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How to Make Barefoot Sandals for Baby?

DIY Baby barefoot sandals

Would those chubby cute baby’s bare feet look just adorable with these do-it-yourself baby sandals? Not to mention that the sandals are very easy to make and are super affordable. You can make these sandals not just for your baby girl but also as a gift for someone else. I mean, who wouldn’t appreciate receiving a handmade gift that happens to be so darn cute?

In this article, we are going to talk about rather these accessory ribbon sandals than the actual barefoot sandals. They are more suitable for little girls, but if you wish to make these for your little boy, then feel free to do so. Just use different colors and accessories.

DIY barefoot baby sandals

There aren’t many girls who would say no to accessories. You can use these sandals in as many colors as you want with satin fabric and ribbon, netting, or some other embellishment of your choice. Just image your little girl being Chic and Stylish. The supplies needed for the sandals are:

  • 5/8” elastic, the width of the elastic is up to your liking
  • Velcro
  • Felt
  • Hot glue

If you want to make a puffy flower, you will need netting and satin fabric

Additional and optional supplies: colored elastic and flower ribbon

Follow the directions below no matter which style you choose for making the sandals:

You will need to measure and cut your elastic according to the foot size. Therefore, for a newborn or up to 3 months old baby you will need 7.5-8” elastic, for 3-6 months old bay 8.5-9” elastic, for 6-9 months old baby 9.5-10” elastic, and for 12-18 months old bay 11-12” elastic.

The next step is to find the center of the elastic and mark it with a pencil or pen. At the marked spot, put a little bit of glue, then twist the elastic and attach it. For the ribbon, lengthwise, find the center and mark it. Then, at the marked place, put some glue and attach it to the opposite side.

How to attach the embellishments:

Cut four smaller circles of felt in about ¾” diameter. On your ribbon figure that looks like the number 8, put a little bit of glue in the center and attach one circle to it. On the opposite side of the ribbon, again put a little bit of glue and add another circle of the felt. What you need is felt on both sides of your “8” figure. One of the sides will be used to attach the Velcro, and on the other side, the felt will protect the baby’s feet from scratching caused by the elastic, ribbon, or Velcro that is used for these sandals. Your next step is cutting the Velcro into smaller circles compared to the felt circles.

Ribbon sandals and embellishment

Put a little bit of glue on the backside of the flower or any other embellishment you have chosen, and then attach it to one side of the Velcro. Do the same with the other sandal. Then, attach the flower or any other embellishment you have chosen to the elastic sandal. And just like that, now you have one adorable pair of barefoot sandals for your newborn, baby, or toddler.

DIY fluffy petal flower barefoot sandals

You will need to cut your satin into 16 circles in the size you desire to create a fluffy petal flower. You can use a drinking glass for your template if you like. The 16 satin circles need to be equally divided, 8 for each of the sandals. Prepare your sandals in the same way we described above, just this time. The felt needs to be cut into 2” diameter. Forming a petal will require you to place one netting circle right on top of a satin circle. Fold those two in half and keep them together. Then, fold the circles in half once again. Cut the pointy end in about 1/8”; therefore, it won’t add bulk to the flower embellishment. Put a little bit of hot glue on that tip.

Get your felt circle and place one of your flower petals on it using the petal’s tip where you have put some hot glue. Then, make another petal and place it opposite of the first petal. Repeat the same procedure with two more petals placing them in a way that will resemble a square. Then, continue to place more petals by overlapping the previous petals. This way, the petals will stand up and look fluffy.

After you have hot glued all the petals and you have reached your desired look, you will need to glue a piece of Velcro on the backside of your felt circle. Repeat the same steps to create one more flower, which should match your first one, and you can attach them to the sandals. Just like that, you have created your own barefoot baby sandals.

We have shown you two options about how to make and embellish the barefoot baby sandals, but there are few other ways you can use them to create cool baby sandals. At the end of the day, it is more about your creativity and desire to create something for your little bundle of love. I hope this article was helpful.

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