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Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller Review

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Bottom Line

The Doona Infant car seat and stroller combo is an ingenious hybrid and a great urban asset that makes parenting simple. It is perfect for those who travel a lot and frequently change between walks and car rides.

What We Like

  • It’s two in one – car seat and a stroller
  • Compact sizes make Doona very portable
  • Easy to switch between a stroller and a car seat

What We Don't Like

  • Handle’s height doesn’t adjust high enough for taller people
  • May not suit for various car models.
  • Expensive

Getting around in a city with a child isn’t easy. Most newborn car seats are substantial before the infant is even strapped in. They were introducing the Doona Infant car seat & stroller combo, the world’s first blend item complete with a wholly integrated travel framework.

No need to carry both a stroller and car seat anymore as Doona’s protected and down to earth arrangement allows busy parents to go from a car seat to a stroller in a moment or two. The best part is you won’t be upsetting a resting child to move from vehicle to buggy or the other way around.

Overview of Doona

Doona is the ultimate car seat if you want to travel light. While a stroller is needed for days out, Doona promises that trips to the grocery store will be a breeze. In just seconds, the car seat can change into a stroller and then back again. It’s compact and easy to use.

The Doona launched in early 2014 and has been described as the “next-generation car seat.” It transforms into a travel system with just a touch of a button. It has already been given a thumbs up by celebrities like X-Factor’s Sam Bailey and JB Gill.

Besides its significant selling point, the principal thing we saw was the space-sparing advantages, since Doona is compact and a combo. We likewise saw that when in stroller mode, it was incredibly simple to move. The Doona could be directed with one hand, and it so easy to maneuver. This is beneficial for a city-dweller or a mom-on-the-go who wants to get around on foot, and there is no need for a car.

Things to Consider Before Buying Doona

Doona’s infant car seat and stroller combo is very practical.  If you’ve ever had to awkwardly carry a car seat across a street or through a parking lot, the smooth release of wheels makes those treks less painful. With the game-changing Doona, in just a few seconds, you’re out of the car and ready to roll, it takes just a little of your time.

The Doona itself has quite a weight, and it is rather expensive. The first thing is that it could be a hassle using it without a base in different car models, and some even say that the seat belt extension doesn’t work.

Because the Doona meets all the FAA standards, it’s also an ideal option for airline travel — it’s approved on-board planes. There’s less gear to wrangle, and Doona guarantees safety.

Doona is recommended for those families who are on the go and need to save time on their hands. It is ideal for parents who have busy lives and lots of errands to run.

Key Features

Installation and Set-Up Process

The Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller is the practical vehicle seat available that changes over into a stroller, making it very remarkable. It shows up all set in vehicle seat mode. Even though it accompanies a base, one of the upsides of this item is it can be installed in a vehicle without a base. When in a vehicle, the Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller should only be installed facing the rear. The base utilizes a basic LATCH framework. However, you may introduce the seat with a safety belt, too (adhere to the directions in the manual).

In our experience, the installation process gets more comfortable with every try. And it’s easy to handle as well. The one unavoidable thing is the heaviness of the car seat stroller. Because of the coordinated buggy edge and wheels, this car seat stroller gauges an incredible 16.5 pounds. Installing and removing the vehicle seat, which at the same time can be stacked with a 23-pound child, was, to some degree, strenuous. Your arms could unquestionably be stressing. Fortunately, when we had the car seat stroller out of the vehicle, this is the place the wheels proved to be useful, and we only needed to carry a little weight.

Doona has three modes: car seat, pull-along, and on-the-go (stroller) mode. Changing between the modes appears to be complicated from the start. However, it was quite simple. It includes squeezing the turn fastens on the two sides of the handlebar to pivot it into various positions and pressing the red security lock button situated at the back of the car seat stroller to discharge the wheels.

doona car seat review

Age Range: Birth Through 15 Months

The Doona Infant Car Seat is a need for youngsters from birth up to 32 inches or 35 pounds. It appears that you might have the option to get around one year of utilization out of the Doona seat stroller, so, all in all, you should move up to a convertible vehicle seat with a higher back confronting weight limit. Likewise, since Doona is a vehicle seat fundamentally, it doesn’t lean back, or pivot points in carriage mode, which can be irritating for a baby matured kid, who is interested and would like to be sitting upstanding on strolls. Doona is undoubtedly an increasingly perfect choice for a more youthful child.

Design: Compact, Modern and Sleek Hybrid Functionality

The matte charcoal casing is made of solid aluminum, while Doona includes a bamboo charcoal fiber material, which should be antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and warmth and moistness managing. The texture is likewise removable and launderable, which is a benefit, as children will, in general, leave messes in any place they go.

The Doona infant car seat is available in Nitro Black (which tends to get quite hot after being outside for a while), Racing Green, Blush Pink, Grey Hound, Flame Red, and Royal Blue. Along with the different colors, there is a hint of yellow on the wheels of the car seat stroller.

An extendable, water-repellant shade offers UPF 50+ sun security and is likewise removable and launderable. The included head support is made of materials that are energy-absorbing and is intended for additional side effect assurance. It should be installed consistently. In any case, we would envision this would be soothing for a more youthful child. There’s likewise a removable newborn child embed for babies as much as 11 pounds.

Cleaning: Can’t be Easier

Luckily with the Doona infant car seat stroller, you just have to put in little to no effort. The Doona infant car seat cover, shoulder pads, and canopy can be removed for washing. The seat cover should be hand washed with a mild detergent, if hearing the word hand wash makes you tired already, you can put the seat cover into a washing machine as long as you use a mild detergent. You can use the same instructions for the sunshade.

The buckle of the car seat stroller can be removed from the car seat using the manufacturer’s instructions and dunk in warm water repeatedly, but be SURE not to use any cleaners or lubricate. The plastic parts of the doona infant car seat stroller can be washed with just soapy water (only) along with a sponge or damp cloth. You may even use baby wipes.

Safety: The best Feature

Safety always comes first and is still the first question on your mind when buying a car seat. We did a little research and turns out that the Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller has passed all legally required compliance tests and meets both the US and Europe’s requirements for car seats and seat stroller safety. (that is amazing)

As indicated by the brand, Doona has an in-house space devoted to the nonstop safety and wellbeing testing of the doona seat stroller. The Doona Infant Car Seat has gone through more than a hundred crash tests, including extreme climate conditions and crashes at exceptionally high speeds.

The Doona Infant Car Seat has a five-point harness system (two straps over the baby’s shoulders, one between the baby’s legs and another two which secure the baby’s hips) which makes safety extra covered and along with safety mechanisms, which forestall accidental folding, a hurried extension of the carry mode handle, and pivot of the all-encompassing handle in the ‘on-the-go’ mode.” In-car seat mode, the handlebar is situated between the infant and the seat and fills in as an additional anti-rebound security. In the event of a crash, the handlebar absorbs the effect and forestall the car seat from moving to the back of the vehicle.

The entirety of the materials utilized in the Doona is baby-safe and liberated from hazardous chemicals. Furthermore, the body of the Doona Infant Car Seat comprises of two layers of sturdy, sway impact-absorbing plastic, as well as extended polystyrene (EPS) and foam.

doona car seat picture


Price: Doona a Worthwhile Investment

Doona Infant Car Seat does cost around a whopping $450-$500, but since the Doona seat stroller is a hybrid (doona pram and car seat), it may be a great investment. Individually the cost of both does exceed the price of the Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller.


Product name: Infant Car Seat Stroller

Product Brand: Doona

UPC: 4897055660619

Product Dimensions: 39 x 17.3 x 32.2 in

Color: Nitro Black, Racing Green, Flame Red, Greyhound, Blush Pink, Royal Blue

Expiration date: 6 years

Warranty: 2 years

Competiton: Outstanding for Going the Extra Mile

Doona is unique, and so it is quite hard to compare it because there are no car seats with wheels on the market currently. So we are going to compare it to individual car seats and seat strollers.

The Maxi Cosi car seat is a convertible, both rear-facing and forward-facing car seat that can support the weight of a baby from 5-22 lbs and up to 29″. It has an innovative design and is considered the lightest infant car seat available (which makes it easy to carry), whereas Doona is heavier because it is a car seat with wheels. It is recommended for ages 18 months below and is for about $300-$350. It also comes with air to protect superior side impact protection and stay-in-car adjustable base.

Some cons of the Maxi Cosi are that it needs two hands to adjust handle. The easy fix base is heavy, unlike Doona, the rain cover is not included, and integrated sun canopy doesn’t fully shade. Buy and use this if you travel a lot and don’t want to spend an absolute premium and want an easy to use and handle infant car seat.

The Chicco KeyFit 30 earned the best value award from baby gear due to its above-average performance combined with its affordable price, $200-$230 (now that’s a good deal). It delivered one of the top performances in crash testing, so safety is guaranteed and is also easy to install because of the LATCH system used. It has an attractive seat, it comes with a base and is durable, but like Doona, it is a litter heavier compared to other car seats. The fabric is coarse, and it is hard to install without the base. This infant car seat can come in use for a family that is on-the-go, and you may also like this if you don’t want to be slowed down.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is an all-terrain stroller that has a compact size, and it has a three wheels design, it is a breeze to push and takes corners like a pro. It is sturdy but lightweight, easy to handle as it folds easily with one hand, and keeps a baby safe and comfy with a reclining seat, a five-point harness, and a generous canopy. It costs around $350-$400 (cheaper than Doona), and like most infant car seats, the nylon fabric seems easy to clean, but the jersey-type fabric is softer for a baby. It also has a serious tipping concern, so safety is an issue for this one. It is best for parents who need and are looking for a lightweight infant stroller that manoeuvers well and folds easily.

The Verdict

The Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller is the first of its kind. The main feature of this hybrid is that it has both a stroller mode and an infant car seat, and it solves the problem of carrying both a stroller and a car seat, which can be a hassle. You will love this if you are a travel enthusiast.

We think those parents should get Doona who is buying a car seat for their infant for the first time, as Doona not only ensures the safety of your baby but also is portable and easy to switch between stroller mode and car seat.

We hope this review helped in making it easier to help you choose the best and most safe product for your baby. Also, remember to follow us for more reviews like this one!

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