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Thank You Gift Ideas: 20 Best Ideas


Sometimes the best way to thank someone is to give them a meaningful gift. 

Have you wanted to thank someone for all that they have done for you? Your gift may be for your boss, a colleague, a family member, or even your partner. What matters is that they know that you value them.

Our experts have designed this list for instances when words just aren’t enough. We have compiled the best and most meaningful gifts that we could find online. Our goal, as always, has been to incorporate different kinds of gifts for different people so that there is something for everyone, and we are confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for here!

Check out our top Thank You gift ideas: 

1. Thank You, Card, with Envelope

Starting the list, here is something basic that will make a lot of impacts. Whatever item you choose from our list, you have to start with this Thank You card. The card is made from premium materials that make it feel dense. Unlike other paper cards, these are made with special care and have a bit of weight to them as well. These thank you cards are perfect for topping off any gift item. Make a basket or wrap an individual gift with this card on top to complete the look. The card says “Thank You” on top and also has space inside for a personal handwritten note. This card set also comes with a high-quality paper envelope. If you want to make an impression, then you have to start with the basics! 

2. Hanes Men’s Slippers House Shoes

Looking to thank and impress your boss? Why not get these amazing casual wear slippers? The Hanes Men’s slippers are made from durable and high-quality materials, which makes them super comfortable to wear. They have an amazing overall finish, and we can’t recommend this gift enough for older people as well. Even if you don’t plan on giving this to your boss, you can also gift this to your brother, father, or anyone else. The shoes come in a sober color, and with its minimalistic design, they are truly mature footwear for classy people. 

3. Chocolate Candy Bars

If you ask us or our editorial team, they will say that the best thank you gift is the one that includes chocolates. Check out this pack of assorted “commercial” chocolates! We say “commercial” because it contains the holy trinity of mass-chocolates. This pack includes Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, and 3 Musketeers. With 18 chocolate bars, we are confident that you will be able to more than adequately thank the recipient. These chocolates have been a fan favorite for many over generations, so we doubt that your special person will dislike any of them! It’s a safe bet and a great way to say thank you as well. 

4. Amazon Surprise in a Mini Envelope

Do you want a more personal gift item rather than an eGift card? Then you should look into this one instead. Amazon brings yet another tangible gift card. This one comes in a cute mini envelope. While most gift cards can be sent to family and friends, if you are looking into thanking a co-worker, then we strongly recommend this professional and sober-looking gift card. The color and design choices on this item make it very attractive for a corporate gift. You can pre-load it and order it at home. Deliver it in person to the recipient. We are sure they are going to love it. 

5. Lindt Swiss Luxury Boxed Chocolate

If you don’t want the regular run-of-the-mill chocolates, then we recommend that you look into this assorted pack of premium chocolates by Lindt. This brand has been at the center of everything chocolate for decades. If you want to make an impression with the recipient of this item, then this box of chocolates will surely leave their mark! The chocolates come in premium packaging as well. The gold color box portrays the chocolates as something akin to gold. Pair this item with a thank you note, and you are good to go! 

6. eGift Card

Are you looking for a casual and personal thank you gift? The Amazon eGift Card is the perfect way to pleasantly surprise and thank someone. The gift card can be pre-loaded with a set amount. These gift cards are best for people in your family. For example, you can load up this gift card with an amount, and perhaps your sibling or a parent can go online and order anything of their liking from Amazon. It’s a sure-fire way of ensuring that your recipient will get exactly what they want. Customize the card any way you like by selecting from different themed cards. You won’t even have to lift a finger! Just a few keyboard strokes, and you’re done. We wouldn’t call this a lazy way out – it’s how most people gift and shop in 2020! 

7. Jessica Simpson Faux Fur House Slipper

We can’t just mention a men’s house slipper without evening the playing field! Here’s an equally great gift item for women! The Jessica Simpson Fur House Slippers are known for their comfort and design. These are premium slippers that are meant to hug your feet. We guarantee that once your recipient slips these on, they will thank you from the bottom of their heart. Nothing beats a comfortable and fashionable gift for women. If you have been looking for something classy, then these slippers will be an easy purchase. These slippers are made from faux fur, and the ergonomic design guarantees an all-day comfortable footwear experience.

8. Stainless-Steel Tumbler

This special stainless-steel tumbler reads, “thank you for being awesome.” If the recipient of this item is a beverage lover, then this is going to turn out to be the right choice! The tumbler is made from high-grade materials, and the insulation technology used in between the bottle walls guarantees a hot or cold experience like no other. This tumbler is capable of keeping hot beverages hot and cold ones chilly throughout the day! The tight lid securely closes and creates a vacuum seal that ensures zero-spillage and all-day thermal management. Throw in some ice cubes and tightly close the lid. We are sure you’ll still find pieces of the cubes by the end of the day! 

9. Starbucks Gift Card 

Buying coffee is a great way to thank someone, especially if they are a fan of Starbucks. This eGift card is another great example of doing more with less. Just set an amount for this gift card, and within a few clicks, it will be sent to the recipient’s email address. The card can also be sent via SMS. The great thing about having this card is that you can purchase anything with it, from coffee to bagels to shakes and everything in between. We are confident that your special person will, yet again, thank you for this. It’s a sweet gesture that will go a long way!

10. Porcelain Thank You Christmas Tree Ornament

This one is a double whammy. Christmas is right around the corner, and if you also happen to thank someone for all that they have done for you, then this simple ornament is a great way to top off any gift. You also have the choice of gifting this stand-alone as part of a Christmas decorative piece. The ornament is made from pure porcelain and comes in a polished white color. There is sentimental text on the front with an easy and conveniently located hanger on top. The printed design on this item is also very cute and is a sweet way of thanking anyone close to you. There are several texts that you can choose from, so make sure you choose the best and most appropriate one for your recipient! 

11. Nike e-Gift Card

Nike makes it super easy to shop this holiday season. Send this gift card and show your appreciation! The card can be loaded up to $2000 and can be used for any item on the official Nike store. That’s not all. You can also customize this gift card by attaching a delivery date and personalized message as well. Nike is a universally liked brand, and with its wide variety of sporting goods and other clothing items, we think it’s the best place to shop for premium items. You are sure to impress anyone that you send this card to! 

12. Gildan Men’s Crew T-Shirt Multipack

 Are you looking to show some appreciation for someone special? Then why not go for this T-shirt pack? The Gildan Men’s T-shirt pack is designed for everyday wear. The shirts are manufactured using durable fabric that is resistant to tear and will not fade with multiple machine washes. The shirts are easy to iron and can be thrown under or over any clothing item. They are perhaps the best causal clothing option available, and if you are looking for an appropriate gift, then this shirt pack is a very easy recommendation. You also have the option to choose between multiple sets. Each set has different colored shirts! 

13. Uber Eats Gift Card – Email Delivery

 This item is an easy buy for siblings. Sometimes the best way to thank someone is to fill their tummies! If your brother or sister has helped you out of a tight jam, then you should thank them by buying them lunch or dinner! Can’t take them out due to quarantine? No problem. Uber Eats brings this super convenient gift card so that you can send it to your loved ones from the comfort of your chair. The gift card works exactly like you’d expect it to. Just load it up with up to $200, choose a personalized message, and send it! The best part is that you can repeatedly use this card for multiple occasions. The card is a digital product, so it’s likely to never get misplaced by your sibling either!

14. Bamboo Tumbler with Tea Infuser & Strainer

 Here’s a classy option! This bamboo tumbler is truly amazing. Not only does it have great aesthetics, but it is super useful for infusing tea as well! The tumbler also has a strainer, which is a welcome addition and is a feature that we wish most tumblers had. The tumbler has a vacuum seal top that guarantees superior insulation. The body of this tumbler is made from bamboo, while the top and bottom structure have a stainless-steel finish. We are sure that the person you gift this to is going to be using this item for a very long time!

15. Adorable Amazon Card in a Flower Pot

As far as gift cards go, this one is the prettiest. Amazon brings yet another way to celebrate and appreciate your loved ones. This gift card by the worldwide giant brings you the power to shop from an unlimited catalog from the comfort of your home. The gift card can be topped up with a maximum of $2000, which is ideal for most shopping items. The best thing about this one is that it comes with a flower pot-themed card – complete with a bow! The gift card will be sent in person with a personalized message. It’s a great way to thank anyone! 

16. Multi-Item Thank You Gift Set

Socks, a soy candle, a tumbler, and more! This gift set is ideal for people who aren’t sure what to buy for someone that they want to thank. The set contains a lot of different items. For example, you get a themed tumbler with an appreciative sentiment on it. You also get a wonderful scented candle and more! All items are high-quality and will surely impress anyone you send it to! All the items in this gift set follow a similar theme, so they look like one big thank you set! With fast shipping, it’s an amazing item that can be used to quickly appreciate anyone for any occasion! 

17. Google Play gift code

This one is for the young or the young at heart! Bring the joy of games and more with this Google Play gift code. The code works exactly like a gift card. You’d be emailing the gift card with a custom theme message. This one also has a “thank you” theme on it. Load it up and send it within seconds. The code can be used to redeem store and in-game purchases as well. You can also buy apps with this, and as a bonus, you may also be able to redeem this card to buy subscription services on an android device, which means that this is a ‘wild’ gift card that can be anything you want it to be! 

18. Hangable Sign – Thank You Gift 

If you want to thank your parents, then you’d have to set the bar very high – but we think you can start with this small gesture. This beautiful signboard is something that can be quickly wrapped up and sent. The signboard says, “thank you for your wisdom, patience, and friendship.” We think this would make a great gift for your mentor or parents. The signboard can easily be hung up on any surface. Made with durable PVC, this gift item is going to last a long time and will always be a reminder of how appreciative you are towards the recipient. 

19. The Bon Appetit Gourmet Food Gift Basket 

This is the most thorough gift basket we have ever seen. This gift basket has too many items to list down. You will have to see it to believe the value that this item brings to the table. It’s simply multiple gift ideas wrapped in one neat package – or should we say basket. From chocolates to cookies and more! If you want to impress anyone with your “thank you” gift, then start here. Also, as a bonus, if the recipient is old enough, then you can also pair this basket with a couple of wine bottles and turn this into an unstoppable gift item! 

20. Best Buy Gift Card

With all the crazy deals and exclusive items that you can buy from Best Buy, we think this will make for a great “thank you” present! This gift card follows the same theme as others in its category. Gift cards are easy purchases because you are simply buying a blank slate. Giving people money for gifts is not socially acceptable – thank God these gift cards exist. Best Buy boasts a huge catalog. The difference is that with this retailer, you can shop for your home as well. Instead of spending all of the gift money on one item, you can spread out your purchase among different categories! We truly think that there is no better way to thank someone than to give them the freedom to shop for themselves. 

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