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First Communion Gifts: 20 Best Ideas

First Communion

Congratulations on your loved one’s first communion.

This is truly a day to remember. It represents growth, faith, love, and more. If someone you care about is about to have their first communion, then you ought to celebrate this momentous occasion with the right gift!

Communions are a great time to express your love to someone. It’s a time when they become even closer to Christ and God. One can even consider this as a rebirth of the soul where you begin life anew with a clean slate, being absolved of your sins! 

Our team of experts has come up with a list that we think would suit anyone for this occasion. We have tried to incorporate a mix of things so that we can be as inclusive as possible. Some gifts may be small, but the gesture and heart that they carry have no bounds, especially for this important occasion! 

Check out our best first communion gifts! 

1. Rosary with Holy Water

What better way to celebrate your loved one’s first communion than with a set of the rosary and holy water? This amazing set is the perfect gift item for the occasion not only because it’s super relevant, but because it’s a beautiful gift that represents everything great about communions! Surprise your loved one with this rosary set, which is made from all-natural Job’s Tears. You can add in a small sentimental note to this gift for a deeper impact as well! The entire set comes in a ready-to-gift form, so all you have to do is add wrapping paper over it, and you’re good to go! 

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2. Holy Communion Music Box

This music box is perhaps the best gift for any young person’s communion. If you are looking for a worthwhile gift item that not only looks cute but is eye-catching and relevant to the occasion, then this is it! This music box contains multiple religious songs, tunes, and more! The box comes with an angelic young girl on the top, and with a simple flick of the switch, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite tunes wherever and whenever. The music box makes for a great decorative item and can be great memorabilia as well. 

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3. “Dancing Cross” Heart Necklace

Necklaces are a fail-safe when it comes to gift ideas. This universally accepted jewelry type is the best thing that you can give to a girl, and we think that it also happens to be the right gift for this occasion as well! Every girl looks forward to their communion because it’s a milestone in their life and for their family. After all, celebrations take place after the event! Who wouldn’t want gifts? This necklace is great because it fits the occasion as it features a “dancing cross” in the middle of a heart-shaped necklace. The necklace is infinitely adjustable and will not irritate your girl’s skin even with prolonged use.  

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4. Glass Pearl Prayer Beads

These aren’t your ordinary prayer beads! No, these are the most beautiful pearl-like beads that you will ever come across. With a gift item this good, we are sure that your loved one will always carry this around with them and pray whenever they need to! The beads are made from premium glass pearls that have a stunning shine. These beads come in a stainless-steel round cover that bears a cross. The crucifix is also a wonderful addition to this gift set that makes it even more special! You get the entire package in an anti-silver cover that can hold both the beads and the small cross! Now that’s value! 

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5. Adjustable Macrame Bracelet

Items like this make for great communion gifts because they share a lot of religious aspects. Just looking at the details of the bracelet, you will notice a macrame style that takes inspiration from centuries back when macrame items were heavily used for decoration and trade. This bracelet takes its design cues from that era and breathes new life into it by adding a set of engraved beads with religious symbolism. Any person would appreciate this item for their communion because not only does it fit the event, but it is also stylish and not-boring, unlike other bracelet items you’d come across for communions. 

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6. Resin Stone Keepsake Box

This keepsake box is important for several reasons. Not only is it an adorable gift item, but it’s one that is relevant will come in useful as well! The box features a figure of a praying girl on the top of the lid. The entire thing is made of high-quality resin and is durable enough to be used repeatedly without having the sides chip off over time. We recommend this item because it can be paired with anyone with the wonderful prayer beads that we have listed above. Combine this gift set with a handwritten note, and you will have yourself a winner on your hands! 

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7. First Communion Metal Bookmark

Celebrate your loved one’s first communion with this amazing bookmark. If your loved one is keen on reading the bible every day, then we highly recommend this amazing bookmark. Not only is it made of high-quality metal, but it is also engraved, which adds to the beauty of this bookmark. We are confident that your kid would love to read the bible every day just so that they can use this amazing bookmark. This gift item has a soft ribbon attached on top of it and can also be bought in different designs and colors. Of course, it also happens to be the perfect item for anyone who likes to read in general as well. 

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8. Gift Bag (Decorative Cross)

Here’s a simple but necessary item that you will need for any communion event. This gift bag comes with a religious theme! It’s made for communions since it has a print of the Holy Cross on the front of it. The bag comes in a pleasant color that adds to its beauty. You will also find lots of tissue papers inside to make it even more appealing. The bag is made from high-quality paper that is sourced using sustainable means. The bag also has a dedicated spot on the inside where you can store any sentiment card. 

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9. Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Gift Set

Communion gifts come in all sorts of varieties. You can either have religion-inspired gift items, or you could also go the neutral route and gift something that can help your loved one feel extra special! Take this hand repair gift set by Burt’s Bees as an example. These items are great for communion gifts as well because they encourage good health and hygiene, both of which are highly regarded in any religion. The gift set comes with 3 hand creams, a pair of cotton gloves, and more! The set comes ready-to-gift and would make for a great item for young women! 

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10. First Communion Picture Frame

This picture frame is everything that you need to capture this momentous occasion in one photo. The picture frame comes with a large glass panel with a message at the bottom as well as a metal cross, which is used as an ornament. The picture frame is made with high-quality materials and is durable enough to withstand a few accidental drops as well. The glass is super polished, which means that you can easily wipe off dust, stains, and fingerprints with a simple microfiber cloth. This frame can either be put on a tabletop, or it can also be hanged with ease!  

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11. Be Strong and Courageous Engraved Compass

Compass gift sets are truly a very special item for any occasion. These are meant to be very personal and have been a part of traditional gift-giving for decades. The humble compass represents direction, goals, and progress. These qualities make it the perfect communion gift for many! This special compass is made using high-quality materials and is engraved with a special message that can uplift anyone! It’s meant to be a usable item but is best suited as a decoration piece. The compass features a chain as well, which can be hanged on a wall as well!  

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12. First Communion Gift Small Jewelry Box 

We bet that any girl who has had their first communion would get lots of jewelry and trinkets to mark her special occasion. This is where this jewelry box comes in! not only is this a nifty storage box, but it is also themed with a cross on the top of the box. We think this gift is perfect for young girls who would want to keep themselves organized with a dedicated jewelry box at their side! The box is made from a mix of metal and glass, which makes it durable as well as beautiful. It’s well-designed and can be kept on display on your daughter’s tabletop! 

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13. Mini Tabletop Cross

These types of items are made to be displayed with pride! The tabletop cross has a special engraving on it that congratulates your loved one on their first communion. Made from special alloys and polished to perfection, this cross truly makes for a beautiful tabletop accessory that can add lots of charm to your desk, dinner table, or side table as well. If you are looking for a sweet and small gift item for this event, then this is a great place to start. You can also pair it with other items on our list for an even better package! 

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14. Holy Bears – Teddy Bear

Holy bears! These adorable little bears are made for one purpose only. To make your loved one’s communion a memorable one! These bears are designed to be super soft and ultra-cute! They feature a small bear wearing a bow tie with a Holy Book in its hands. It’s the perfect communion gift for young people. Use it to decorate your kids’ room or surprise them with it and a few other gift items from our list. We are confident that your loved one will be ecstatic to see this hilarious and cute holy bear! Who knows, maybe the bear will inspire them to be more religious! 

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15. First Holy Communion Keepsake Box

Here’s another classy keepsake box. This one is made from a special mix of resin and stone. It looks and feels premium and comes in a cute size that everyone would adore! The keepsake box can hold small items. Things like prayer beads and small crosses would be great for this box as well. The top lid has the words “First Holy Communion” printed on it, which makes it appropriate for the occasion! This item would make for a great decoration piece that can also have a lot of utility to it as well! 

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16. Bisque Porcelain Figurine

This is an adorable one! The bisque colored porcelain figurine of a boy kneeling and praying would melt anyone’s heart! It’s the cutest gift for any young lad’s first communion. The figurine is handcrafted and has a certain artisanal feel to it, which makes it look unique and special. The figurine comes in a box that is ready to be gifted as soon as it arrives. Alternatively, you can use a gift-wrapping paper and add this to the communion gift box we have listed above! 

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17. Jesus with Us: The Gift of the Eucharist

Communions are a special occasion for not just the young, but it’s an important life event for the parents as well. Every parent wants to see their child grow up, succeed, and be a star-citizen. Religion plays an extremely important role in developing a moral compass for the young, and having exceptional role models also plays a huge part in helping children find guidance and focus, especially when they need it the most. Who better a role model than our Jesus Christ? Celebrate Christ with this timeless paperback book that highlights the sacrament of the catholic church. 

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18. Stone Musical Figurine

Play the Lord’s prayer in all its might with this musical box! But this isn’t just any musical box. It is a very special one that is made just for your loved one’s first communion. This music box features a figurine of a little boy and Jesus. It’s a super cute gift item that can have lots of value for the recipient. Made with high-quality materials and crafted with grace, this figurine is perhaps the best gift that you can give for someone’s communion. Bonus: it comes pre-packaged in an individual box and is ready to be gifted as soon as it is delivered to your doorstep! 

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19. Silver Cross Bracelet – Pearl and Swarovski Crystal

As far as bracelets go, they usually max-out at a certain level. There is only so much you can do to make a bracelet feel unique – but this bracelet is just an evolution! The bracelet features a cultured pearl with Swarovski Crystal that gives it a premium look. It’s almost a piece of jewelry than a bracelet, which is why we think it’s great for your loved one’s first communion. The item is made with care and is durable enough to last a lifetime, making it a great gift to look back in nostalgia. Tested for all types of skins, this bracelet is non-irritating and can be adjusted to fit your wrist as well. We recommend gifting this item in combination with the keepsake box listed above for a complete package! 

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20. Set of 3 Flickering Flameless Candles

Even though communions are a religious event, there is no denying the fact that this event marks the start of something else as well. It’s the start of your loved one’s journey to becoming a better adult. It’s a ride that’s full of sadness, happiness, disappointments, success, and even failure. This balanced mix of everything is what philosophers consider as “life” what’s more important here is to remember to live, love, and laugh through it all! If you need to be reminded, then this gift set is what you need. Featuring 3 flickering candles with remote control, each candle has the word “Live”, “Love” and “laugh”. These candles are meant to be set together as they represent the basics of getting through the rollercoaster that we call life. 

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