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Evenflo Chase Review

Evenflo Chase
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Bottom Line

When it comes to the best booster seats on the market, the Evenflo Chase proves to be an eminent one. It is affordable and comes with various eye-catching features. With a flexible and versatile design, Evenflo Chase gives your baby a new way to enjoy journeys.

What We Like

  • Easy to install
  • Energy-absorbing foam
  • Five-point harness positions
  • Machine-washable pads
  • Comfortable and lightweight

What We Don't Like

  • The headrest is not adjustable
  • No recline position
  • Lack of rear-facing capability

It’s time for your child to outgrow the conventional car seat and have a new booster seat. There are a lot of considerations to take care of while looking out for a booster seat. Due to the comfort and safety promises that every car seat manufacturer does, it becomes quite challenging to pick the right seat with confidence.

However, it becomes quite easy for you to choose which one is the best for your child if you have already figured out the requirements. We are here to provide you the comprehensive insights about an amazing booster car seat in this Evenflo Chase review. After going through this review, you will be able to make the right decision because our product expert team has taken care of everything in this review. So, let’s get started!

Overview of Evenflo Chase

Evenflo always provides quality car seats within budget constraints. The Evenflo Chase LX harnessed booster seat is one of their admirable products. It can be used by lighter and heavier children as there are two options that can be used. One is to use the Evenflo Chase harnessed mode, and the other one is the booster mode.

There are many features in it, such as 5 point harness, energy-absorbing foam, machine-washable pads, and various others. The minimum age limit is approx 1.5 years and 22 lbs of weight. The installation of the Evenflo car seat Chase is also as easy as pie. You can install this booster car seat through LATCH, as well as the seat belt.

When it comes to safety, Chase Evenflo car seat offers an ultimate energy-absorbing foam that makes it stand out from the crowd. Surprisingly, it is one of the affordable car seats on the market with a lot of worthy features. It will be there for your child even if your little one reaches out to the school-going age.

The Evenflo Advanced Chase LX comes with a comfortable fabric that provides ultimate ease to your child throughout the journey. The most popular feature it brings is its pads, which can be washed using a washing machine. The Chase booster has a lot of flexibility when it comes to its design. Some of its admirable features are as follows:

  • 4-shoulder harness positions
  • 2-crotch strap positions
  • Padded head pillow
  • Exceeds Federal safety standards
  • Side-impact protection

However, the Evenflo Chase LX can’t be used to host a newborn. Booster seats become ideal when using them for older children. It does also has integrated cup holders to provide you the ability to put your child’s favorite foodstuff or drinks and even small toys in those holders.

The most critical factor for what it is being admired a lot is its low price. No one can think of that many features at this little price. From installation to its cleaning and other competitors, we have written out all the insights to help you with your selection.

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Things to Consider Before Buying an Evenflo Chase

Buying a car seat means considering a lot of things. If you missed any consideration and purchased a car seat, there are chances that you might not get the ideal seat which you would have after doing proper research. But, you don’t need to worry about it because we have got your back in this entire process.

Some of the primary considerations to look at before buying the Evenflo Chase booster car seat are as follows:

  • Your Child’s Age: It matters a lot when you are looking out for a good car seat to fit your child’s needs. There are always minimum and maximum age limits of a car seat. Evenflo Chase LX does also has one. The minimum age it can support is about 1.5 to 2 years of age, depending on the weight. The minimum weight limit is 22 pounds, and the maximum age limit is 110 pounds.
  • Safety Features: Car seat safety is one of the primary considerations while choosing a car seat. As a parent, your fundamental requirement is to make your child happy and secure. The Evenflo Chase LX comes with a lot of safety features such as side-impact protection and a robust structure.
  • Comfort: When finding a car seat for your child, you must look out for one which provides support to your little one. Due to the long and hectic drives, it is essential to consider the comfortability of the seat. Evenflo Chase LX comes with a lot of comfortable features.
  • Usage: How you can use the car seat is the central question you should find the answer to when looking out for car seats. The installation process should be easy and straightforward. Fortunately, it comes with the simplicity of installation that you might not find in other car seats in this price range.

Always choose a car seat that fulfills your needs within your budget constraints. There are huge chances that you might choose a car seat by looking at a single prominent feature while ignoring other necessary elements. So, you should consider every aspect while searching for an ideal seat. Let’s see how the Evenflo advanced Chase LX can stand out from the crowd.

Key Features

Installation and Setup Process: Peaceful and Facile

Setting up a car seat in your vehicle can be hard if you haven’t read the compatibility before. Luckily, the Evenflo Chase LX harnessed booster comes with two installation methods. It can be used with the LATCH system as well as the seat belt of your vehicle.

Recommendation: Read the entire car seat manual before installing it because there can be several safety considerations that you miss during the installation procedures.

Do you have a small vehicle? No problem! This seat can easily be fit into small cars as well. If your vehicle doesn’t have the LATCH tethers, there will be a belt system to support this belt-positioning booster seat.

The base is not required to install the Chase car seat. You can use the car seat in two modes mentioned as follows:

  • Seat belt booster mode
  • Harnessed booster mode

There is a guided belt path that helps you use the Evenflo Chase harnessed booster seat in the seat belt mode. The majority of parents believe that it is one of the easiest car seats to install. When it comes to the most convenient method to install this seat, seat belt seems more convenient than the harness booster mode.

Installation Checklist

  1. Secure child restraint to the vehicle seat
  2. Place the child in the restraint
  3. Make necessary adjustments like checking out if the harness and crotch straps are in the proper positions
  4. Fasten both buckle tongues
  5. Position and connect the chest clip
  6. Assure you have done all the precautionary measures

Installation of the Seat with LATCH Anchors

It becomes quite easy to install the Evenflo Chase harnessed booster seat with lower anchor connectors. First, you need to tilt and slide the seat adjuster to make it into a proper position. From the back of the child restraint, disconnect the lower anchor connectors along with the tether hook.

Place the child restraint in position and attach the lower anchor connectors onto the bars. Push the seat to secure the child restraint as much as possible. Tighten it as you can, and luckily, it’s the last step while setting it up through the LATCH anchors.

Installation of the Seat with the Belt

Before we move on, make sure to check the tether hook and ensure that it is properly disconnected from the seat. Place the child restraint in the forward-facing mode and lay the tether strap over the back of the car seat. There is a belt-guide path that helps you use the vehicle belt properly.

After routing the belt through the belt path and buckling it, you should ensure that you have removed all slack from the car seat. If necessary, you can also install the locking clip to make sure that everything is secure and safe.

In general, if we talk about the installation procedures of the Evenflo Chase harnessed seat, it has one of the best and easiest setups in the entire market of seats. The ability to install the Chase booster seat through two different methods is also one of its charming features.

Age Range: 2 Through Age 10

Does your baby has outgrown the infant insert of a car seat, and you are thinking about changing the seat? The Evenflo Chase seat is here to help you in this matter! It is a harnessed booster seat that will fit your child’s needs. Most of the time, booster car seats don’t offer an infant insert because their primary focus is to host the children of older ages.

The Chase seat can be used in two modes, namely, a Chase harnessed booster seat and the seat belt booster mode. The minimum weight requirement for the harness booster is 22 lbs (10 KG), which becomes the age of around 2 if calculated according to the average weight-age ratios.

The maximum weight range for the harness booster mode is 40 pounds (18 KG). When calculated with the average weight-age ratio, it becomes the age of around four years old. We can say that at the start, you should choose the Evenflo Chase harnessed booster option.

Recommendation: The Evenflo Chase harnessed booster can be used until your child’s ears are below the top of child restraint headrest.

Are you more familiar with the belt installation? The Evenflo Chase can be used with the belt system of your vehicle. The minimum weight limit for the belt-positioning booster is 40 pounds (18 KG), which becomes the age of 4 years. The maximum weight limit on this booster car seat is 110 lbs (50 KG), which becomes the age of around ten years.

The height limits of the Evenflo Chase harnessed booster car seat is from 28 inches up to 57 inches (145 cm). Your children can easily use the seat until they are 110 pounds starting from the 40 pounds limit in the harness booster position. When compared to other seats and their reviews, Evenflo Chase harnessed booster car seat is one of the most flexible ones in terms of adaptability.

Design: Flawless

When it comes to design, Evenflo Chase booster seat comes with a bunch of amazing design features. One of them if the five-point harness, which is challenging to be found in other seats in this price range. You can easily adjust the harness according to your children’s comfort.

The five-point harness complies with all the safety standards as well as safety regulations. More surprisingly, there is an upfront harness adjustment feature through which you can adjust your child’s harness properly. Evenflo always tries to make the installation process smoother. Therefore, the adjuster can be used to adjust the harness just from the front side easily.

As you already know about the age factors in the previous section of this review, the 40 pounds minimum and the 110 lbs maximum weight limits are one of the charming attractions of its flawless design. The adoption of 110 lbs tells us about the ultimate flexibility of this seat.

There is a removable head pillow in the Chase seat, which provides comfort and support for proper head-positioning to your children. You can easily remove the head pillow when your children outgrow it. The fabric used in the head-pillow is as comfortable for your children as it should be.

Do you often get distracted because your children ask you to get them some drinks or snacks while driving? The Evenflo Chase has solved the problem. Thankfully, it has two integrated cup-holders, making it easier to place their favorite drinks and other stuff just right onto their seat’s cup-holders.

Some of the admirable design features of the booster car seat are as follows:

  • Five-point harness system
  • Adoption of children of 40 pounds up to 110 lbs
  • Design compliance with safety standards
  • Two integrated cup-holders
  • Extra buckle positions

The Evenflo booster car seat comes with two crotch buckle positions to adopt children even when they outgrow the booster car seat. It makes the seat more flexible while providing extra seating space for your children so that you can easily use the seat without thinking about changing it in the long run.

Cleaning: Convenience at Your Doorstep

With a product weight of 9 pounds, the Evenflo Chase is one of the easiest seats to clean. While you drag the car seat from your vehicle to home for cleaning, even your biceps will not get a hint that you are carrying an entire car seat in your hands.

Are you tired of seats with hand-wash recommendations? No more! The machine-washable capability of the Evenflo Chase makes it more reliable and an attraction for most of parents. It is quite easier to clean it because you just have to use the cold water using the delicate cycle of your washer.

It dries very quickly; however, you can machine-dry it for about 10-15 minutes cycles on a lower heat. The seat covers are very smooth to install and remove; therefore, you will not get into any trouble while cleaning the booster car seat.

Safety: Guarded

According to the manufacturer, the Evenflo Chase booster car seat meets all the safety regulations imposed by the federal government. Some of its safety features are worth mentioning, and we are going to give you a glimpse of these valuable features.

It comes with a robust side-impact protection capability, which helps keep your children safe in case of unexpected situations. The booster car seat exceeds the federal safety standards because almost all of its features like the five-point harness complies with the safety measures.

The energy-absorbing foam is one of its admirable safety features. It can rarely be found in the seats at this affordable price range. The padded head pillow helps as an extra layer of safety that makes it even more complaint of safety standards.

The five-point harness proves to be a great addition to its safety features. You don’t need to read all the reviews about the safety features of the Evenflo Chase seat because our product experts have brought everything together here. In general, this seat is one of the most reliable ones on the market for your children.

Price: Affordable

The retail market price of the Evenflo Chase seat is between $60 to $90, which is quite affordable as compared to other seats. The beauty of Evenflo is that it always tries to make affordable seats with amazing features. Some of the amazing features of this car seat seem to be more worthy than the seat itself.

From the convenience of two cup-holders to the compliance of safety standards and 5-point harness system, this seat has proved itself to be quite worthy. There is no way to get trouble with the seat belts or any other mess because it comes with a smooth installation. Your child will get a flawless journey with this seat.


  • Product Name: Chase
  • Product Brand: Evenflo
  • UPC: 032884185870
  • Dimensions: 18.5 W x 29.5 H x 18 D (inches)
  • Colors: Jubilee, Jameson, Jayden
  • Expiration Date: 6 Years of Expiration
  • Warranty: 90 Days Warranty

Competition: Outstanding for Price

As with many other seats, the Evenflo Chase does have some close competitors. Let’s have a look at which seats can be alternative choices to the Chase.

Diono Monterey XT Booster Car Seat

Diono Monterey comes with a price range of around $180 to $230, which is higher than the Evenflo. It’s a car seat with a lot of features to provide comfort to your children. It can adopt children having a weight of 60 to 100 pounds. It also comes with cup-holders, side-impact protection, and three recline positions.

The 5-point harness makes the Evenflo a bit on the upper hand, but the Diono Monterey has various additional features. Your child will get comfortable and feel safe and getting into both of these seats. If you have a good budget and you want some extra flexibility, the Diono Monterey will be a good option for you; otherwise, the Evenflo is a specialist in providing comfort to your children.

Britax Frontier ClickTight Booster Car Seat

The Britax Frontier ClickTight has a retail price range of around $320 to $360, which is quite higher than the Evenflo’s seat. If we talk about the features of the Britax Frontier, it is packed with quality and ultimate safety. There is a five-point harness in the Frontier as well to offer great value to your children.

The Frontier has easy LATCH installation, side-impact protection, cup-holders, and so many extra features. Both of them are with the copyright 2020, and their features could not be copied with the same names. If you have a huge budget to spend on your children, then the Frontier seems quite a healthy consideration; otherwise, your children will love the Evenflo as well.

The Verdict

Buy the Expert of Your Needs!

Comparing seats has not been easy through reading different reviews; therefore, our product experts have comprehensively analyzed, measured, and tested each and every feature of the Evenflo and found it one of the best car seats on the market. If you want an affordable car seat with various worthy features, the Evenflo Chase is ready to help you!

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