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Best Baby Gifts for Newborns & Infants: 20 Best Ideas

Best gifts for infants

Let’s be real. Babies are very easy to please. 

The problem begins when you add parents into the equation. Gifts for newborns and infants would’ve been easy if there wasn’t any expectation attached to it. Your goal, ideally, should be to impress the parents of the baby.

If you have been looking online for the right gifts (and we know there are thousands of them), then it is likely that you will suffer from option-fatigue where you are presented with tons of options but only have the budget for one or two. 

Our experts have taken into account the best-selling and trendiest gifts for babies. We are sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for on our list when it comes to newborns and infants. We made sure that we keep a lot of variety with the gifts so that you can easily pick out the best based on the parent’s likes/dislikes.

Here are our best baby gifts for newborns and infants. 

1. SleepyMe Smart Sleep Soother

The Smart Sleep Soother is a modern solution for keeping babies calm and relaxed. This gift item is a great tool to help mothers nurture their children and make them sleep/relax faster. The sleep soother is designed to be a very baby-friendly toy that can be set on any side table. The soother has built-in speakers, lights, and the design feature a cute duckling that is hatching from its shell. If you are looking for the right present for your baby, then this is going to be a great start. The soother is smart and has preset as well. Play your favorite lullabies with a press of a button! 

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2. Carter’s Girls’ 6-Piece Bodysuits

Bodysuits are the cutest gifts one can give to a baby! These gifts are essential and will help the parents of the child as well. With this set, you get a total of 6 amazing bodysuits. Each has a different design and color and will suit all babies! The bodysuits are made with super soft materials and also have a tag-less design that is guaranteed to not irritate your child. Quality stitching makes sure that the bodysuits are extremely comfortable and breathable for the baby. The designs on these bodysuits are also very adorable, and we are sure that you will find all of them to fit your baby nicely! 

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3. Baby rattles teethers for Newborns

This teether set has everything that you would need for your newborn. With several teethers in one place, not only will you save up on cleaning up, but you will also get lots of variety for your child! All the teethers in this set are made from high-quality materials are also non-toxic. There is no choking hazard with this set, but we would still encourage parents to be vigilant of their children at all times. The teether set comes in a cute baby bottle container that has a transparent body. Every teether is colorful, and your child will have a lot of fun with them! it’s a great gift for new parents! 

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4. Tummy Time Water Mat

Here’s another relaxing gift item for your newborn! This amazing water mat by Tummy Time is the best way for your baby to stay relaxed and comfortable. The water mat is made from high-quality materials and is super durable to use as well. The mat comes in multiple colors and is a great way for your children to play and waddle on it. With easy-to-follow instructions and an extremely simple design, there isn’t much that you need to do with this item. Just fill it up with air and use the dedicated water valve to fill in the water! We recommend that you fill up warm water in it as well for a more soothing experience during the chilly winter season. 

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5. Fisher-Price Taco Tuesday Gift Set

This sensory gift item is a great way to entertain your children while at home. Keep them engaged with the vividly colored items included in this wonderful set. The gift set contains a taco, an avocado, and more! The idea of these items is to help your children develop their senses. From the sense of touch to sight, you get an item that will surely keep your little ones busy at all times. The gift set is also a great way for you to decorate their play area or bed as well. The accessories in this set are made from durable and safe materials. There are no toxic materials or compounds added to this set, so you can relax and have your babies have fun on their own! 

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6. Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

Looking for a toy that is more like an investment? Then this rocker is going to blow you away! With extreme value and a brilliant design, this infant-to-toddler rocker will truly become your baby’s home for a long time. The rocker is made to last and features a very simple to use design. The comfort level of this rocker is also amazing as it features multiple positions and presets that you can choose from for various situations. We love the color scheme on this item as well, as it reminds us of the old school rockers but with a modern twist! We are sure your baby will always feel safe and comfortable in this amazing rocker. 

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7. Headband and Scratch Mitten Set

The headband and scratch mitten set is designed to provide maximum comfort to your loved one. The headbands feature an extremely cute design with a lot of great color options too! The mittens are made from high-quality materials that will never irritate the skin of your baby. The included design and color choices make this an amazing gift for any gender. Yes, these are unisex! We are sure that any baby with these adorable headbands or mittens would look cute! 

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8. Newborn Lounger

This lounger is a great item for any baby. It provides cushioning and a great resting experience for your child. The lounger is made using high-quality materials and features a simple design that will help your baby stay relaxed. Unlike other lounges that irritate the skin, this one will surely keep your baby in one place without making them cry! Available in a very cool color and design, this award-winning item will surely impress the parents! It’s washable and can be cleaned rather easily if you were to spill something on it too! 

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9. Carrier for newborns

Here’s another essential item that will come of great use to the parents of the newborn! The Infantino advanced 4 in 1 designed carrier is made to provide versatility and convenience to the parents. Just put on the strap and slide in your child in multiple configurations. You can have them either facing your chest for when you want them to sleep, and you can also have them facing the front for times when you want them to explore the world with you! The product is super comfortable and is made using high-quality materials. The best part is that you can use this product for at least 2 years as it is designed for older babies as well. 

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10. Baby Toys Rattles Set

What’s better than one rattle toy? Well, a set of 10, of course! This amazing rattle toy set is perfect for everyday use and is designed to keep your baby engaged for a long time! The rattles are made using high-quality plastic that is completely safe to use for children. The non-toxic rattles are fortunately not a choking hazard and will provide your kid with hours of fun. Designed to be eye-catching, the rattles make for great sensory objects as well. They come in multiple shapes and sizes, so your kid will have a great time using these regardless of what they pick as their favorite! 

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11. Lily Miles Baby Diaper Caddy

Yet another great essential item that many people want but don’t get around to buying for whatever reason. This is your chance to impress the baby’s parents with this amazing diaper caddy. This caddy is designed to be durable, convenient, and of course, super portable. It can carry all your baby’s essential items and more. With a very sober design and a comfortable handle, we think this is the most comfortable caddy that we have seen! We are sure that the parents will love it as well! 

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12. Floor Mirror

This simple gift item can have a lot of impact on any child’s development. The floor mirror is more than just a mere mirror toy. It’s a gateway to learning for your child! Help them to recognize faces, features, shapes, and more. This mirror will help develop your child’s understanding of their environment and will also help them to recognize their face as well. This is a crucial activity that will immensely help your child to grow and even develop intrapersonal skills. Studies show that most shy children tend to have little face time during their development with faces. This is one gift item that will leave a lasting impact!  

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13. 25-Piece Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit 

The 25-piece Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit is the perfect way for you to surprise the parents of any newborn! This is yet another essential item that truly is everything that you will ever need in a grooming and healthcare kit. The kit contains a lot of essential items like a thermometer, a rattle, a bottle, and much, much more! All items included in this set are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be super kid-friendly. This set comes in a cool blue color that makes it very eye-catching as well. You get this prepacked item meaning that you can gift it as it is! 

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14. Baby Fleece Footed Jumpsuit Pram

This fleece footed Jumpsuit Pram is the perfect gift for any newborn. Made using high-quality fabric and featuring a white design, this jumpsuit brings together design, style, and function in one adorable package. The jumpsuit can easily fit any child, and since it is unisex, you can mix and match without knowing the gender as well! Available in multiple colors and prints, we are sure that you will find all of these prints to be equally adorable and comfortable for the little one. 

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15. Baby Hat 

A baby hat is a necessary styling item for children. The reason why we put style first is that most parents prefer things that not only serve their purpose but also look great on their child. What’s the use of gifting something that will never come in use? This baby hat is designed to complement any baby’s wardrobe. Made with high-quality fabric that will never itch or cause allergies, the beanie hat is perfect for the winter season and will make your kid look super adorable as well. It provides excellent insulation, and the design is sufficient enough to cover both ears! It truly is a great beanie hat for babies! 

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16. Cozy Fleece and Sherpa Booties

A cozy baby is a happy baby! The fleece and Sherpa Booties are made with super soft materials, which give them a cloudlike feeling. They will never irritate or cause rashes. With the unique slide-on design of these booties, putting mitts on your little kittens has never been this easy. The booties are available in multiple sizes and can be worn on any occasion as well. They are designed to be washable so you can throw them in with your baby’s load and be carefree for once! Remember, your goal should be to provide comfort to the child so that the baby doesn’t cause a ruckus for the parents! 

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17. Musical Dancing Penguin Toy

Color, sound, music, and lights: the makings of any great gift for babies! This toy has everything you would want in a toy that is specifically designed for babies. You get an assortment of tunes, an adorable looking penguin design, a cute dancing feature, vivid colors, and flashing lights to grab the attention of any child. This isn’t just a toy it’s a development tool for parents! The toy is made using high-quality material and is durable enough to withstand multiple blows! It works using batteries and can also be stored away very easily. The best part about this toy is the fact that you get buttons on the front that control volume, modes, and more! 

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18. Baby Bear Hooded Towel

The baby bear hooded towel is made for one purpose and one purpose only: to make your baby look extra adorable. Forget the fact that it’s an extremely well-made and high-quality towel that can dry your baby’s skin in a way that doesn’t irritate or cause any rashes. The towel is cute first and functional second! If you have been looking for something cute that can be used frequently, then this is the gift that you should get for your baby! The tower is perfect for parents who want their kids to look cute, after all, it will motivate them to keep going, even through those sleepless nights. 

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19. Baby Sign Language Made Easy

Did you know that there is an even more effective way than just shouting out words at your baby? Sign language is the perfect way to communicate with your child even if you don’t understand a word that they say. Humans had inherently had a system of communication long before we learned how to talk through language. These instinctual signs can help you identify what your baby needs and what they feel during different times of the day. You get 100 signs that you can learn to be a better parent. We think this is another one of the most essential items that have to be on any gift list! 

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20. What to Expect When You’re Expecting 

A beloved book that is now also available in audio format. The timeless book brings together a story that will help your friends who are expecting to be more prepared for what’s to come. The entire point of this book is to help new parents who are expecting their newborn to learn and understand what it takes to become good parents. It’s a learning process even with the book, but at least things will get a bit easier for everyone once the baby arrives! 

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