stroller from different brands, and you want them to work together. Well, the car seat adapter can make those two works together for less money than you would spend on buying a new stroller or a new car seat. So, when buying a car seat and stroller from different brands, make sure there is an adapter that can connect these two.

Making sure the car seat and the stroller are compatible

Trust us when we tell you that you won’t be able to connect a baby car seat with any stroller you want. That is why you need to check what strollers are compatible with your car seat. As a new parent, you will probably make the mistake of buying the stroller first and find out later that it is not compatible with the car seat you were eyeing.

That is why it is better to choose the car seat first than to look for a stroller. The main purpose of the car seat is to keep your baby as safely as possible in the event of a car crash. Not every car seat will work for you, so you will need to do your research and select the right one. After that, you can move on to looking for a stroller.

Which car seats work with which strollers?

Before you buy an adapter, you need to make sure that it is the right match between your stroller and your car seat. The model and the year of production for both of them are important. Otherwise, the adapter might not click safely. You can check on the internet about the specifications of your stroller and car seat.

List of stroller brands that offer flexibility about the infant car seat: 

The baby jogger: There are many available adapters for different infant car seats like Graco, Chicco, NUNA, and Britax.

The BOB: There is available an adapter for seven brands like Chicco, Graco, and Britax, etc.

Stroller brands with less car seat flexibility:

Britax: There is one adapter that works with Nuna, Maxi Cosi, and Cybex.

Bugaboo: Few adapters that work with about 7 different brands like Chicco, Peg Perego, Nuna, and Graco.

Strollers that are not compatible with any other car seat:

Graco, Chicco, and Nuna strollers are only compatible with car seats from the same brand. These also do not offer any adapters. Still, their car seat can be compatible with a stroller from different brands.

Car seats are meant to be used in cars, yet we have turned them into an all-purpose baby carrier with the option to carry them with the handles and the option to attach them to a stroller. Just because you can easily carry your baby from one place to another doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about his/her safety.

Places that are safe for your baby car seat:

The safest place for your car seat is, of course, the car. It is its main purpose, after all. Of course, the car seat needs to be properly installed in the car, no matter if it is with or without a base. The car seat, if properly installed, will protect your baby in the event of a car crash.

When you are taking the car seat out of the car, the safest place where you can place the car seat is on the ground. But you have to mindful when doing this. The car seat’s design allows it to sit at a specific angle, and when you put it on the ground, it loses the ability to adjust itself to that angle. This can potentially put your baby at risk if the angle of the seat is too upright. It can cut off the airflow of the baby. The best is to take the baby out of the car seat when you place it on the ground.

The baby car seat can be attached to various strollers which are compatible together. The problem comes if the car seat is not compatible with the stroller and they can’t fit together.

Places that are not safe for your baby car seat:

Never put the car seat with your baby in it on an elevated surface, as they both may fall, and your baby can end up with serious injuries.

Soft surfaces like a couch or a bed are also not a good place for your car seat with your baby in it. There is the risk of the car seat rolling over, and the soft surface can suffocate your baby, or the baby can fall off the bed or the couch and suffer injuries.

Even though you may see these practices a bit too often, placing the car seat on top of a shopping cart with the baby inside is not a safe way to go. Placing the car seat on the shopping cart will make the shopping cart much heavier and a lot more prone to tipping over. If you have to take the car seat while you are in the supermarket, make sure you are placing it in the larger part of the shopping cart where it cannot fall off. Yes, this will take a lot of space from the basket, but your baby is more important. A better option here would be to leave the car seat in the car and place your baby in a carrier.


Buying a baby car seat and stroller will be two of the bigger purchases you will make for your baby. The more convenient way to go is with the travel system. This way, you will be sure that the stroller and the car seat are compatible. Still, if you go with different brands for the two of these, you should know that there are adapters that can make the car seat and the stroller work together.

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