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The 10 Best Infant Car Seats to Buy Right Now

Our Top Picks:

Top 10 Infant Car Seats

Best Overall

Chicco KeyFit 30


There is a quality-oriented base that enables you to carry out the seat while detaching the base from it. The carrier is easy to move and flexible to be attached to the base. Parents love the way Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat deals with the portability issues.

It comes with a price range of $180 to $220, which is quite economical and affordable. The installation of the Chicco KeyFit 30 is one of its charms that cannot be overlooked.

You can install the car seat easily through the seat belt installation method as well as the LATCH method. Chicco KeyFit 30 comes with a ReclineSure leveling foot pedal and RideRight bubble level indicators to help you set the most appropriate configurations.

Surprisingly, you can attach the seat carrier with many stroller systems, especially those under the banner of Chicco manufacturing. KeyFit 30 can accommodate a baby of 4 to 30 lbs of weight. It means that your baby can enjoy all the years of early childhood.

The maximum height limit is 32 inches, which might seem relatively low. However, 32 inches is quite an average for 2 years old kiddie. However, a baby with 3 years of age can also have 32 inches of height.

Chicco KeyFit 40 comes with removable head and body supports that make it one of the flexible options to consider. When it comes to safety, KeyFit 30 comes with a powerful EPS foam that enables it to provide a sturdy side-impact protection capability.

The five-point harness adds an additional layer of safety assurance. Chicco KeyFit 30 proves to be flexible and one of the best infant car seats on the market that is easy to install as well as safe.

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Chicco KeyFit 30 Review

What We Like

  • Impact Absorption
  • Convenient Installation
  • Affordable and Economical
  • Five-Point Harness

What We Don't Like

  • Too Wide Design
  • Small Sunshade

Best High-End

Nuna Pipa


The Nuna Pipa infant car seat is one of the best-in-class car seat models on the market today. This model comes with a rigid LATCH anchor device built into it. In addition, its composite construction with a canopy covering everything, and a load leg makes it rich in quality. This seat may be a decent choice, despite not being the easiest seat to use or with the best crash results.

While you have to take into account the drawbacks it brings with respect to low scores in safety outcomes, this model will be an excellent investment for you and your kids. You’re going to have a car seat with two amazing characteristics: comfort and quality. If you want the best car seat, follow us with this advice and do not hesitate to buy this simple model from Nuna Pipa, to give your child the best car seats.

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Nuna Pipa

What We Like

  • Beautiful design
  • Excellent safety features
  • High-quality
  • Lightweight
  • Wide compatibility with different strollers

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn’t come with a rebound bar
  • No-rethread harness

Best Budget

Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 LX


Infant car seats with an economical price tag can be a blessing for you as parents. Before looking out for a budgeted seat, we may think of finding a low-quality seat because usually, low-priced car seats offer low-quality.

Luckily, that is not the case with the Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 LX infant car seat. It comes with a price tag between $150 to $180, which is quite nominal. It offers a lot of wealthy features such as high safety standards with the approval of child passenger safety technician bodies.

It comes with a good-quality base, and SnugLock can be used with or without the base as it comes with both options. It can accommodate your baby until he/she is with 35lbs of weight. When the weight is converted to age, it becomes almost 3 years of age.

You can install it in just three simple steps through the seat belt or the LATCH system of your vehicle. It provides the compatibility to connect itself with a stroller. Now you don’t need to worry about traveling with your little one.

There are four different recline positions in the Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 seat. The removable seat is easy to carry and use. It is a lightweight solution to all of your problems.

Surprisingly, there is a large canopy that will protect your baby from the harsh sun rays. Harmful UV rays will not be able to touch your baby while sleeping.

When it comes to safety, it comes with a ProtectPlus safety feature built by the Graco engineers. How safe and easy to handle a seat defines its quality, and Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 proves itself in this department to be competent.

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Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 LX Infant Car Seat

What We Like

  • Three-Step Installation
  • Convenient Handle Adjustment
  • Graco’s ProtectPlus Safety
  • Protection of Canopy

What We Don't Like

  • Not Adaptable for Larger Babies
  • Tricky to Use the LATCH System

Best for Triplets

Diono Radian RXT


The Diono Radian RXT infant seat is a lifesaver for parents as it can be used to accommodate almost all the lifespans of their little ones till the age of 120 pounds. When converted into the age numbers, it gives us the number 10. It comes with a price range of $220 to $260.

It is a premium convertible car seat despite a few design features. It comes with a thin design that means you can place up to 3 seats in the back of your vehicle simultaneously.

How easily can you install a baby seat? The Diono Radian RXT has the answer to it. The SuperLATCH connectors are here to give you surety of having a properly installed seat. You can also use the seat belt system of your vehicle to install it.

It is portable and easy to carry alongside the approval of the FAA to use in an airplane. There is a 2-in-1 headrest that offers ultimate comfort and support. A quality-rich memory foam padding in the seat cushions makes it comfortable to enjoy long rides.

Although it is an expensive option, you can think of it as a smart choice. The reason behind this title is its versatility and adaptability. There is a removable infant insert that can be removed if your baby outgrows the infant’s age numbers.

It has a reinforced steel frame that makes it one of the best seats in other car infant seats—packed up with a strong structure that will not make you disappointed in the case of a mishap. In general, it is safe and easy to use a car seat with healthy features.

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Diono Radian RXT

What We Like

  • Fits 3 Across in a Car
  • Comfortable Memory Foam
  • Removable Infant Insert
  • Compatible Up to 120 Pounds

What We Don't Like

  • Limited Passenger Legroom
  • Single Recline Angle in Rear-Facing Mode

Best for Convenience

Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller


It’s not easy to get around in a city with a child. Many of the newborn car seats are significant before the baby is even strapped in. They launched the Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller Combo, the world’s first blend item complete with a completely integrated travel system. No need to bring both a stroller and a car seat anymore, as Doona’s protected and down-to-earth setup allows busy parents to switch from a car seat to a stroller in a moment or two. The best part is you won’t be upsetting a sleeping child when you move from vehicle to buggy or the other way around.

The Doona Infant car seat stroller is the first of its kind. The key advantage of this hybrid is that it has both a stroller mode and an infant car seat, and it solves the issue of carrying both a stroller and a car seat that can be an issue. You’re going to love this if you’re a travel enthusiast. We think those parents should get Doona who buys a car seat for their baby for the first time, as Doona not only guarantees the safety of your baby but is also compact and easy to transfer between the stroller mode and the car seat.

The Doona Infant car seat can be used for children from birth to 32 inches or 35 pounds.

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What We Like

  • It’s two in one – car seat and a stroller
  • Compact sizes make Doona very portable
  • Easy to switch between a stroller and a car seat

What We Don't Like

  • Handle’s height doesn’t adjust high enough for taller people
  • May not suit for various car models.
  • Expensive

Best for Flexibility

Britax B Safe 35


Britax B-Safe 35 Infant car seat comes with the ability to accommodate your baby weighing from 4 to 35 pounds. It comes with a powerful SafeCell technology,, an enhanced feature for dealing with safety concerns.

The sturdy side-impact protection cannot be ignored because it adds up an extra layer to the car seat safety. Besides being a safe option, the Britax B Safe 35 is a sign of car seat flexibility.

It comes with a SafeCenter LATCH installation that is unique from the ordinary LATCH installation systems. However, B-Safe comes with only one base that might be a problem for parents.

Luckily, the Britax B-Safe 35 is FAA approved car seat that means you can use it on airplane journeys without any worries. When we observe the design, a large canopy makes its way out from other dramatic features.

Now parents can move their babies no matter how hot or sweaty the sun goes. You can place two seats on the back seat of your vehicle. The Britax B-Safe 35 is compatible with various stroller systems, especially that comes under the label of Britax.

Its retail price falls in between the numbers of $180 to $220, which is quite economical with that much flexibility. Its compact style makes it capable of providing your baby the ultimate comfort and safety.

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Britax B-Safe 35

What We Like

  • Easy Installation
  • Big Canopy
  • FAA Approved
  • Compact Style

What We Don't Like

  • Manually Washable Seat Cover
  • Rear-Facing Only

Best for Small Kids

Chicco Fit2


When you see the Chicco Fit2, you’ll note at first sight how it stands out above other car seats on the market. This model comes with a unique design that allows quick and secure installation, a feature that is critical when buying a car seat. It also blends this protection with a unique design that offers comfort and support to your child.

Are you looking for a car seat that looks nice and, at the same time, gives your child maximum safety? So the Chicco Fit2 is what you’re looking for because the Chicco company knows what parents are looking for and creates their designs to suit their needs. These are some of the characteristics you need to know about Chicco Fit2: the anti-rebound bar at the base, adjusting the one-hand handle, adjustable reclining foot, seatbelt lock-off at the base, and that the handle may be locked into multiple positions in the vehicle.

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Chicco Fit2

What We Like

  • Anti-rebound bar base
  • The LATCH system is easy to install
  • It has high quality and comfort
  • Allows adjusting European seatbelt routing
  • Easy to change the base from infant to toddler mode

What We Don't Like

  • After the child is 2 years old, the seat may no longer work
  • It is one of the heaviest compared to other seats
  • Not compatible with all strollers

Best for Safety



An infant car seat that cannot be compared with any other when it comes to safety – here you have the UPPAbaby MESA! One of the most dependable seats on the market with expressive crash test results.

The weight recommendations are 4 to 35 pounds, which means you can have it ready for your little one until the age of 2 years. It’s one of the most admirable options not only because it’s safe, but it also comes with convenient installation methods.

Although it is a heavyweight option, you can use it with various strollers as it is compatible with most of them. Now, having a weighty infant seat isn’t a problem anymore. Just plug in the LATCH connectors and see the magic of

There is a good-quality canopy that gives SPF protection to your baby. The headrest of the UPPAbaby MESA luckily has an integrated side-impact protection feature. It has a sturdy structure as well as a well-built body.

The price range of the UPPAbaby MESA is between $290 to $350, which seems to be an expensive model. You can buy it if you want a seat that is ultimately safe and loved by parents due to its comfortability and quality.

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What We Like

  • Soft and Breathable fabric
  • Convenient Installation
  • Premium Design
  • Ultimate Safety

What We Don't Like

  • Heavyweight
  • Manual-Wash Only
  • Expensive

Best for Handling

Baby Trend Flex-Loc


Handling remains the main focus if you are a regular family traveler or face problems while dragging out the heavy infant seats throughout your rides. The Baby Trend Flex-Loc infant car seat is here to make your life at ease.

The reason behind its famousness is not any other than convenient handling as it follows a lightweight and user-friendly architecture. The harness is one-hand adjustable. It’s weight limits are 5 to 30 lbs along with a maximum height of 32 inches.

You can now adjust the height of the seat by just using a push button. You can also move the car seat without the base and go wherever you want to go without any hesitation.

A large number of stroller systems are compatible with the Baby Trend Flex-Loc seat. It is easy to install because it has room for the LATCH connectors. Another great feature of the seat is its narrow structure from which you can get the ultimate benefit if you have a small vehicle.

The back seat can easily accommodate three Baby rend Flex-Loc infant car seats. A seat belt system can also be used for the installation. However, its design is a bit oldish, and you will get a below-average quality if the comfort is concerned as a parameter.

Its price falls between the range of $60 to $100, which is quite nominal. If you have a limited budget and your needs match with the feature of handling, it is a viable option. However, if you have a good budget, we prefer finding some other seats from this list.

Baby Trend Flex-Loc Infant Car Seat

What We Like

  • Fits-3 Across
  • Convenient Installation
  • Lightweight
  • Nominal Price

What We Don't Like

  • Not Reliable Support to Small Kids
  • Not Quite Comfortable

Best for Portability

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35


If your primary concern is to have an infant car seat with extreme portability features, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35 is here to meet you. It comes with a base that you can leave in the car while getting out of your seat from the vehicle.

It’s lightweight and compact, as well as easy to install. Thanks to the color-coding on the straps. There is extra support for the baby’s neck and bottoms so that you don’t need to worry about the adjustability.

All of these support units are adjustable individually to make your baby feel comfortable and relaxed. The breathable fabric will make it easy for your little one to have a good sleep while you drive.

The weight limit is 4 to 35 pounds that makes it compatible for up to a child of 2 years old. It’s one of the best infant car seats on the market because it also brings a lot of safety features like side-impact protection and convenient installation through LATCH as well as seat belt systems.

There is a full-fledged five-point harness capability that makes it even more compact and safe. This car seat comes with a price range of $280 to $320, which is a bit higher than the normal car seats. Infants love to ride on it for comfortable journeys.

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Infant Car Seat

What We Like

  • Grows with your Baby
  • Ergonomic Design
  • High-Quality Safety
  • Plush Interior

What We Don't Like

  • Confusing Strap System
  • Carry-handle and canopy cannot be used simultaneously

Things to Consider Before Buying an Infant Car Seat

There are many options to choose from when you are looking out for an infant car seat. You have to be sure about which infant car seat you are going to buy. What specifications you require, and the characteristics of an infant car seat you are looking for.

Your final decision should consist of overlooking various factors, as mentioned below.


Safety should be your first consideration while looking for an infant car seat because it is the car seat’s ultimate goal. All the safety features should be according to the recognized safety standards.

Side-impact protection is considered to be one of the key features that protect your child from sides. Because car seat sides are more vulnerable to damages in case of an accident, side-impact protection enabled infant seats should be your priority.

The harness system is also a key player in the field of car seat safety. An infant car seat’s flexibility should be measured because it plays a crucial role in emergencies.

Most of the infant car seats come with a harness system along with high-quality straps. The ability of the best infant car seat can be considered by having a convertible structure. This convertible structure refers to conversion from forward-facing to rear-facing modes.

In short, it is one of the best practices to find an infant car seat with a good number of safety features. It is also a good consideration to look for a child passenger safety technician’s approval while looking out for these seats.

Age Range

When it comes to the age factor, infant car seats usually don’t come with extra years of support after the birth phase. This is because they have made the design according to the physical seating demands of an infant.

However, there are some infant car seat models as well that offers more durable age numbers. These numbers can be up to 5 to 7 years. Some infant car seats also work as convertible car seats and can be compatible for up to 12-years-old kiddies.

Infant car seats with convertible structures also help you customize the settings. If you have an economical budget and want to have a quality-rich infant seat with good age coverage, our list is waiting for your observation.


Comfort is the priority that cannot be replaced by anything else while considering choosing an infant car seat. Your child remains relaxed, no matter how long the journey goes.

Many infant car seats provide various features to provide extra comfort to your baby. Parents always look for a seat with safety features, comfort, and easy to install capabilities.

Some infant seats come with thin cushions and flexible headrest structures, while others bring quality-oriented fabric. We have gathered all the necessary information for you to know about how much comfort these seats can provide to us.


Parents love to buy an infant car seat for their baby with the surprising features of portability. Since dragging the heavyweight infant car seats throughout the journey doesn’t seem wise, portable infant seats have surprised the entire market.

How much better would it be for you to just simply put the infant seat out of your vehicle and make the seat a vehicle itself? Seats without the base and with the base proves to be quite different when it comes to ease of use.

A base can make the life of parents easier than ever before! Yes, it doesn’t only make the seat safe but also easy to install and configure. Having an infant seat is a lifesaver for you if you have the features representing its portability.


Who likes to put the seat cleaning tools in their hands all the time? Infant car seats are the ones most vulnerable to stains. The reason behind this factor is the naughty behaviors of your little one.

There are a lot of infant car seats in the market that offers machine-washability. Some car seats can be washed out manually and don’t support machine-washing.

Parents usually love car seats with the ability to wash them easily. Make sure to choose an infant seat, which is easier to clean and carry.


If an infant car seat is not properly installed, it can risk both the safety and comfort of your child. Make sure to have an infant car seat with easy to install configuration.

You can install infant car seats through LATCH connectors as well as the seat belt system of your vehicle. The method of LATCH connectors is considered safer than the seat belt system.

There are also two different patterns for installing the infant car seats. You can install these seats with or without the base. Of course, there are pros and cons of both of these patterns; installation with the base is considered more reliable and efficient.


How much your chosen infant car seat can last? Good quality infant car seats always provide a good number of active years. It means that you can use an infant car seat for more than five years.

It provides you the ability to use it for more than one baby as well. A durable infant car seat will always help parents because it offers high-quality features and safety throughout its use.

Usually, an infant car seat is used for two to three years, and if the car seats don’t provide an extended weight limit, there could be a lower number than this. An infant car seat with ease of use and an additional weight limit should be the choice.


Price plays a vital role in the suitability of an infant car seat. There are a lot of car seats in the medium level range that provides high-quality features.

It is not necessary with the car seats that an expensive car seat would be of great quality. There could be an infant car seat with fewer features and more price comparative to others.

You should explore all these listed infant car seats to have better exposure to what you should be targeting. Choosing a safe and comfortable car seat should be your primary goal.


A quality-oriented infant car seat follows all the child passenger safety standards. Many infant car seat manufacturers provide unique design features. These include rear-facing to forward-facing capability, flexibility, and extra layers of comfort.

The design comprises of all the essential features from ease of installation to comfortability. It should be compatible with your vehicle as well as your requirements. The flexible design will always be beneficial for you as a parent.

FAQ About Infant Car Seats

What Makes a Best Infant Car Seat?

There are various aspects you need to consider before labeling an infant car seat, “a good one.” These are as follows:

  • Comfortability: It proves to be a vital sign of a good infant car seat as it is directly related to your baby’s relaxation during the ride. Seats with high-quality and breathable fabric, along with flexibility, are the primary features providing comfort.
  • Safety: Safety remains one of the most important factors of the best infant car seats. Infant car seats with side-impact safety prove to be a great addition to this department.
  • Compactness: A seat can be the best infant car seat if it follows the standards of great design. Good design consists of incorporating portability, compatibility with different strollers, and convenient usage.

What are the Essentials to Travel through Airplane with an Infant Car Seat?

The first and foremost thing is to ensure that your infant car seat complies with the FAA standards. It is necessary to make sure that it’s completely aligned with all those standards, and you will get the information by exploring the manufacturer’s website or the instructions manual.

What is the Importance of Base in an Infant Car Seat?

The best infant car seat consists of a good base oriented structure. The base supports the proper fitting of the car seat into your vehicle as well as provides extra support to the stability of it on the back seat. The base also provides ease of conversion from rear-facing to forward-facing positions.

In the best infant car seat, the base can be detached and left in your vehicle while you move the infant car seat from it. When you plan to place the infant car seat into your vehicle again, just placing the seat onto the base does the job without any additional effort.

What is the Difference between an Infant Car Seat and Convertible Car Seat?

Infant car seats are specially designed to adapt to newborns and infants. These car seats are developed with the aim to provide specific features to the newcomers or infants only.

Young children feel more comfortable and safe in it because of its specialized features for them. However, some of the best infant car seat/seats do come with children’s support up to 7 and even 10-years-old.

On the other hand, convertible car seats are specially designed to take care of children’s concerns up to their school-going days. These car seats are usually used for children from 2/3 to 10 years of age.

Their design consists of conversion-ability from rear-facing to forward-facing, and even some seats also provide the ability to become high-back or backless booster seats. However, there are a few convertible car seats that also provide an infant car seat’s capabilities.

Do you need a Canopy?

The canopy can really make a difference because if you are living in areas where the sun is really making you sweaty, you are surely in need of a canopy. It also protects your little one from the harsh UV rays and harmful sunlight. The best infant car seat usually consists of a good-quality canopy.

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