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Best Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls: 20 Best Ideas

Gifts for teenage girls

Teenage girls can be very hard to impress. 

Whether it’s shoes, toys, books, clothes, or more – you can never truly pinpoint exactly what a teenager would want as a gift for any occasion. The best you can do is guess or try to pick up on the subtle indications. 

If your favorite girl has a birthday or a special event coming up, then you would need a gift that would fit her mood and also fulfill her wish list—confused about where to begin? Luckily, we are here to make things super easy! 

Our team of experts has designed this list to cater to every type of teen! Whether your girl likes clothes, shoes, or more – we are sure that our list will give you some great ideas that could also help you to get in the right direction.

Here is our list of the best gift ideas for teenage girls! 

1. New Apple Watch Series 6

The all-new apple watch is out now, and we can’t be more excited about it! This watch is perfect for teens who want a versatile wristwatch for everyday use. Whether it is exercise, communication, entertainment, or navigation, the apple watch is the gold standard when it comes to smartwatches. The watch can be customized by pairing different colored wristbands and more. The great thing about this watch is that it works seamlessly with the Apple ecosystem. So, if your teen already has an iPhone, then making this purchase will be a no-brainer! 

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2. Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids

Riddles are the best way to keep teens entertained and sharp! This riddle book is a great example of how you can imbue a non-flashy gift item with superb entertainment value. The riddle book is full of fun and smart riddles that will just tickle the brain of your teenage girl! The book has age-appropriate material, so you don’t have to worry about your kids asking the wrong riddles with people. The book also encourages and boosts confidence in teens. What better way to break the ice than with riddles? It is a great way to spend time with the family as well, and we are sure that your kid will love this as a gift item! 

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3. Celcube Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

This nightlight is more than what meets the eye! Not only is this a great gift for any teenager, but it is also special because it has a built-in speaker! The Bluetooth speaker is capable enough to output high-quality audio with clear thumping bass, great mids, and audible highs as well. The speakers come in a fancy design where they have a light system in them, which makes them a great ambiance-setter as well. The lights will animate according to the music that is played, so you are sure to get a light show with all your favorite songs. The nightlight is extremely portable and can be plugged in via a USB cable. It truly is a versatile product for teenagers! 

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4. Pashmina Woven Scarf Wrap 

A scarf warp is an essential item, especially during the winter season. The scarf is made from high-quality fabric that not only gives a chic look but also provides excellent insulation when compared to other scarves. The Pashmina Woven Scrap can be paired with any item in your girl’s wardrobe, making them an extremely convenient, stylish, and fun option to have during the chilly season. There are multiple designs to choose from as well. Even though this scarf can do a great job as a standalone gift item, we recommend pairing this item with others on our list for a more impactful gifting experience! 

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5. Nutty Toys Squishy Cat Set

Does your teenage girl enjoy cute fiddle toys that can keep her busy and relaxed? Then you are going to love this Squishy Cat Set. You get two adorable looking kittens made with high-quality silicone. The purpose of this cat set is to provide anxiety relief to children who might feel pressured in life with school, exams, and friends. It’s a great way for them to stop, breathe, and recollect their thoughts. Allow them to reflect on life and refocus their mind on something fun, and of course, squishy! These items also make for a great decoration piece that you can set up on your work/study desk at home or school. 

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6. Softside Upright Luggage Set

Has your teenage girl been asking for your blessing to let her go on a trip with her friends? If you have made up your mind and decided to let her live her life, then you should probably break the great news with this luggage set! The Softside Upright Luggage set is made for people who love to travel. It is designed to cater to a wide audience that is keen on design, functionality, and durability. This travel bag provides comfort, convenience, and superb durability. It truly is a great way for your family to enjoy traveling – worry-free! 

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7. Double Hammock

Hammocks aren’t just a great way to relax – it’s a lifestyle choice. This hammock combines nature and comfort seamlessly. With a sturdy design, this hammock is truly your best option when your girls want to go out camping or something as simple as setting this up in your backyard. Made using high-quality materials, this product is tear-resistant and can withstand various weather conditions as well. The hammock comes in multiple colors and can be set up with ease as well. The included accessories make the use of this product super convenient. Storing it away also becomes easy with the included carry bag! 

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8. PUMA Rise Trifold Wallet

 The PUMA Trifold wallet is designed to get your teenagers in the habit of saving and sorting money. Make your girls more responsible with the help of this stylish wallet that features a low-profile design, meaning that it can fit in the back pocket with ease and without a noticeable bulge, unlike other similar wallets in the market. The trifold design allows you to keep money in different compartments, and you get lots of storage space for keeping coins, cards, and more. The wallet is available in multiple designs and colors, so you can pick the best one for your teenager for any occasion! 

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9. 20 Led Photo Clip

 Showcase your memories in a fun way with this amazing LED photo clip set. If your teen girl is big on taking and storing photos, then this simple gift item is going to make her extremely happy. Designate an accented wall for this gift item! Put up your favorite moments of the year and highlight them with this wonderful photo clip set. Each clip comes with an LED light, which features a warm color light. The photo clips are durable, and the best thing about this product is that even if one clip goes out, the others will still function, unlike other LED light strings with a series-layout.  

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10. Lip Balm Makeup Kit

 What happens when you combine make-up with science? You get the lip balm make-up kit! This kit is a wonderful way for your teenage girl to enjoy making her own personalized lip balms. The kit includes the basic accessories and instructions to get you started with the first batch of your very own lip balms! Just follow the instructions and arrange the extremely common household items. You can also get the entire family to take part in this activity. Gift the lip balms to your loved ones, mix and match with different colors and scents! Go wild with your creativity and imagination! 

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11. Fairy Lights Plug in

 Perhaps the easiest way to decorate a room is to add a bunch of fairy lights to them! This fairly lights plug-in set does exactly that! With over 33ft of lights and 100 LEDs, we think this gift set will be perfect for teenage girls who want to have a certain ambiance for their room. The lights are multi-colored and can be controlled using the included remote as well. Just a push of a button can change the outlook of any room! The lights work effortlessly, and you can also turn them on or off right from the remote without having to plug them in and then take them out later. 

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12. Over Knee High Socks

 Stylish and functional, these knee-high socks are designed to cater to girls who require looks and purpose in their wardrobe. The knee socks are perfect for any climate and can add a lot of style and cuteness to your wardrobe as well. Try it on with long skirts for an even better look! The socks are made with high-quality materials and are designed to fit any size! You get 3 socks in each pack, and you also get to choose from multiple color options as well. Pick one or multiple packs that complement your wardrobe the best! 

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13. The Original BUDDHA BOARD

 Art, creativity, and meditation become one with this amazing Buddha Board. The drawing board is designed to be an outlet for your teenage girl to express her feelings through paintings and drawings. This gift item is perfect for teenagers because they need to be able to express themselves during this volatile age when they are going through puberty and various other events in life. The Buddha Board will help your kid to refocus their attention and collect their thoughts while they paint away with the included watercolors. Sit down with your kid and turn this into a family activity by getting a separate board for yourself as well. 

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14. 12-Inch Screen Makeup Mirror

 This makeup mirror is the king of all vanity mirrors. What makes this so great? Well, for starters, this mirror comes in a 12-inch design and features a clear surface with LED lights that can help illuminate your girl’s face! The mirror can also be adjusted to any setting of your choice. With just a touch of a button, you can adjust the light settings as well. The mirror is super portable and can be taken anywhere. It has a strong base and a well-adjusted center of gravity, which means that you can set it up in any way on a flat surface without the fear of tipping it over.  

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15. Bluetooth Beanie 

 Music and teenagers go together, like milk and cereal! If your teenage girl enjoys music, then allow her the convenience to listen to her favorite tunes through this beanie. Since when is a beanie a music player, you might ask? Well, this special novelty beanie has a built-in Bluetooth system that will allow your daughter to connect and listen to music via the included speakers on each side. The beanie works like a pair of headphones, it is very easy to adjust them according to your preference, and with the volume and media controls on the side, this truly is the best music player/casual wear head-wear!   

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16. Dowling Magnets Penny Game

 Is your girl into magic? Then we have just the thing for her! The Dowling Magnets Penny Game makes use of an equally magical natural phenomenon: magnetism. If you think about it, magnets are already magic. If it weren’t for science, we would still consider magnetism as a form of witchcraft where you can alter and influence other objects without touching them! To be honest, we have still barely begun to understand magnetism in the science world as well. This penny game allows you to make wonderful objects with freshly minted coins that can stick together in long and convoluted chains. You can create a lot of fun art pieces with this item! 

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17. Hair Chalk Comb

 Hair chalks are a great way for your teenage girl to explore her style and experiment with some wicked color combinations. These chalks are super easy to use and are also safe to apply as well. The chalks come in multiple colors and are designed to temporarily color your hair. They are washable. Just run your hair under the sink or in the shower with warm water, apply shampoo, and that’s it! The intensity of the colors can also be adjusted by applying more or less chalk to your hair! It’s a fun way to pass the time or dress up for Halloween! 

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18. Pindaloo Skill Toy

 If there is one toy that your kid will love to master, it will be this Pindaloo Skill Toy. The game is simple. You get a looped pipe that is cut in half. You get a pair of balls that you have to loop again and again. Sounds easy, right? Well, that’s just the basics, and even basic looping will take a lot of time to master! Once you get the hang of how to play the game – the real fun begins! Learn new tricks and come up with your stunts! Involve movement and make things even more complicated by running or walking while looping! Join the online community where hundreds of children are uploading their tricks on the internet!  

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19. Unicorn Drawstring Backpack

 This drawstring backpack is going to make any unicorn lover happy. Unicorn gift items and merchandise have spawned a huge industry where kids of all ages buy all sorts of unicorn themed items. So, it is safe to say that your teenage girl will also be into this amazing trend. The backpack comes with a huge and vivid unicorn design on the back, but that’s not all. You also get a lot of different themed items with this pack as well. You get a hair tie, a wristband, and a necklace as well! 

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20. New Apple iPhone 12 

 The iPhone 12 has made a huge come back with an all-new design that is inspired by the beloved rectangular shape of the iPhone 5s. The phone brings back all the best qualities that the iPhone is known for, i.e., excellent camera, great software, and amazing build quality. The iPhone is optimized for teens, and the social media applications also work better on iOS than android! This truly is the quintessential gift item for any teenage girl! 

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